The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Festive Special 2017

It’s that time of year again, and we’ve brought you a festive gift: THREE hours of BRUTAL metal!  It’s riddles with christmas cracker jokes and the best songs from 2017 as well as a few metal christmas songs. We really enjoyed it and it was made even more special by hearing from loads of you Powerzone fans, you got involved and we enjoy that connection! We’ll be back on air in January so have a great festive season and new year! \m/

Originally aired on Calon FM 18/12/17


Strokkur – Song Of The Future
Tankard – Pay To Pray
Lich King – Lich King V:Stalemate
Striker – Pass Me By
Iced Earth – Seven Headed Whore
Gwar – El Presidente
Christopher Lee – Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing
Krayenzeit – Wir Sind Die Sunde
Vogelfrey – Mittelalter Rockstar
Grimner – Freja Vakar
Hulkoff – Einherjr
Harpyie – Ambra
Incursed – Cryhavoc!
Wintersun – The Forest That Weeps [Epic Track]
Ensiferum – King Of Storms
Trollfest – Hen Of Hades
Tarja – O Tannenbaum
Ex Deo – The Spoils Of War
Black Messiah – Mimir’s Head
Varg – Beißreflex
Carach Angren – Charlie
Almanac – Losing My Mind
Orden Ogan – Gunman
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Auf Und Nieder
Sonata Arctica – Christmas Spirits
Grave Digger – Healed By Metal [Volt Track]
Edguy – Open Sesame
Battle Beast – King For A Day
Beast In Black – Blind And Frozen
Nocturnal Rites – Used To Be God
Power Quest – Lords Of Tomorrow
Majesty – YOLO HM [Cheese Sandwich]
Dream Evil – How To Start A War [Cheese Sandwich]
Brothers Of Metal – Yggdrasil
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12-24
Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls [Roadie Roulette Track]

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