Going to try out a new feature…

blogThat grinding noise you may well have heard was me doing a little bit of thinking.  That is despite the fact that it’s Friday night and I’m somewhat knackered after working all week.

I’m going to re-introduce and formalise the unspoken thing I had going where I’d finish each show with a “big” song.  That meant, at least in the early days, the likes of Dio, Priest, Maiden, ‘Tallica, Sabbath and so on rounding out the show.  On the playlists, that was marked as “Last Track”.

As I said, I’m planning to return to that, and I’m asking for some input from you.

Yes, you.


If you fancy suggesting a Metal Anthem to play at the end of each week’s show (and I’m working hard now to get back onto a weekly schedule, but tiredness, old age and sertraline don’t help), drop me a message via the Facebook page or use the email address hidden behind this link.

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