The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #162

It’s Powerzone time! Another exciting show for you here, new tunes from Striker, Dusius & Valhalore, plus the next round of Metal Kombat is drawn live on the show! We play a round of WATT Year, and there’s an hour of FOLK OFF for your pleasure. It’s a real cracker! Playlist below \m/

First aired on 20th March 2017

Grave Digger – Grave Desecrator
Final Chapter – Legions Of The Sun
Blackwelder – Spaceman
Paradise Lost – Forever After
Moonspell – Extinct
Striker – Born To Lose
Enforcer – Death Rides This Night
Edguy – Babylon (Epic Track) [WATT Year?]
Sonata Arctica – Kingdom For A Heart [WATT YEAR?]
Metallica – No Leaf Clover [WATT Year?]
Ensiferum – One Man Army (Volt Track) [Folk Off!]
Svartsot – Urtekonen [Folk Off!]
Alestorm – Swashbuckled [Folk Off!]
Lagerstein – Drink The Rum [Folk Off!]
Eluveitie – Lament [Folk Off!]
Dusius – The Rage Of Gods [Folk Off!]
Valhalore – Augury Of Death [Folk Off!]
Equilibrium – Prey [Folk Off!]
Vetten Äpärät – Winter Darkness [Folk Off!]
Vorgrum – Legacy Of The Ancients [Folk Off!]
Grimner – Enharjarkvade (Overload!) [Folk Off!]
Skálmöld – Helheimur (Overload!) [Folk Off!]
Finntroll – Galgasång (Overload!) [Folk Off!]
Hell – The Quest

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