I’m Gonna Make Ya an Offer…

OK then, ladies and gents, I need to have a bit of a word with you.

No, it’s fine, you’re not in trouble.  No, I’m not going to be quitting and I’m also not directly after any of your money (although it would be nice – webhosting isn’t free!).  What I am after is your skills and aptitudes and a little bit of your time.

If you want to give me some money, I’m not going to stop you or turn you down.  You’ve got the option to subscribe, for which you get the podcast emailed straight to your Inbox (well, a link to it, anyway) at a much higher bitrate than anyone else.  You’ll also get it 24 hours before anyone else, at least.  You’ll also be able to directly influence the show and the website.  Just send me an email with your suggestions and I’ll seriously consider them.

Do any of you reading this own a business?  Do you want some advertising to a largely untapped audience of people you might not normally reach?  I’m talking to small businesses, really.  People like you who can’t normally afford an advertising budget.  I’m open to banner exchanges and I’ll also read out your advertising copy on the show.  We can hammer out the details if that interests you.  You could also sponsor a segment in the show or a page on the website.  Let’s help each other out.  We’re all members of the same community, right?

If you don’t own a business and can’t afford to become a sponsor, you can still get involved and help out.  At the very basic level, you can join The Wyrd Ways Rock Show marketing team.  No commitment is required, you don’t need to wear anything wanky or do anything morally questionable (but if you do, I’m not going to be judging you).  All you need to do is link to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show social media or website.  Preferably both.  I’d really, seriously appreciate it if you’d tell your friends about the show.  Get them to listen to it.  Retweet all the Wyrd Ways Rock Show tweets and share all the Faceache posts, or at the very least those that interest you.

If you’re interested in joining up as a member of the team, write a review of a show you’ve been to or an album you’ve bought recently.  Take a look at the stuff Rick writes to see the sort of standard I’m looking for.  If you think you can do that, email your audition piece to THIS ADDRESS.

Did you know there’s also Wyrd Ways Rock Show merch?  Head over to cafepress.co.uk and search for Wyrd Ways Rock Show, and there we are.  All designed by my good self (except the logo – the Mrs designed that!)

Communications channels and hailing frequencies are all open.  Talk to me.

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #161

It’s POWERZONE time once again! This week we play new tracks from Trollfest, Kreator, Majesty and Aeternam, plenty of power and folk metal, a classic EPIC track as well as a bunch of covers and we discuss random nonsense as usual.
Join us for 2 hours of quality metal and send your requests over to us on facebook.com/powerzonemetal!

First aired Monday 13th March 2017


Gwar – Immortal Corrupter
Majesty – YOLO HM
Dream Evil – Fight You ‘Till The End
Trollfest – Hen Of Hades
Korpiklaani – Vodka
Nightwish – Edema Ruh
Within Temptation – Ice Queen
Theocracy – Wishing Well (Metal Kombat)
Skiltron – The Brave’s Revenge (Metal Kombat)
Black Sabbath – Sabbra Cadabra (Epic Track)
Heaven & Hell – Atom & Evil
Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake (Volt Track)
Kreator – Fallen Brother
Orphaned Land – The Simple Man
Aeternam – Damascus Gate
Silent Knight – The Call Of The Crow
Cadacross – Amongst The Stars
Tengger Cavalry – Cavalry In Thousands
Chthonic – Broken Jade
Sabaton – All Guns Blazing [Judas Priest Cover] (Overload!)
Amon Amarth – Aerials [System Of A Down Cover] (Overload!)
Jaldaboath – The Safety Dance [Men Without Hats Cover] (Overload!)
Sonata Arctica – Take One Breath

Ross The Boss hits The Road

He’s back! Legendary Manowar co-founder and guitarist Ross “The Boss” Friedman has just embarked on a European tour with his Ross The Boss band.  The current line-up features another former member of Manowar drummer, Kenny “Rhino” Earl, as well as Marc Lopes of Meliah Rage (vocals) and Symphony X‘s Mike LePond on bass.

Here’s the full list of dates:
16th March: Barcelona, Spain
17th March: Zaragoza, Spain
18th March: Erandio, Spain
19th March: Madrid, Spain
20th March: Cangas do Morrazo, Spain
21st March: Lisbon, Portugal
24th March: Brescia, Italy
25th March: Torino, Italy
26th March: Prato, Italy
28th March: Diest, Belgium
30th March: London, UK
31st March: Evesham, UK
1st April: Swansea, UK
2nd April: Dublin, Ireland
4th April: Glasgow, UK
5th April: Edinburgh, UK
6th April: Milton Keynes, UK

To celebrate the tour kickoff, the band has released a cover version of the Manowar classic song Blood Of My Enemies: