The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! The Taster Show

You might not know this, but Powerzone started off life over 5 years ago on a local community radio station called Calon FM. We were originally a 15 minute slot on the end of a long standing (but since sadly gone) metal show named The Metalheadz featuring Primordial Radios’s Pete Bailey. When Pete moved on to bigger and better things, he left the show in the care of Tom & Claire (and later Dan), who allowed the Gentleman of Metal a 15 minute section of their show so showcase some Power and folk metal tracks. Soon after, the Gentleman approached Calon with an idea to start his own full show, and so The Metalheadz Extended Play was born. 50 shows in, we decided it was best to be a bit more independant and because The Metalheadz was no longer going, it didn’t make sense to continue under that name so we changed it to the show that you know and enjoy today, Powerzone.

When Calon FM recently turned 10 years old themselves, they asked each show to play a short, 10 minute version of themselves so they could make a big collection and then played them all out during a day. Since many of you will have missed that and I’ve been asked for it, here’s a copy of the original file which I recorded and sent to Calon FM for their special event. Please excuse the sound quality- it was recorded in a kitchen rather than a studio. Hope you enjoy!

Originally aired on 1/3/18


Sabaton – To Hell & Back
Korpiklaani – Northern Fall
Nightwish – Wish I Had An Angel

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