Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXXVIII

Believe it or not, we have returned… Back from the nearly dead.


Just like this show’s Spotlight band, those Luftwaffe Vampires themselves, the mighty Stuka Squadron!  There is a new song from them in the show, plus a reminder of how good they were.  I also announce when and where the first gig post-resurrection will be.

Want to know more?  Listen to the show!

What else do we have in this edition, then?   New material from Sabaton, Metal Allegiance and Monument amongst many others. Covered is something a little special this show.  Make sure you listen to it. It’s pretty special!

Turn it all the way up.

Metal Allegiance – Iron Fist
Onslaught – Flame Of The Antichrist
Beholder – Army Of One
Covered: Body Count – Raining Blood
Hellevate – Blasphemer Deceiver
Hands Off Gretel – One Eyed Girl
Spotlight: Stuka Squadron Tales – Of The Ost
Shock Of The New: Overoth – Kingdom Of Shadows
Shock Of The New: Overoth Interview
Shock Of The New: Overoth – Serpent Of Old
Spotlight: Stuka Squadron – Stuka Squadron
Gojira – Magma
Volbeat – The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
Alter Bridge – Show Me A Leader
Record Of The Week: Monument – Hair Of The Dog
Record Of The Week: Monument – Crobar
Record Of The Week: Monument – Lionheart
Spotlight: Stuka Squadron – Pit Of Fire
Zephyra – My Gift, My Curse
Pain – Black Knight Satellite
Sabaton – The Last Stand Battle Of Bannockburn

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