The Wyrd Ways Presents: Powerzone! Show #159 27/2/17

Powerzone! Show #159 February 27th 2017

Welcome to this weeks Powerzone! show, wherein The Gentleman has a cold *play’s world’s smallest violin* but between him and The Roadie they discuss the important topics of the day: Tiddlywinks and bands that have changed their sound.  Oh yes, new singles from Battle Beast, Trollfest, Steel Panther, Axxis, Bloodbound, Ex Deo and Striker are played, as well as your usual BRUTAL Folk, Power and Thrash Metal.  And we’re over halfway through Metal Kombat so don’t forget to cast your votes on our Facebook page ( or Twitter @powerzonemetal.

Playlist below, enjoy the show! \m/ -GoM

Evergrey – A Touch Of Blessing
Battle Beast – Bringer Of Pain
Sonata Arctica – Wolf And Raven
Axxis – Dream Chaser
Bloodbound – Silver Wings
Striker – Pass Me By
Steelwing – The Illusion
Almah – Beyond Tomorrow (Metal Kombat)
Mayan – Bloodline Forfeit (Metal Kombat)
Lindemann – Yukon
Rammstein – Heirate Mich
Sabaton – The Price Of A Mile (Epic Track)
Kiuas – Thorns Of A Black Rose
Dust Bolt – Toxic Attack (Volt Track)
Evile – First Blood
Steel Panther – Poontang Boomarang
Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
Ex Deo – Ad Victorium [The Battle Of Zama]
Armoured Angel – Enigmatize
Hammerfall – Legacy of Kings
Helloween – If I Could Fly
Trollfest – Spelunking Sisters (Overload!)
Skálmöld – Drink (Overload!)
Stribog – Follow The Silver Path (Overload!)
Black Label Society – Stillborn