Triaxis to lose singer at the end of the year

Krissie Kirby, singer with up-and-coming Welsh Metal band, Triaxis, has announced she will be stepping down at Christmas, in order to give more time to her personal training business.  To say she will be hard to replace is a massive understatement.  If you saw them at Bloodstock last year, you’ll know exactly the scale of the task Glynn, Becky, and new boys Gareth and Matt have ahead of them.

Here’s the full text of the post Krissie put on the Triaxis website today:

Dear Triaxians,

At the end of 2016, I will be stepping down as vocalist of Triaxis with my last performance being at our, now, annual Christmas bash at Fuel Rock Club on Dec 16th.  No, I’m not pregnant.  No, I’ve not had a falling out with the guys (I adore them very much, which has made my decision very hard to say the least).  No, I’m not joining another band.

As most of you know, I run my own business and often that dictates a lot of when and where we are able to gig.  Add to that that I’ve also done a fair whack of the backroom stuff for the band since I joined in November 2007, coupled with bouts of ill health over the last 12 months, I have decided that I need a break from performing and all that comes with running a successful band.

Did I make the decision lightly?  Hell no.  I mulled it over for a good month before I decided and then I took a good three weeks before I could pluck up the courage to tell the rest of the band.

Then, why are you announcing it so early if you’re not hanging up your mic until the end of the year, I hear you ask?  Because I want the guys to have as much chance to find a suitable replacement as possible, without it affecting the Triaxis gig calendar.  It would be very unfair of me to ask them to wait until Dec to start hunting, when the band has a great run of gigs coming up taking it well into the new year.  Also, I want them to utilise all avenues we have available for advertising, including the Facebook page and website, and I wanted to let you, the fans know, without you wondering what was going on when adverts started appearing.  We all know what the rumour mill can be like, even when speculation is done with the best of intentions.

So, Dec 16th will be the last outing with me at the helm.  I’ve loved being in this band, loved helping shape it into the monster it has become.  Yet, it is definitely time for me to step down and let someone else make it his or hers for a while.

Details of how to apply will be released early part of next week.

I’ll leave my farewells for closer to the time but thank you to my wonderful band mates for being so supporting in my decision.  Thanks to the Wilsons for the opportunity to help shape Triaxis into what is, in the first place.  And thanks to you, the fans, for continuing to support the band on it’s next chapter.  However, until then I still expect to see you at the front.

Krissie x

If you think you’ve got the lungs, charisma and songwriting chops to join Triaxis, here’s where to find the band’s contact details:


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