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Hailed by the Radio 1 Rock Show as ‘Awesome’, platinum selling rock outfit I Am Giant have bounced back into the UK music scene with stadium ready single Playing With Fire and a UK tour announcement.

The band have recently returned from a two year hiatus and have announced a line up shift consisting of their long time band member Aja Timu now fronting the band. Their 3rd studio album is due out in late 2017.

Earlier this year I Am Giant debuted a new single called Dead Flower, which reached No 2 on the Spotify NZ Heatseakers Chart, was playlisted on a range of international Spotify Rock playlists including Rock Out, Rock This and Spotify Italy Novita Stadium Rock, as well as garnering airplay on The Rock and Bayrock.

I Am Giant are kicking off the second half of 2017 with their explosive new single Playing With Fire. The confessional lyrics and soaring vocals mused with hypnotic guitar work create a song that will reestablish what I Am Giant have always been about; making memorable and soul-stirring music.

Paul Matthews says this about the track.
 ‘Playing with Fire is about just saying fuck it and not worrying about what others think of how you choose to live your one and only life’.

The accompanying video was shot by Adam Jones at Homegrown Festival earlier this year.

‘Playing live is our passion, and for years we have toured non-stop around the world. But nothing really compares to the Homegrown Festival crowd. We wanted to capture that with this video and thank all our NZ fans, especially the I Am Giant Army, for their constant support’ says Shelton Woolright.

I Am Giant will be touring with special guests New Volume on the following dates:

26 SEPT O2 Academy Islington – LONDON
27 SEPT Rebellion Manchester – MANCHESTER
28 SEPT Corporation – SHEFFIELD
29 SEPT The Cobblestones – BRIDGWATER
02 OCT Klub Hydrozagadka – WARSAW
03 OCT Klub pod Minogą – POZNAN


Spoilers! The Doctor Falls.

The Doctor Falls, Image via

The clue is in the title, please do not read this if you have not seen all of Doctor Who series 10, you will regret it!

Still with me? OK, let’s do this.

First and foremost… WOW.  Emotional overload. I cannot, at this stage, wait until Christmas, however in the absence of actual time travel, here are my top ten reasons why I LOVED this episode.

Proper Sci-Fi

A space ship locked in a battle with the gravitational pull of a black hole? Time going slower at one end than the other? Every floor a different world, in essence? A whole city turned into a cyber-factory? This is a far cry from robots with emojis for faces, which, to be honest, was a fairly weak start to the series (although compost bins full of bones sort of made up for this). There is a real feel that Doctor Who is growing up and taking on more diverse themes, without trying to dumb it down for those that only like their sci-fi-lite.

One of my favourite scenes is the idyllic farmstead, green grass and blue sky, and the kindly looking matriarch bustling about with the children. Suddenly she has a rifle, with a blue laser sight, and the scarecrows are attacking. This is the key to good sci-fi: taking the mundane, and making it surreal and even scary.

Bill Dies

OK, this makes me sound like a ‘Bill Hater’ but I’m not, I’m truly not. I actually think she’s one of the most well rounded, believable companions for some time. Probably my favourite since Donna.

It’s not that I’m glad she got a big hole in her chest, and is now living out some crazy fluid-based astro-life (although, to be fair, that looks and sounds pretty cool); it’s the fact that Doctor Who is showing it’s not afraid to do horrible things to the main characters, even ones we’ve come to really identify with. Even if she does have a happy ending, of a sort, she’s still lost her entire human life, and she was upgraded for jelly babies’ sake! Ew.

Oh, and there have been complaints that ‘Moffat can’t kill anyone properly’. Stick it. She was shot, bodged back together, had to wait over ten years for her best friend to find her, upgraded, lived to see everyone terrified of her then watched said best friend die in apocalyptic cyber-horror-show. That’s enough, I think.

My one complaint is that she seemed to get over The Doctor dying really, very quickly… I would have expected a bit more ‘bitter’ in the bitter-sweet ending she got, simply because of his apparent demise.

Jelly Babies

Jelly babies? Yes, I just wanted to say ‘Jelly Babies’ several times in quick succession. If you do it right, Tom Baker appears and gives you a scarf (fake news). I loved all the little references to other incarnations of The Doctor in this episode, and offering the kids jelly babies is just such a lovely touch. Also, clever foreshadowing of the end scene where we meet…

…The First Doctor…

…The original, you might say!

David Bradley was excellent as William Hartnell in An Adventure in Space and Time, so to bring him back as the actual Doctor, The Doctor, is a stroke of genius. The two Doctors meeting at the end of the episode; Bill gone, the latest incarnation desperate to not regenerate; all in all, things not going sparklingly well… What a way to leave Whovians jumping up and down in their seats and frothing at the mouth.

I can’t wait to see the chemistry between these two distinguished actors, and to see how the story pans out.

As an aside, Bill and Heather were so named for Bill (William) Hartnell, and his wife, Heather. What a lovely tribute.

Nardole the Naughty Boy

We get a little glimpse of Nardole’s origins, with this brief argument against being sent to look after the escaping children:

“You know what I was like. If there’s more than three people in a room, I start a black market. Send me with them, I’ll be selling their own spaceship back to them once a week.”

Knowing he has a shady past kind of makes more sense of why he was involved with River Song, who was rarely on the right side of the law. We may never get any more than this teaser about his past, especially with the show changing hands after Christmas, but it was a clever way to give his character a bit more depth.

I Don’t Want to Go

As the Doctor nears the end of his life, he bounces from incarnation to incarnation, remembering his companions (more on that below) and monumental moments from all his previous lives. One heart-wrenching moment is him reiterating his ‘tenth’ reincarnation mournfully proclaiming I don’t want to go. We also hear him remembering When the doctor was me (originally ‘I will always remember when The Doctor was me’, said by ‘eleven’) and, in another Tom Baker throwback:

“Sontarans! Perverting the course of human history!”

Remembering Clara

Remember the end of series 9? Well it’s only us mere humans that can remember the key point, which is that Clara was completely wiped from The Doctor’s memory. But during the Logopolis style montage of The Doctor’s companions toward the end of The Doctor Falls, he clearly recalls Clara standing on a snowy rooftop, saying his name (Last Christmas). So is this a sign that nearly dying may have kick-started his hidden memories? Only time (and Chris Chibnall) will tell…


Is she good? Is she bad? Is she completely off her rocker? Yes! I’ve loved, loved Michelle Gomez’s interpretation of The Doctor’s arch enemy, and was worried that her move towards a supportive rather than adversarial character may weaken her appeal. I was wrong to worry, as right up until the end she is as dark and divisive as ever, even as she takes down the earlier incarnation of…

…The Master

John Simm is a rather good actor, isn’t he? And I think he loves this role, and jumped at the chance to play it again. This Master is the King of Cruelty, revelling in the pain and suffering of others, even down to the tiniest, hurtful comment if he can get away with it. He destroys Missy completely (so we are led to believe, but how many times has the Master died ‘permanently’ before?) despite in the previous episode proclaiming he would never be so ‘self-destructive’. Praising her like a student who has surpassed him in every way, for stealthily stabbing him in the back; wonderful stuff. The madness of The Master is brought to shuddering, monstrous life by these two great actors, as they laugh maniacally as they both die by the other’s hand. A truly apt end, although I hope it isn’t really the end for The Master. There’s always a way back, right?

Refusing to Regenerate

The Doctor has had enough! He’s stamping his foot and putting it down and sticking his chin out and saying No! He will not regenerate! You really get the sense here of how old he is, just how much he’s seen and how much loss and regret he carries with him every single day. And when you’ve lived for millennia, the days really do add up. He’s had to fight the cybermen, again, with no way of knowing if the children that escaped will actually survive, he’s lost another companion, his oldest frenemy abandoned him at the end and is now dead; I mean really, what’s the point?

I loved the visual of shoving his glowing fists into the snow to douse the fire of the regeneration energy. His determination to end seems unwavering, and makes me wonder what will The First Doctor show him in the Christmas Special, that will change his mind?

Sadly, that’s another five and a bit months off, so I’m popping off now to work on my proto-type TARDIS. Has anyone seen my dematerialisation circuit?

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Decapitated Drum Playthrough: “Never”

Polish metal extremists Decapitated will drop their seventh album Anticult via Nuclear Blast on July 7th. Ahead of the release, the band premiered the throttling new song “Never.” Anticult is available for pre-order here:

Limited Silver & Clear Vinyl (inc signed insert)

Limited Digipack CD & Vinyl (inc signed insert)


Additionally, the band has shared a drum playthrough for the song, in which kit minder Michal Lysejko shows off his skills:

Dirty Machine sign to Zombie Shark Records

Nu Metal outfit DIRTY MACHINE from Los Angeles, California, have inked a worldwide deal with Zombie Shark Records, the new record label from Noah “Shark” Robertson (Motograter, Ex-The Browning). The band’s latest album, Discord, was produced by Ben Jovi and the band themselves, at Left Coast Label Studios. The album was mixed by Arnold “Hedge” Quezada and Darren Davis at Blunoize Studios, and was mastered by Josh Wickman from Dreadcore Productions (KING 810, Within The Ruins).


Dirty Machine have been heralding the nu-metal flag since 2012 and pull major influences from nu metal era bands such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Nonpoint, Mudvayne and Sevendust. The band quickly built a rabid underground following, especially in the Kansas City area, due to getting regular airtime on the leading Kansas City rock station, 98.9 The Rock, and headlining the Jägermeister Stage at the 2016 Kansas City RockfestDirty Machine have shared the stage with Ghost, Sixx AM, Disturbed, Trivium, HELLYEAH, Alien Ant Farm, Otep, Metalachi, and Orgy.

Can’t wait for May 26th? Check out the new video for title track, Discord, here.

Free Stuff! Shredmonton Digital Sampler Download!

Edmonton, AB’s loudest indoor metal festival and conference SHREDMONTON, presented by Prairie Fire Events Ltd, is offering metal fans a free digital sampler of headbanging tunes from bands on this year’s line up.

To get your FREE download, click here.

The Acts

Featuring some of the heaviest acts from across Canada to rumble the Alberta prairies, this year’s ShrEdmonton will be headlined by Vancouver power titans Unleash The Archers, Winnipeg’s funereal doom outfit Psychotic Gardening and Edmonton gore masters BLËED from Friday May 12th to Sunday May 14th 2017 at the Mercury Room. This year’s festival also features an ALL AGES event on the Sunday date, as well as the return of the all-ages industry conference aspect, which includes panels on publicity & promotion, festival booking plus vocal, guitar and recording/live sound clinics.

ShrEdmonton organizer Tyson Travnik comments:

“We’re very proud to be able to focus this year’s festival on showcasing bands that we feel have supported past Canadian festivals plus helped their local scenes flourish. Focusing on keeping this year’s experience intimate, yet retaining top-shelf quality is something that I think will set 2017 apart from events we’ve done in the past. ”

Tickets for ShrEdmonton 2017 are available on and at the following Edmonton locations: Mercury Room, Blackbyrd, Rendezvous Pub, The Forge plus also available in Red Deer, AB at Sound House and from Annihilatrix Productions in Calgary, AB.

Ticket Prices:
Shredpass: $50
Friday, May 12: $20
Saturday, May 13 – Conference – Free with Shredpass, $5 at door
Saturday, May 13: $25
Sunday, May 14: $17

Social Arsonist Tour Dates

Chilean/Canadian thrash hybrid SOCIAL ARSONIST will be hitting the road soon. With dates across British Columbia and Alberta for the month of May,  followed by a tour of Chile and a return to Canada to perform at the Loud As Hell festival in Drumheller, AB (full dates listed below).

Formed in Chile in 2009 by bassist Dario Zuniga and guitarist Manuel Morgado, the two musicians were unable to locate the perfect vocalist in their home country and turned to the internet. They found Canadian singer Cayle Charlton. The duo worked with him for years via the internet, honing their material before taking the ultimate step of relocating to Canada.

With a full line up in Vancouver, BC, the “fiery crucible of Chilean thrash met the icy cauldron of Canadian metal” to create an explosive storm built on a foundation of classic thrash and modern metal resulting in two releases. Their 2016 full length Duality of Perception and 2014 debut EP De-Evolution of Thy Self both demonstrate the band’s sound: aggressive, fast, intense, catchy and disruptive.

Bassist Dario Zuniga reveals that SOCIAL ARSONIST take inspiration beyond metal clichés:

“The whole album carries the Social Arsonist aggression and message of rebellion and anguish against the institutionalization of society plus we have a wide range of influences, including a South American flavouring that everyone seems to enjoy, and coming from South America just to play our music in Canada, we put a lot of effort and passion into our performance!”

Tour Dates

May 18 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
May 19 – Vernon, BC – Record City
May 20 – Prince George, BC  – Legion
May 21 – Kamloops, BC – The Dirty Jersey
May 25 – Edmonton, AB – DV8
May 26 – TBA
May 27 – Calgary, AB – Lord Nelson’s
May 28 – Lethbridge, AB – Smokehouse
May 29 – Kelowna, BC – Muninn’s Post
June – Chile Tour
July 14 – Abbotsford, BC – Brother’s Bowling and Billiards
August 5 – Drumheller, AB – Loud As Hell Fest

Vesperia’s Morgan Rider Covers ‘Idle Blood’

VESPERIA frontman Morgan Rider has posted an acoustic cover video, performing one of his favourite tracks from Katatonia: Idle Blood, from the Night Is The New Day album.

“I recorded this cover in my home studio and filmed it in the crown lands near my house. I am a big Katatonia fan and have been wanting to record an homage to them with a slightly altered arrangement for awhile now.” comments Rider.

New Album
VESPERIA are currently completing the recording of their new album to follow to 2015’s The Iron Tempests EP. The album is being recorded at Blue Sound & Music Studios in Toronto, Canada with engineer/ producer Russ Mackay (Mastodon, Iron Maiden, Styx) and will feature an array of famous Canadian guest musicians with the art created by Juno award-winning artist Hugh Syme (Rush, Nevermore, Dream Theater).
Vesperia launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise over $5,000 to record the new album giving fans many special and unique perks for their contributions, including mead made by the band’s front man Morgan Rider, drinking horns, album pre-releases, the bands stage banners and much more! For all details on contributions, click here.


Legendary Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford will attend the private view on Thursday, 27th April at Parliament Tattoo in London.

PARLIAMENT TATTOO STUDIO have joined forces with the iconic metal band JUDAS PRIEST to bring you HELL BENT FOR LEATHER: an exhibition of hand painted leather biker jackets inspired by the band’s albums and song titles by some of the worlds greatest tattoo artists.

The first exhibition of its kind featuring tattooing nobility such as Grime, Jondix, Scott Move, Gregory Whitehead, Xam, and more, the landmark exhibition is set to make waves in both the music and tattoo art communities. Each artist taking part in the exhibition has selected their favourite Judas Priest song or album title from which to create their artwork – painting directly onto the back of biker jackets using specially designed acrylic leather paint – each piece represents hours of meticulous work resulting in some of the most exciting heavy metal artwork ever produced.

Rob Halford

Kicking off with a bang, Metal God Rob Halford will take time out of the studio where he is working with Judas Priest on their new album, to open an exclusive showcase exhibiting the leather jackets to press, influencers and celebrities.

Hosted at Parliament Tattoo in London, guests of the private view will also have the opportunity to take home a piece of artwork of their own that will last a lifetime – a tattoo by one of Parliament’s resident artists. The studio will release Judas Priest themed tattoo flash, which guests can select from should they wish to make the ultimate homage to the legendary band.

Following the private view, the one off pieces will be displayed publicly in London this May, at a free exhibition in the heart of Camden. A drinks reception will launch the week long event on Friday 5th May at the Provender Building, right in the subculture epicenter that is the Stables Market.

Moving on from its stint in London, the jackets will head south to the prestigious Brighton Tattoo Convention on 13th & 14th May where they will exhibit alongside more than 300 world class tattooists, including several of the artists participating in the Hell Bent for Leather exhibition.

Charity Auction

Following the events, the jackets will be auctioned off online to benefit both The Teenage Cancer Trust and the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund; both extremely worthy causes close to the hearts of Judas Priest. The exhibition hopes to raise as much money as possible for the two charities.


Abby Drielsma (AUS), Elliot Wells (UK), Gregory Whitehead (USA), Grime (USA), Joao Bosco (BR), Jondix (UK). Kelly Violet (UK), Liam Sparkes (UK), Rafel Delalande (FR), Robert Borbas (HU), Scott Move (UK), Tamara Santibanez (USA), Tas Danazoglou (CY), Tony Hundahl (USA), Uncle Allan (DE), Wendy Pham (DE), Xam (UK). 


PRIVATE VIEW (Invitation Only) 27th April 2017 Times: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Location: Parliament Tattoo

Unit D Leeds Place London
N4 3RF


5th – 10th May 2017 

Opening Party: 5th May, Times TBC
Location: Provender Building

The Brighton Tattoo Convention
13th & 14th May 2017 Location: The Brighton Centre

Kings Road
Brighton, BN1 2GR
For more Information visit

The Stables Market

Chalk Farm Road




About Parliament Tattoo: 

Parliament Tattoo is a private, appointment only tattoo studio with an impressive line up of internationally acclaimed artists. Having opened up shop in an old dress making factory just 2 years ago, the unique tattoo studio has quickly established itself as one the most distinguished tattoo shops in Europe. With a combined social following pushing into the millions, Parliament Tattoo is at the forefront of modern tattooing with premier artwork being produced daily by artists such as Scott Move, Kelly Violet, Rebecca Vincent, Emily Alice Johnston, Adam Ruff, Andrew John Smith, Duncan X, and more. Enquiries to .

Matt Chanway: Playthrough Video 271114

Guitar virtuoso Matt Chanway has made a name for himself with well-regarded Canadian death/thrash metal band Assimilation.

Last December, Chanway unleashed his self-titled solo debut album which was described as a ‘sonic masterpiece that merges the old and new school’. Razor sharp riffs meld with soaring solos; progression with power. Inspired by the likes of George Lynch and Jeff Loomis, Chanway (who has a diploma in guitar performance from the University of West London) is a self-styled guitar hero for the 21st century.


Describing his sound as “melodic, relentless, energetic progressive metal” and influenced by the likes of Nevermore, Circus Maximus, Tony Macalpine, Aghora and Revocation, Chanway explains that “initially this music was written for a progressive metal project called Chancellor in 2011. After leaving that band, I gradually morphed the tracks into instrumental tunes.”

Chanway states that his writing process is always honest and organic:

“I write all of the guitar parts, generally starting from one theme or motif and just continually building upon it, to create a flowing cohesive piece. Never forcing or rushing anything for the sake of releasing new music. The guitar themes are authentic; the riffs are catchy and addictive.”

Chanway also states that this is also not merely a studio project, and he is looking forward to playing his album live. He promises

“…a very authentic recreation of some very challenging music; of course instrumental music is always a different ballgame in a live context. People tend to hone in on the guitar a lot more, and the unique voice it can bring as the band leader!”

As well as his own solo album, his band Assimilation will unleash their eagerly-awaited debut album The Laws of Power on March 17th, 2017, Chanway’s new album could be the perfect presursor. Not content to rest on his laurels, Chanway is also planning a further instrumental album for 2018.

Teaming up with progresseive music ‘zine, Chanway demonstrates his shredding skills with his new playthrough for his track 271114:

Woodhawk launch new album via Sludgelord

From the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains comes Calgary, Alberta’s WOODHAWK. Purveyors of straight-forward riff-rock wizardry, the power trio released an EP in 2014 and have continued forging ahead. Made of equal parts 1970’s Birmingham and influences including a 21st century heavy ‘Who’s Who’, Woodhawk are purveyors of riff-centric rock and roll.

Air Drumming

Capable and original, the band is crafting anthemic fist-pumping songs while attempting to forego tired stoner rock clichés. With time (travel) tested themes of science fiction, swords and sorcery, the band’s lyrics are born of snowy winters, hot practice spaces and pages of dog-eared paperbacks. While the musicianship reinforces recollections of Black Sabbath, modern influences that encourage wild air drumming or stretching highway speed limits are undeniably present.

Set to unleash their debut full-length Beyond The Sun, produced by the band with Jesse Gander (Bison, Japandroids) on April 7th, Woodhawk has teamed up with ‘riff-addicts’ blog, The Sludgelord, for the full stream premiere. Check it out here.

Show Dates
Apr 7 – Edmonton, AB – Sewing Machine Factory (CD Release Show)
April 8 – Calgary, AB – The Palomino (CD Release show)
Vagabonds of The Western Gig Tour:
May 4 – Vancouver, BC – The Cobalt
May 5 – Nanaimo, BC – The Queens
May 6 – Victoria, BC – Logan’s Pub
May 7 – Kelowna, BC – Doc Willoughby’s
May 8 – Edmonton, AB – Rendezvous Pub
May 9 – Saskatoon, SK – Vangelis Tavern
May 10 – Winnipeg, MB – The Handsome Daughter
May 11 – Regina, SK – The German Club
May 12 – Calgary, AB – Palomino
May 13 – Fernie, BC – Northern Bar
If you want something visual to whet your appetite, check out the video for The High Priest here: