The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #185

Braving illness and bad weather, this weeks show has been signed, sealed and delivered to you in one cute soundcloud package. Open it for new tunes from Power Quest, Beast In Black, Hulkoff, Tankard, Helloween, Arch Enemy, Minotauro & Incursed as well as a load of awesome METAL from across the globe!

Originally broadcast on Calon FM, 16/10/17


Power Quest – Coming Home
Beast In Black – Beast In Black
Gloryhammer – The Hollywood Hootsman
Hulkoff – Einherjr
Sabaton – Winged Hussars
Children Of Bodom – Living Dead Beat (Live) [Livewire]
Sonata Arctica – 8th Commandment (Live) [Livewire]
Edguy – Painting On The Wall (Live) [Livewire]
Arch Enemy – The Eagle Flies Alone
Battle Beast – Lost In Wars
Cradle Of Filth – Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden Cover) [Epic Track]
Emperor – Thus Spake The Nightspirit
Amon Amarth – The Way Of Vikings [Volt Track]
Týr – Tróndur I Gøtu
Helloween – Pumpkins United
Gamma Ray – Heaven Can Wait
Minotauro – Son Of A Witch
Iron Maiden – Be Quick Or Be Dead
Grave Digger – Road Rage Killer
Running Wild – Black Bart
Incursed – Zombeer Alcoholocaust [Overload!]
Equilibrium – Born To Be Epic [Overload!]
Turisas – In The Court Of Jarisleif [Overload!]
Tankard – Schwarz-Weiß Wie Schnee

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