Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! 12/09/2016

On tonight’s Powerzone! we’re bringing the folk! The second half of the show is dedicated to one of our favourite genres, you’ve asked and now you shall receive, it’s FOLK OFF!

We’ve also got new tunes from Pain, Sabaton, Skálmöld, Lordi & Epica plus loads of power and folk metal to make your Monday BRUTAL!

Battle Beast – Let It Roar
Sabaton – Sparta
Alestorm – Set Sail And Conquer
Epica – Edge Of The Blade
Nightwish – Dead Gardens
Pain – A Wannabe
Lindemann – Praise Abort
Edguy – Nailed To The Wheel
Eternal Of Sweden – The Purity Inside
Lordi – Hug You Hardcore (Volt Track)
Hevisaurus – Juranoid
Moonsorrow – Unohduksen Lapsi (Epic Track)
Fejd – Härjaren (Folk Off)
Grimner – Eldjarta (Folk Off)
Týr – Shadow Of The Swastika (Folk Off)
Zrymgöll – Mr. Folk (Folk Off)
Protokult – Get Me A Beer! (Folk Off)
Finntroll – Hel Vete (Folk Off)
Fferyllt – Black Sails (Folk Off)
Vorgrum – The Awakening (Folk Off)
Vogelfrey – Sturmgesang (Folk Off)
Skálmöld – Niðavellir (Folk Off)
Svartsot – Kilden – I Marker og i Lunde (Folk Off)
Battlelore – The Great Gathering

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