Listen Again: Wyrd Ways Rock Show 16th March 2017

Back in the saddle for another two hour (nearly) blast of the best in Metal from all over the world. By that I mean bands from Canada, Finland, Germany, the US, Italy, Sweden and right here in the UK. A veritable United Nations of arse-kicking, neck-cracking tunes. Want to know which ones in particular, and what they sound like?

Click the pic. You know you want to.

Papa Roach – Help
Hydrogyn – My Redemption
Arthemis – Into The Arena
Covered: Children of Bodom – Silent Scream (Slayer)
Sumo Cyco – Move Mountains (feat. Benji Webbe)
Pink Pussycats From Hell – Hellvolution
Spotlight: Children of Bodom – Lake Bodom
SinHeresy – Star Dome
Shock Of The New: Himiltungl – Skogstokig
Shock Of The New: Blister Brigade – Dollargod
Shock Of The New: Murkocet – Strip Club Massacre
Spotlight: Children of Bodom – Hellhounds On My Trail
Rick’s #3: Testament – Neptune’s Spear
Rick’s #2: Metallica – Moth Into Flame (Live)
Rick’s #1: Opeth – Sorceress
Record Of The Week: Kreator – World War Now
Record Of The Week: Kreator – Lion With Eagle Wings
Record Of The Week: Kreator – Death Becomes My Light
Spotlight: Children of Bodom – Morrigan
Crnkshft – Systematic
Dakesis – Destined For The Flame
Spinetingler: Halford – The One You Love To Hate

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