The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! #Show 189

Greetings Powerzoners! Another week, another show, and a good one it was too! Without giving too much away, we discuss duff bands, talk nonsense as usual and play a metric tonne of brutal heavy metal, including new tunes from Orden Ogan, Almanac, Hulkoff, Pink Cream 69, Iced Earth and Hildre Valkyrie. Plus, did the Roadie win his game of Roulette this week? give us a listen if you dare! Dont forget to share! We can be contacted on \m/ -GoM

First aired 20/11/17 on Calon FM


Rhapsody Of Fire – Unholy Warcry
AC/DC – T.N.T.
Airbourne – It’s All For Rock N’ Roll
Orden Ogan – Vampire In Ghost Town
Theocracy – Ghost Ship
Almanac – Hail To The King
Accept – Final Journey
Hulkoff – Jarfr
Sabaton – Camouflage
Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell (Epic Track)
Pink Cream 69 – Man Of Sorrow
Týr – Another Fallen Brother (Volt Track)
Hildr Valkyrie – The Rune’s Song
Iced Earth – Seven Headed Whore
Kreator – Enemy Of God
Primal Fear – Bullets & Tears
Hell – Faith Will Fall
Powerwolf – Midnight Messiah (Cheese Sandwich)
Brothers Of Metal – Son Of Odin (Cheese Sandwich)
In Flames – Satellites And Astronauts
Children Of Bodom – Children Of Bodom
American Head Charge – A Violent Reaction
Disturbed – Deify
Alestorm – Hangover (Taio Cruz Cover) [Roadie Roulette]

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