Bloggy bloggy bloggy November

All the SEO advice says I should have a blog I can update regularly to keep you all informed about stuff… So here’s my blog.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So here’s the first edition of my new blog.  SEO suggests I have one, so here it is!


We all know just how much of a shitshow 2016 has been, but just to put the tin hat on it, at the end of next month, Krissie Kirby, one of the best band frontpersons I’ve ever seen is leaving Triaxis and stopping performing.

There was the occasional bright spot, though.  Anvil brought out a new album and toured it to places most bands of that stature never do.  Metallica also brought out a new album, their best combined effort in the last two decades.  Marvel Studios produced a screen version of one of my favourite characters, Doctor Strange, that I loved.  They also, through Netflix released a debut series for Luke Cage (which was excellent) and a second series of Daredevil.

Such a shame that DC/Warners can’t seem to get rid of Zach Snyder and save their own films from a man who’s screwed up every film he’s ever directed (with the exception of 300).  Is he blackmailing them or something?

I also managed to get a job I actually enjoy and seem to be pretty good at, lecturing at a college in West Yorkshire.  So there have been some bright spots, I suppose.

Right then.  Stuff to do.

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