The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #200

We finally made it! 5 years of hard work, well, not hard work, or work at all really (it’s more a labour of love, after all) and 200 proper shows in the can, we celebrated this special show with heavy metal, inane chatter and the return of METAL KOMBAT!  You can vote for this weeks winner between Svartsot (Denmark) & Orphaned Land (Israel) on our Facebook page which you can access HERE or through Twitter which is HERE, but also you can leave any comments there or requests too. Mark joined us in the studio for a bit of a change and we also had new tunes from Kamelot, Angra, White Wizzard, Leaves’ Eyes, Rumahoy & Judas Priest amongst others. Altogether a great show, actually. Here’s to another 5 years! \m/

Originally aired on Calon FM 5/3/18


Almanac – Children Of The Sacred Path
Kamelot – Ravenlight
Angra – War Horns
Hammerforce – Access Denied
Sabaton – Winged Hussars
Eternal Of Sweden – Ruins
Fogalord – The Scream Of The Thunder
Svartsot – Æthelred [Metal Kombat]
Orphaned Land – We Do Not Resist [Metal Kombat]
White Wizzard – Voyage Of The Wolf Raiders [Epic Track]
Iron Maiden – Flash Of The Blade
Sonata Arctica – FullMoon [Volt Track]
Nightwish – Planet Hell
Leaves’ Eyes – Jomsborg
Battlelore – House Of Heroes
Rumahoy – Quest For Heritage
Alestorm – Set Sail And Conquer
Judas Priest – Never The Heroes
3 Inches Of Blood – Trial Of Champions
Axxis – Wings Of Freedom [Roadie Roulette]

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