Absinthe From Society Stream New EP: The Angels Ignored Us

Absinthe From Society are back after a short hiatus, with their latest release, The Angels Ignored Us. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, the band hit the metal scene in 2006, although their debut EP, Project Infection, wouldn’t appear for nigh on another six years. After a (slightly) shorter wait this time, fans will be pleased to know they can stream the latest offering via bandcamp.

Comprised of Ian “Saint Absinthe” Harper, the founder of the band (vocals, guitar and keyboard) and Adam “The Caveman” Roberts (drums & percussion) with Lexi “Shitkicker 9000” Graham (bass & vocals), the trio combine an aggressive sound with ethereal texture.
The new EP promises ’emotional themes with a raw, heavy backdrop’. Like it? Love it? Let us know in the comments. Here’s a practice performance vid to whet your appetite.



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