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From the death of Team Rock Radio, something new… something Primordial arose, spawned by Moose, Dewsbury and Pete Bailey. JRock had already buggered off to work for Bauer (hopefully they won’t let him present anything on his own).

Primordial Radio: Put your money where your mouth is

As some of you will know, when Team Rock Radio collapsed under it’s management’s own ineptitude, Moose, Dewsbury, JRock, Miss Rach, DigiTom and many others such as Pete Bailey, Sophie K and Big Boy Bloater lost their jobs.  We, the audience, also lost the only radio station that paid us any real attention.

Not content to let this stand, Moose, Dewsbury and Pete Bailey set to work on their long-held dream: a radio station by Rock and Metal fans FOR Rock and Metal fans.  They saw it was possible to set up a station using only technology currently available and resources and talents from people already in the Rock and Metal community.

This is where Primordial Radio began it’s evolution.

Primordial Radio serves the UK Rock and Metal community, combining the intimacy and personality of radio with the freedom, control, and choice of digital streaming. Users will control the music surrounding the emotion, opinion, and personality of the station, giving a simultaneous unique and shared experience. Our community is fiercely independent but don’t want to be alone.

It started after years of fruitless effort, at the likes of Manchester-based Rock Radio, RealXS and Team Rock, trying to fit the square peg of Rock and Metal into the round hole of the traditional radio model.  A model where broadcasting infrastructure and centralised advertising agencies presented challenges to costs and revenues, and regulatory bodies restricted the ability to represent the true tone of a Rock and Metal atmosphere.  Aligned with these challenges is the difficulty finding agreement within the Rock and Metal community itself on what ‘rock’ is as everyone’s interpretation is entirely unique.

The core team is built of members of the target audience who have faced the challenges of sustaining a Rock and Metal radio service within the traditional media model and recognise the digital opportunity to unite an under-served audience with the music, personalities, content, and freedom they crave.

Primordial Radio is owned and built by its target audience and community with a clear and experienced executive creating the output reflective of a democratised process.

The premise is to unite this scattered, disenfranchised, and fragmented audience by providing a service for which we have asked for years.

Primordial Radio’s model instantly renders moot these challenges by almost entirely eliminating infrastructure costs with a studio-less environment, delivered via the web, free from regulatory bodies, resulting in a service truly reflective of the Rock and Metal environment to which our community responds. Plus, the audience chooses our own ‘Rock’ so can only argue with ourselves.

To our knowledge, no such service presently exists.

The question is, is this the kind of thing you want?  Or do you want to be fed the same old “classic” focus-group-lead drivel by the likes of Planet Rock and Absolute Radio?  Do you want to be told what to like by faceless, gutless corporate suits who have no understanding or regard for what you want to hear?


By clicking on this link, you’ll be making the first step.  For about £16 per share (which is less than the price of a single night at the pub with a takeaway afterwards), you can help fund OUR radio station by buying a piece of it.  You will, legitimately, be able to tell Dewsbury to stop dicking about on Facebook and get some work done because you WILL be paying his wages!

Remember: for less than £16, you can have a piece of this.  It’s up to you.  Some of us are already involved.  Will you join up?  Click here.

Primordial Podcast 15 – The Final Bend

The clock is ticking in the latest episode of the Primordial Radio podcast, as the launch of their crowdfunding bid draws ever closer.

In this episode, Moose has the latest update on the beer label competition, as well as some important details for the upcoming Primordial pub quiz (that he’s previously forgotten to mention, the tit).

He also chats with business consultant John Hamelink about some important financial restructuring, and John Heaney, the video maestro who has taken charge of the all-important promotional video for the crowdfunding bid on

Primordial Podcast 14 – Certainly Uncertain

It’s kinda like definitely maybe, only even more ambiguous. In this episode, the dynamic duo of Moose and Dewsbury start with a fairly solid agenda of talking points, before donning their backpacks and wooly socks, and heading off for a ramble through the conversational countryside.

There’s the latest news on the Primordial pub quiz, an update on the upcoming funding bid which kicks off on May 8th, and the details of how to enter our competition to design the label of our Primordial Süp beer.

Primordial Podcast 13 – Free Beer!

It’s a veritable ideas-bonanza on the podcast this week! Moose presents a whole bunch of ideas for the short-to-mid-term-future of Primordial Radio, including our forthcoming merch shop (with extremely cool Bluetooth speakers!), the Primordial pub quiz, and even a soup wagon.

I kid ye not.

To that end, in this episode Moose speaks to Brian Baglow from Jukebox Labs about our online pub quiz idea, and to the guys from Pig & Porter brewery – who are going to be brewing our Primordial Süp – about your chance to design the label and bag yourself some free beer.

See, it wasn’t just a click bait episode title…

Primordial Podcast 10 – The Long and Winding Road

This week the podcast is all about the Long Road to Brewin’. After literally years of being told that they can’t do it, Moose, Pete Bailey and Dewsbury are finally going to be heading out on their UK-wide road trip #LRTB. The sole aim is to meet as many Primordial fans as possible, have a natter, answer any questions, and sink a few beers.

In this episode, all three of the guys explain where they’re going, what they’re looking forward to, and what they’re worried about.

Primordial Podcast 9 – What’s The Plan, Man?

In this latest episode, Moose explains The Plan. You can almost hear the Capital Letters. From staffing to revenue, via costs and marketing, he covers the lot. Be prepared for a massive dose of FACTS (not the alternative kind). His first guest this week is our funding advisor from, who has a name you probably won’t believe. He knows his stuff though, and helps to illustrate why the upcoming Primordial Radio road trip – The Long Road To Brewin’ – is so important. On that subject, this week Moose also speaks to our brewmaster Sean Ayling from Pig & Porter brewery, who will be developing our very own Primordial Sup ale.