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If you’re in a band and would like some airplay, or would just like to hear one of your favourite songs on the show, get in touch and we’ll sort something out.

Wyrd Ways Rock Show, 3rd December 2017

So here we are spinning rapidly towards the end of another year. 2017 is almost over, but The Wyrd Ways Rock Show is celebrating the dying embers of this year with another slab of quality Metal.

Not only do we have new stuff from such luminaries as Machine Head, Electric Wizard and Almanac, we’ve got Skarlett Riot snapping up Record Of The Week with a serious slab of quality called Regenerate and a celebration of His Infernal Majesty himself, Ville Valo, as he hangs up his mascara and puts H.I.M to bed for the last time.

Loads of other good stuff too.

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Masqued were formed in 2014 in Houston, Texas by guitarist Eric Halpern (Helstar, Leatherwolf), bassist Shane Dubose, and keyboardist Adam Rawlings, all formerly with local Houston, TX band, Z-Lot-Z.  Following the addition of keyboardist Adam Rawlings, drummer Jon Allen (ex-Testament/Sadus/Dragonlord), and guitarist Drew Creel (Meyvn), they embarked on an extensive search for a vocalist before finding Steffany Johnston.

Their debut album, The Light in the Dark, was produced by Juan Urteaga (Testament / Machine Head / Vicious Rumors) with additional tracking by Brian Baker (Toadies / Garbage) and was released digitally through Sleazy Rider Records (Greece) in early October, with the CD version following on the 13th.

The band has also released a video produced by Josh Vargas for the title track, The Light in the Dark:



Formed in 2015, Anarchaeon features vocalist Kaija Kinney, founder of Metalocalypstick Fest, the Canadian metal festival that celebrates women in metal, along with guitarist Clayton Bach, bassist Sylvain Maltais and drummer Steve “Machine” Richardo (ex-Messiah, ex-Green Jellÿ). With a band name playing off the word Anarchy, Anarchaeon are more of a Frankenstein of their various influences with their powerhouse of screams, catchy riffs and energetic heavy bass leads.

The quartet recently unleashed their new EP, Stratusfear last month.

Their first music video Etherous Claws directed by Markham Samuels and produced by Whitelf  Films, tells the story of Anarchaeon using the power of heavy metal to summon an ancient vampire from her slumber.


“This is our first music video so of course we are super stoked about it. We wanted to have a bit of a back story on the song in a more poetic way rather than literal. Our good friend with Whitelf Films did an amazing job getting our vision onto screen and looking sharp!  And for those checking out our EP, it’s basically a coming together of all four members. We had so much fun writing these songs. All four of us have very different music tastes so it was very interesting coming together with such chemistry and creating something that we were all stoked about. We are already gearing up for a full album!”


Something struck me last night.  Something that surprised me.

I’m not really sure I want to go to Bloodstock anymore.  Certainly not on my own as a paying guest.

Between 2009 and 2015, I was there as media.  That meant access to the media area and VIP.  It also meant I was there working.  I saw what bands I could around interview schedules.  Those years left me with some excellent memories and some people I can count as friends.  For most of those years, I’ve had company, since Sarah (and later, David) came along and worked alongside me doing interviews, taking photos and so on.

2010 (when I was there on my own) was still OK thanks to some awesome people.  Dan, Rod, Kev, Red, Emma… you’re all a big part of the reason for the fond memories of that year, despite me missing Sarah and David.

Then came 2014, when AC Promotions tightened their grip on the radio side of media.  Media outlets were limited to two people per team.  Some of the most active promoters of Bloodstock were denied space.  The atmosphere in the press area was muted.  It wasn’t as much fun anymore.  Things got worse in 2015.  Not only were media outlets limited to two people each, they also severely limited access to the media area, which meant people like me, who weren’t on “proper” radio stations (even though we had demonstrably bigger audiences than said radio stations) were kicked out into the VIP area only.

In 2016, despite me telling AC, in no uncertain terms, that not being allowed media access in 2015 had severely damaged the coverage I was able to provide to Bloodstock and offering some possible solutions that would keep everyone happy if implemented, I was only offered VIP again at very short notice.  I turned them down saying I couldn’t do the festival justice with such short notice (most of the interview slots would have been taken by the time they got round to telling me – I’ve wondered ever since if that was done on purpose as punishment because I complained), and since I didn’t have media access, the quality of the material I would generate would suffer, which meant Bloodstock wouldn’t benefit as much.

For 2017, despite mental illness problems at the beginning of the year that really screwed up my ability to get the Rock Show done, and keep up to date with music and so on, I applied again for media access at Bloodstock.  Again, I stated that media access was important, since it would allow me to do more interviews and keep the sound quality etc up.  I also suggested that I would be liveblogging and filming.  I repeated and reinforced my assertion that denying me media access (and an enclosed space) would mean that the quality of the interviews I would be conducting would suffer.

A few weeks later, they emailed to say I’d been turned down.

When I emailed back to ask why, they basically repeated my reasons for needing media tent access back at me as reasons I wasn’t going to be getting media access and why NO ONE was going to be interviewing in VIP.

So they used the rational I had set out to petition for full media area access (word for word, mind) as a reason to not only deny me media access, but to chop VIP media.  I also found out that Red wouldn’t be there and stalwarts of the press room like Hayley Leggs weren’t going to be there either.  I’d been told that in 2016, the media area was virtually empty, and it was looking like it was going to be even quieter in 2017.

Obviously I was both appalled and fucking furious.  Not just for myself, but for the other people who do what I do, working from the grass roots, just because we love it and the bands who now wouldn’t be getting any sort of media exposure at all.  Let’s face it, Metal Hammer, Kerrang! and the Radio One Rock Show aren’t going to be interested in some band who played in the M2TM tent in the middle of Saturday afternoon when they’d been talking to the band that had been headlining the RJD Stage the night before.

I emailed the Gregorys and the response I got shocked and horrified me.  Apparently they were happy with the way AC were running the media area.  They were happy that a PR company was excluding the majority of the media outlets who would have given most coverage to the bands they were proudest about bringing in: the competitors and winners of the Metal 2 The Masses competition.

So… yeah… a little disillusioned.  In a flash of righteous indignation, I blustered about getting a VIP ticket and setting up a rebel press area in the Serpent’s Lair… but despite the announcements of Judas Priest and Nightwish… that’s £300 that could go elsewhere.  The experience of applying for the last couple of years has really tarnished Bloodstock for me.  I love the festival.  The atmosphere is similar to the likes of SOS, despite being many times the size… but is it just the anxiety and depression whispering in my ear, or am I really not welcome, which was how AC made me feel?  If I get a VIP or standard ticket, I’ll be there on my own.  That’ll probably mean (from bitter experience), that’s how I’ll stay, which means I’ll be totally miserable, and will spend most of the weekend wishing I hadn’t bothered.

This really is where the social anxiety thing I’ve got really fucks me over.  I don’t really have many friends because I’ve just not been able to make any on my own.  Maybe I really should just stay at home…

Sarah had offered to get me a standard ticket for Christmas, and I’d sort out a VIP upgrade myself, but… well… do I go?  Or do I take up the other suggestion of a limited edition Stormbender?

Answers on a postcard…?

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 15th November 2017

Get ready for (nearly – fall a couple of minutes short this week) two hours of quality Metal, including three tracks chosen by a 7 year old. You’ll also get to find out what this week’s Record Of The Week is and experience new material from Savage Messiah, Diablo Swing Orchestra, LA Guns (yes, you did read that correctly!) and the latest news from Download at Donington.

What are you waiting for?  Click the link!

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 4th November 2017

Did you catch the Hallowe’en Special a few days ago? If you didn’t, click on the link for the last show for a couple of hours of spooky Metal (and a little silliness), including the likes of Dr Stein, The Monster Mash, Her Ghost In The Fog and Welcome To My Nightmare.

For this week’s show, David’s making his debut appearance as co-presenter with his very own feature, The 7 Year Old’s Guide To Awesome Metal. There’s also contributions of new stuff from the reformed Madam X, Italian Folksters, Elvenking, friends of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show and rising stars, Skarlett Riot and a very decent splurge of German Power Metal pioneers, Helloween.

Incidentally, you can also stream us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and the TuneIn radio app as well as on this very website’s front page. Just go to their homepages and search for The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. Same applies if you want to follow us on Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter or Instagram.

Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons announce debut album

Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons, led by the legendary Motörhead guitarist, have announced the details for the band’s upcoming debut album.

Their first full-length studio effort, titled The Age Of Absurdity, was recorded at Rockfield Studios and Longwave Studios in Wales and produced, engineered, and mixed by Romesh Dodangoda. The record was then passed over to the acclaimed Abbey Road Studios in London for mastering.

The album will be released on January 26th 2018 via Nuclear Blast, and will be available in various formats, with pre-orders launching soon.

Commented Phil Campbell:

“I am really excited for the fans to hear our debut record. Every part of the process was done in Wales, from the writing, to the recording and even the artwork! The album title The Age Of Absurdity was inspired by the crazy world we live in today. The world to me seems to be a bit of a theatre show, so the album artwork idea just seemed to fit so well with the whole concept and album title.”

Added singer Neil Starr:

“Writing and recording this album was a lot of fun. We got to record at Rockfield Studios where so many great artists had been over the years – it really was inspirational. Hearing the blistering riffs that the Campbell family seem to churn out effortlessly made me ensure I pushed myself to the limits when writing the melodies and lyrics. It’s an album that I, and the rest of the band, are very proud of and can’t wait to share it with the world!”

Cover art by Matt Riste:


Rise Of Avernus preparing new album

Orchestral Death Metallers Rise Of Avernus will release their second album titled Eigengrau on January 18th, 2018 via code666.

After extensive touring following the release of the 2015 EP Dramatis Personae, which saw Rise of Avernus touring nationally and internationally alongside bands such as Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Arcturus, 1349, Eluveitie, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Sigh, RoA are winding up to share their latest offering in January 2018.

Eigengrau was recorded by Ryan Huthnance of Emissary Studios and mixed and mastered by Logan Mader.  All of the artwork was created by Seth Siron Anton.

Therion announce new album and tour for 2018

As a celebration of the 30th year of the band, Therion, lead by Christofer Johnsson are putting the final touches to their new album, Beloved Antichrist. Set for release on January 26th 2018, the triple-CD “Rock Opera” with multiple chapters unveiling a sweeping story, partly based on and inspired by Vladímir Soloviov‘s A Short Tale Of The Antichrist.

With an total of 29 different roles and characters, who all required a unique voice, Therion hired a choir and a total of 29 vocalists to bring the epic story to life. Long-time collaborators, Thomas Vikström, Lori Lewis and Chiara Malvestiti will be supplemented by new voices. Divided into several chapters, the opera will have a running time of around 3 and a half hours and Therion are currently working on the possibility of bringing the entire production to the stage.

The band have announced a pan-European tour including UK dates, where they will perform some of their new material live in a classical concert setting, whilst preparing for the full production. Support for this trek comes from Russia’s Imperial Age, Germany’s Null Positiv and New York symphonic metallers Midnight Eternal.

The European and UK dates read as follows:

w/ Imperial Age + Null Positiv + Midnight Eternal
01.02.18 DE – Essen, Turock
02.02.18 NL – Amsterdam, Melkweg
03.02.18 UK – London, Islington Assembly Hall
04.02.18 UK – Manchester, Rebellion

07.02.18 UK – Aberdeen, The Assembly
08.02.18 UK – Glasgow, Audio
09.02.18 UK – Sheffield, Corporation
10.02.18 UK – Belfast, Limelight
11.02.18 IRE – Dublin, Tivoli

13.02.18 UK – Bristol, Bierkeller
14.02.18 UK – Birmingham, O2 Institute

16.02.18 FR – Paris, Trabendo

20.02.18 ES – Bilbao, Santana 27
21.02.18 PT – Oporto, Hard Club
22.02.18 Pt – Lisboa, Lisboa Oa Vivo
23.02.18 ES – Sevilla, Sala Custom
24.02.18 ES – Madrid, Sala But 2
25.02.18 ES – Barcelona, Razzmatazz 2

01.03.18 IT – Brescia, Circolo Colony
02.03.18 IT – Rome, Orion
03.03.18 IT – Bologna, Zona Roveri
04.03.18 SLO – Ljubljana, Kino Siska
05.03.18 HR – Zagreb, Tvornica
06.03.18 SRB – Belgrade, Dom Obladine

08.03.18 GR – Thessaloniki, Principal Club Theater
09.03.18 GR – Athens, Poraeus 117 Academy
10.03.18 BG – Sofia, Weekender Club
11.03.18 RO – Bucharest, Arenele Romane

13.03.18 HU – Budapest, Barba Negra
14.03.18 SK – Bratislava, Majestic Music Club
15.03.18 CZ – Praha, Meetfactory
16.03.18 PL – Wroclaw, A2
17.03.18 PL – Warsaw, Progresja
18.03.18 PL – Gdansk, B90

20.03.18 LT – Vilnius, Rock River Club
21.03.18 LV – Riga, Melna Piektdiena

29.03.18 DE – Bremen, Tivoli

03.04.18 DE – Munich, Backstage

05.04.18 DE – Jena, F Haus

07.04.18 NL – Tilburg, 013

10.04.18 ISR – Tel Aviv, TBA

More info on Beloved Antichrist will be revealed soon.

Christofer Johnsson founded Therion as a Death Metal band in 1987. In the same year, this new band recorded demos and the mini LP Time Shall Tell. Four years later in 1991, their debut record Of Darkness… was a huge success within the underground metal scene. Over the years since, the bands’ style has developed in a rather unique way, and they have released some ground-breaking records.

Following line-up changes that left Christofer as the only original member, Therion released their breakthrough album, Theli in 1996, which would be the ultimate breakthrough record for the band. At this stage in their career Therion turned towards a more operatic, progressive and even orchestral sound. 1998’s Vovin, was their bestselling record to date and the development of their sound reached a new peak, as for the first time, the band worked with a real symphonic orchestra. Christofer (with the help of a few studio musicians) recorded the album by himself and more or less considers Vovin as a solo record. 2001’s Secret Of The Runes was their first concept album, based around Nordic myths and Scandinavian Folk music.

The Nearly Deads release new EP

Rising Nashville rock band The Nearly Deads have released their new EP, Revenge of the Nearly Deads, on vinyl, CD and digitally for purchase and stream via Kobalt Music.

The band are fans of movies, video games and other pop culture media and like to reference their favourites in their music, videos and merchandise. This is something their fans, who are referred to as “zombies”, love about them and it has helped them make a deeper connection to them. With that said, the band had viral success of their zombie-fuelled video for Never Look Back at over 7 million views!

TND have toured with bands In This Moment, Butcher Babies, Upon A Burning Body, Stitched Up Heart, Eyes Set to Kill, and opened for Halestorm as well as All American Rejects. They have also played Warped Tour, Summer Fest, Rock Fest, Journeys Back Yard BBQ and Pride Fest.

Here’s a couple of new videos…

The Nearly Deads are:
Theresa Jeane – Vocals and Keys
Steven Tobi – Lead Guitar
Kevin Koelsch – Bass
Javier Garza Jr. – Rhythm Guitar
Josh Perrone – Drums