Wyrd Ways Rock Show 6th February 2017

Welcome to a new “season” of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. You may have noticed I’ve stopped numbering the shows. That’s something I’ve been toying with for a while, since I don’t want people thinking that they need to have listened to any previous shows to enjoy this one.

Sound reasonable?

Yeah… I thought so, too. Anyway, what’s in this edition? I’m guessing you’ve seen the pic, so you’re assuming there’s going to be some Sepultura. You’d be right. There’s also some Kreator, Alter Bridge and news about Triaxis‘ new vocalist.

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Sepultura – Phantom Self
Gravebreaker – At The Gates Of Hell
The Unguided – Nighttaker
Covered: Stratovarius – Kill The King
Spotlight: Sepultura- Relentless
Top 3 (Mabh)Volbeat– The Devil‘s Bleeding Crown
Top 3 (Mabh)Iggy Pop – Gardenia
Top 3 (Mabh)Alter Bridge – Show Me A Leader
Shock Of The New: Red Cain- Dead Aeon Requiem
Shock Of The New: Tess Of The Circle – I’m Not Ashamed
Shock Of The New: Naberus – The Fallen
Spotlight: Sepultura – The Vatican
Battle Beast – Familiar Hell
The Parasite Syndicate – Breathe You In
Kreator – Satan Is Real
Lowdrive – It’s Not Heaven
Record Of The Week: Solitude – Venom’s Angel
Record Of The Week: Solitude – Don’t Need Mercy
Spotlight: Sepultura – Sepultura Under My Skin
Black Star Riders – When The Night Comes In
Burnt Out Wreck- Swallow
Triaxis – Stand Your Ground