Wyrd Ways Rock Show 4th November 2017

Did you catch the Hallowe’en Special a few days ago? If you didn’t, click on the link for the last show for a couple of hours of spooky Metal (and a little silliness), including the likes of Dr Stein, The Monster Mash, Her Ghost In The Fog and Welcome To My Nightmare.

For this week’s show, David’s making his debut appearance as co-presenter with his very own feature, The 7 Year Old’s Guide To Awesome Metal. There’s also contributions of new stuff from the reformed Madam X, Italian Folksters, Elvenking, friends of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show and rising stars, Skarlett Riot and a very decent splurge of German Power Metal pioneers, Helloween.

Incidentally, you can also stream us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and the TuneIn radio app as well as on this very website’s front page. Just go to their homepages and search for The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. Same applies if you want to follow us on Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter or Instagram.

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