15th August 2016 – Last Before The Summer Break

Back from Bloodstock?  What a LAST show we have for you (for a while). Join us on the link below and get BRUTAL with new tunes from Sonata Arctica, Sabaton, Metal Allegiance and Pain plus an interview with the latter from our very bearded and often inebriated colleague The Beard!

Loads more beside, click the link below and be transported into a Metal world the like of which you have never heard before! \m/

Rage – Down
Sabaton – Shiroyama
Powerwolf – We Take It From The Living
Sonata Arctica – Closer To An Animal
Celesty – Back In Time
Pain – Interview Part 1
Pain – Black Knight Satellite
Nawather – Daret Layyem
Kamelot – Ghost Opera
Equilibrium – Eternal Destination (Epic Track)
Ensiferum – Axe Of Judgement
Wolf – Skull Crusher (Volt Track)
Steelwing – Roadkill [Or Be Killed]
Pain – Interview Part 2
Pain – Call Me
Metal Allegiance – Iron Fist [Motörhead Cover] (Overload)
Saxon – Battering Ram (Overload)
Metallica – The God That Failed (Overload)
Stratovarius – A Million Light Years Away (Cheese Sandwich)
Hammerfall – Let The Hammer Fall (Cheese Sandwich)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Mmmh

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