Suicide Silence and Billboard Debut new Video

Suicide Silence have partnered with to exclusively debut their new conceptual music video for Dying In A Red Room. The track comes from the band’s highly acclaimed, new full-length self-titled offering, which as of today is available everywhere on Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

This track showcases quite a musical shift, with a transition from traditional deathcore to something more akin to Deftones, circa My Own Summer, but less heavy and more introspective.  Typically, reaction from fans is mixed, to the point at which the band live-streamed their own reactions to ‘mean’ comments from listeners who attempted (quite poorly) to pull the earlier single, Doris, to bits.

Speaking to Billboard, vocalist Eddie Hermida explains how they deal with the criticism:

“Honesty. We have always been honest with our music,” he says. “We put 100 percent love and passion into our music and feel the same about all the fans that give us both the fuel and return the love passion we give. I have found that with negative critics online, the best response is ‘thanks.’ I am grateful to even be mentioned in any kind of way by anyone. It means I pressed a button. It means I did my job as an artist. Complacency is death.” (source)

Listen for yourself and make your own mind up.

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