The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #198

Well, we’re getting ever closer to that magic number, but we’re still not thinking about future plans for the show. Fortunately, this short-sightedness has allowed us to concentrate on keeping up the same high-quality nonsense you have come to grow and love, so you’re welcome. This show is no different, quality-wise! We have new tunes from Thaurorod, Grimner, Rumahoy & Venom Inc. amongst others and plenty of the usual power, folk and death metal plus of course, some forced chatter. We hope you enjoy it. As usual, if you do enjoy it, or really hate it, even, get in touch with us and tell us, and that includes if you have a request or just have a fetish for having your name read out on the radio. You can contact us on our Facebook page, which you can access HERE.

First aired on Calon FM 19/2/18


David Shankle Group – Ashes To Ashes
Venom Inc. – War
Hell – Darkhangel
Thaurorod – The Commonwealth Lives
Gloryhammer – Wizards!
Rumahoy – Pirateship
Red Rum – Sailor Jerry
Magic Kingdom – I’m A Lionheart
Rhapsody Of Fire – Power Of The Dragonflame
Bloodbound – Nosferatu [Epic Track]
Hammerfall – New Breed
Amon Amarth – First Kill [Volt Track]
Grimner – Fafnersbane
Yggdrassil – All Shall Burn
Gormathon – Celestial Warrior
Iron Mask – Oliver Twist
Trick or Treat – Rabbits’ Hill
Æther Realm – Death
Children of Bodom – Mask Of Sanity
Vogelfrey – Sturmgesang
Harpyie – Flieg
Sabaton – Midway [Overload!]
Powerwolf – Moscow After Dark [Overload!]
Civil War – Civil War [Overload!]
Edguy – Rock Me Amadeus (Falco Cover) [Roadie Roulette Track]

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