Want to get Stonedeaf in August 2018?

The first band on the main stage at the first Stonedeaf Festival on 25th of August 2018 at the Newark Showgrounds will be decided by an online public vote.

The festival organisers are inviting ORIGINAL (no covers or tributes please) bands to provide three tracks, one of which must be a live video.

They will then run an online Battle of the Bands competition, posting the contestants over a period of three weeks with the final being held in the fourth week.   Each heat will be made up of four or five bands, with the three getting the most votes moving into the finals alongside the two runners-up with the largest votes.

Each band will then submit two more tracks for the final.

The organisers believe that this will probably be the first ever Battle Of The Bands to be fought purely on social media, which goes with the fact they are probably the first festival to be born out of Social media too.

The Stonedeaf people had this message:

So you can kick back with a few beers and check out which bands could be the opener and cast your vote. Ultimately you decide.

Bands – what we need from you: a brief Bio and why you should be our opening act, links to two tracks and a link to a video of you playing live. We will get back to you, let you know our terms and go from there. We won’t be asking any band to PAY TO PLAY… it’s not what we’re about!!!

Bands MUST send their applications to this email address:  No links on this post will be taken into consideration.  Bands also must be in the Stonedeaf Facebook group too… so get onboard and get your fanbase engaged with us!

So then… do you know of a band who might be interested?  Get them to join the Stonedeaf Festival group and apply

Any questions just ask on their Facebook page – but please do not post any links etc.

As a final message from Chris and his team:

Regarding the rest of the line-up.
We pretty much have the next 2-3 bands onboard. We have irons in the fire regarding the bands at the top of bill, offers on the table as well as bands ready to go once we sort a deposit. Nothing can be announced until this is done though. It’s all money related. So we are working to get that aspect over the line. However, soon you will see exactly what we are doing and where we hope to be with it all next August.

Hopefully you all be happy with what we have up our sleeves.

Chris \m/ \m/

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