The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #171

Ready for more metal?! It’s the night of champions! This show features the big one.. The Metal Kombat final! Who will will between Svartby & Eternal Of Sweden? YOU decide! Vote on, voting closes on 25/6/17. We’ve also got awesome new singles from Rage, Venom Inc., Fogalord, Eluveitie, Cellar Darling & Dream Evil plus a load of power and folk metal and of course our previous Metal Kombat champions. It’s a cracker of a show, we hope you enjoy it! \m/

First aired on Calon FM on 19/6/17


Dethklok – Bloodlines
Eluveitie – Epona
Cellar Darling – Black Moon
Fogalord – Daughter Of The Morning Light
Dream Evil – How To Start A War
Hammerforce – Earth Is On Trial
Sabaton – Metal Machine
Svartby – Trojansk Råtta (Metal Kombat)
Svartby – Mushroom Rings (Metal Kombat)
Eternal Of Sweden – The Thing (Metal Kombat)
Eternal Of Sweden – Heaven’s Gate (Metal Kombat)
Dream Theatre – Constant Motion (Epic Track)
Hemina – Moonlight Bride
Heidevolk – Winter Woede (Volt track)
Abinchova – Hörensagen
Anthrax – Carry On Wayward Son
Magnum – Kingdom Of Madness
Venom Inc. – Dein Fleisch
Satyricon – Forhekset
Rage – Blackened Karma (Overload!)
Almanac – Self-Blinded Eyes (Overload!)
Accept – Stampede
In Flames – Suburban Me

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