Attila Release New Album in November

Attila release their new album Chaos via Nuclear Blast imprint Sharptone on November 4th.  As a bit of a bonus, anyone who pre-orders the album from iTunes (click here to be one of them) gets instant downloads of Let’s Get Abducted as well as Bulletproof, Public Apology and Ignite.

Alternatively, you can pick up a physical copy via

Here’s a preview…

Attila frontman Fronz spoke about how Chaos is return to Attila’s roots, saying:

“We sat down in a room together and asked, ‘What did we do when we wrote the first few albums that we don’t do anymore?’ We realized the thing we’d stopped doing was getting together and jamming in a basement. It’s so easy for bands to sit around a computer and create music. It’s too easy to forget to jam the songs in person, on real instruments.”

He continued,

“Everything about Chaos is real, because we all met up in Georgia, right near the basement where we used to meet up when we were living off Taco Bell.”

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