The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #168

Ah, the show that almost never was! Technical difficulties meant this show was played nobody, but we struggled through for your enjoyment.
On this weeks show, we’ve got the first Metal Kombat semi-final between Almah (Brazil) & Svartby (Russia), we play new tunes from Sabaton, Iced Earth, Kreator, Brothers of Metal & Striker, and as well as our usual metal mix we have a good ‘ol moan. But it’s good! Enjoy!

Originally broadcast on Calon FM on Monday 15th 2017


Wolf – Mr. Twisted
Sabaton- The Last Stand
Civil War – Savannah
Iced Earth – Seven Headed Whore
Kreator – Side By Side
Eluveitie – The Nameless
Ensiferum – Heathen Horde
Almah – The Hostage (Metal Kombat)
Svartby – Dead Boy (Metal Kombat)
Iron Maiden – If Eternity Should Fall (Epic Track)
Ozzy Osbourne – Walk On Water
Wings Of Destiny – We Bring You The Night (Volt Track)
Brothers Of Metal – The Death Of The God Of Light
Attacker – Archangel
Striker – Born To Lose
Skeletoon – Heroes Don’t Complain
Helloween – Future World
Finntroll – Dråp
Trollfest – Gigantic Cave
Pellek – Brigantine Of Tranquility (Overload!)
Celesty – Dream (Overload!)
Sonata Arctica – Unopened (Overload!)
Nightwish – The Islander

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