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Sitting in an angry chair… get that rant off your chest

AC Promotions Join WWRS Shitlist

So it’s Bloodstock next weekend.  And thanks to those fucking twats at AC Promotions, I won’t be there for the second year running.  Going by their “reasons”, there’s no point me bothering applying next year, since I’m apparently not big enough for the festival I’ve been covering very positively and working my arse off at since 2009.

So much for loyalty.

Making no bones about it, Bloodstock is my absolute favourite outdoor festival.  It’s actually the only outdoor festival in the UK I’d even think about going to.  Up until three years ago, the atmosphere in the media area was very jovial, with musicians, journos and togs interviewing, writing and chatting.  Three years ago, that changed.  For one thing, it became difficult to get contact details for bands and managers.  It was, so I understand, difficult for managers and bands to get contact details for potential interviewers.

That year, the atmosphere in the media area wasn’t as friendly.  It wasn’t as much of a fun place to be.  The next year, despite it being almost empty, I was told it was full and I would just be allowed access to VIP.  Pretty much everyone I encountered (who were all either videoing interviews or had shows on FM radio, unlike me, who was “just” a podcaster) was asking me why I was outside media.

I was offered the same thing last year, despite me reminding AC Promotions that the media area was (according to several people I trust and call friends) virtually empty for most of the three days, and stressing that the quality of interview I was able to get thanks to the conditions THEY set had decreased.

I turned them down, stating that I would be unable to give Bloodstock the coverage it deserved (to a larger audience than several of the media outlets that DID get access, by virtue of them being on a radio station of some kind, despite them being highly local community stations) if I was not able to access the media area.

This year, I applied and was turned down.

So my message to Oli Walkers and Austin Collins is this: fuck you and the horse you rode in on.  I fervently hope that the Gregorys notice the decrease in Bloodstock coverage across the audio media (because from what I understand, Cosa Nostra PR are doing a pretty damned good job with the print media) and realize it’s because you’re alienating many of us because you can’t be arsed doing the job you’ve been employed to do – spread the word about the best Metal festival in the UK.

This, by the way, is a PR agency who don’t even answer their phone.  There’s a message on their answering machine telling any callers to ring Oli on his mobile.  Yes, you did read that correctly.  It’s a wonder they’ve got ANY clients at all, since the person who’s supposed to be running things is doing it in absentia.

Next year, I’m seriously considering getting myself a VIP ticket and setting up my own media area for podcasters and small press.  I may even message Adam Gregory on Facebook to ask about setting up my gazebo in VIP so I can do interviews under some kind of cover.

So yes… I’m angry, I’m disappointed and I’m not going to take their shit anymore.  Any bands left on their roster, I’ll be contacting through their record company or through Cosa Nostra, who seem to share many of them.

AC Promotions?  Fuck off and die.

Chester Bennington RIP

Chester Bennington hanged himself.

His depression finally managed to get past his last defences and managed to do the same thing to him that it had done to Chris Cornell, Robin Williams and hundreds of other people across the world.  It’s tragedy.

But you know what’s worse?  Especially for those of us who are, right at this moment, very much aware that one day, that could be us?  The whole “he was selfish” narrative.

No.  Let’s just end that here.  No.  Definitely not.  No matter what they say, these people have never, ever had even an hour of REAL depression in their lives.  For which they should be eternally grateful.

Depression is that constant companion whispering in your ear so it gets into your subconscious.  It tells you that you’re not worth it.  That your friends aren’t really your friends, they’re just taking pity on you.  You don’t really matter to them at all.  It will also attempt to convince you that your family would be better off it you weren’t there anymore.  They’d be better still if you were dead.  Then they wouldn’t have to worry about you coming back and fucking up their lives yet again.

Another thing I get sick of hearing is “why didn’t they get help?”

Part of going really deep into depression is that you believe that there is no help for you.  It doesn’t even occur to you to try and get it because you don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with you.  Looking back, before I started getting treatment, I said and did some awful things to various people for literally just being somewhere I didn’t want them to be.

We need to have friends who will stick by us.  People who will be there to drag us out of the house and just be there to make sure we don’t do anything stupid in the guise of making everyone’s life better.  We won’t ask for help.  You’ll never know how badly a person with depression is because we’re experts at hiding it from the outside world.  We don’t want to burden anyone else with our problems.

Sorry friends and loved ones.  It’s down to you.  You’ll have to push us to get help.  Don’t stop until the treatment is underway and keep pushing.  We may not think we’re worth the hassle, but so long as there’s someone there to care enough, we might just get through this.

Primordial Radio needs YOU

Put your hand up if you used to listen to Team Rock Radio.

OK. That’s a few of you.

What about RealXS and Manchester Rock Radio?

Do you remember Dewsbury, Moose, Miss Rach and Sweens?

What about Pete Bailey?

Well, since Team Rock collapsed under it’s own management’s incompetence, Moose, Dewsbury and Pete have been working to get their own internet radio station, Primordial Radio, up and running.   Currently, they’re producing a weekly podcast (with help from broadcasting legend, Mike Sweeney, teaming up with his old colleague and mate, Dewsbury) and there’s a live stream here.

Thing is, to make this sustainable, they need to get some investment. Many of us have already put some of our own money in. The sad thing is that many so-called fans aren’t willing to put their money where their mouths are.

Don’t be one of those people.

For less than the price of a round, you can invest in the station. Not only will you be helping get us our own radio station, you’ll also be able to claim back the tax on it.  You’ll also get a 50% discount on the first two year’s membership and a 15% discount in the Primordial Radio shop (which features some rather natty threads).

These guys, who let’s face it, are our friends and brothers in Metal, need your help. If you want a proper professional Rock and Metal station in the UK, run by fans for fans, with no corporate agendas, sign up and invest.

Get your hand in your pocket. Pay day was only a few days ago. Don’t tell me you’ve spent up already.  Click on the banner below and put your money where your mouth is.

Bloodstock no more…

So that’s it, then.

It looks like 2015 was my last Bloodstock as a member of the media.

Why?  Not entirely sure, to be honest.  I’ve been covering the festival for The Wyrd Ways Rock Show since 2009 (the year Europe headlined), and I’ve always worked bloody hard, interviewing bands performing across all stages.  Never trod on anyone’s toes or rubbed anyone the wrong way while I was there.  Met a lot of excellent people, too.

I put in my application in May, listing (in detail) what I’d done since 2015 and laid out my plans for the festival itself and the aftermath.  Basically, I’d be writing entries live from the event as well as recording interviews with as many bands as I could get my hands on for broadcast through the rest of 2016 and into 2017.  I also stated that would mean I would need media tent access so I could get, at the very least, wireless internet access, preferably a hardline.

Based on last year’s experience, I knew that it was pretty much impossible to record decent quality interviews and write anything meaningful in terms of website content from VIP.  It was fine if you were just reviewing, but doing interviews?  Not practical at all.  I’d made the decision a week or so ago that if I didn’t get media tent access, there was no real point in accepting.

I had a bad feeling about all this.

The bad feeling only got worse when responses to my emails, starting last week, were met with “sorry for the delay”, followed by some excuse, or by someone passing the buck, and telling me nothing.  By this time I knew people who were applying through Cosa Nostra PR (who seem a damned site more organized, going by the odd encounter) had already been sorted out, which meant interview slots were already being booked up fast.  Again all I got from AC Promotions was static.  Turns out that two weekends before the biggest festival they look after, when surely everything should have already been sorted out, the staffmember whose job it was to sort out the applications had taken the weekend off.  Again.  He’d done the same thing the previous year.  And the year before.

Ever had the feeling someone really didn’t give much of a shit?  That they really couldn’t be bothered doing any work?  In comparison, The Noise Cartel, who looked after the event before, worked their arses off.  Nelly, Adam, Steph and Nina (as well as various interns through the years) never sat still for more than a moment.  To be fair to them, the Cosa Nostra crew were the same, from what I’d seen and comments I’d heard.  I saw them moving around the tent from the outside and out in the media area and VIP.  AC Promotions?  Didn’t clap eyes on them the entire weekend.  The year before, I don’t remember seeing one of them move from his seat or take his eyes off his phone for more than a few minutes at a time.

Last year, according to reports from friends of mine who have various radio shows and websites around the country, the media tent was pretty much empty.  I can say pretty much for definite that I was the only person out in VIP doing interviews.  Looking around, there were also several big names from the independent media scene conspicuous by their absence.  Mick The Beard for one.  If there was anyone outside the organisation who was a bigger supporter of Bloodstock and what they do, well… they must have been invisible.  Yet Mick wasn’t there, and hadn’t been since the new PR company too over.  As I said, he wasn’t the only one.

OK, this may well damage my relations with AC Promotions, if not destroy them.  I’m really struggling to care, to be honest, since their content has become less and less useful to me and less frequent.    Nick and his crew at Nuclear Blast, Andy at Metal Blade and Napalm, Mike at MEPR, the aforementioned Noise Cartel people, Lynne and Marc at Rocksector, Dante and his team at Spinefarm, the folks at ElevenSeven, Lulu at Incendia, Roland at Work Hard PR, Scott at ClawHammer PR, Gary at Frontiers, Becky at Pioneer, Judith at BJF, Emma at Pluggin’Baby, and many others all provide a MUCH better PR service and work harder even with the grassroots like myself.

Like I said.  Very disappointing.

Can’t say I’m angry.  More I’m hugely disappointed that a festival that’s all about giving smaller bands exposure on a big stage is being hamstrung in that effort by a PR company that really don’t seem to give much of a shit about those selfsame up-and-coming bands and the likes of me and my fellow podcasters and zine writers who spend our own time, money and passion on the only untamed musical style left, trying to help them in their job of elevating the profile of Metal.

Nazi Punks F**k Off (that includes Anselmo and Nugent)

Let me put this straight for you.  I’m with Robb Flynn.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, make sure you watch this video:

There is absolutely no place for racism in Metal.  Actually, The Dead Kennedys were right on the money.  There’s no place for racism, or any other kind of “-ism”, anywhere, if I’m going to be frank about it.  The very fact that someone who is considered to be an icon in parts of the Metal community is obviously, as shown by his actions at Dimebash 2016 and in several recorded instances before that, an out-and-out racist should be a source of shame for us.

For many of us, including myself and no lesser person than Robb Flynn of Machine Head, deplore this sort of vile bigotry.  If you haven’t seen the video Robb posted, you really need to.  Anyone who can, following that video (especially the footage of the incident and the conversation Robb had with Anselmo backstage before going on) still defend Anselmo seriously needs to take off their rose-tinted glasses.

Phil Anselmo, like Ted Nugent, is a racist bigot, pure and simple, and he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with spreading his bile while representing our community (which is exactly what he is doing every time he sets foot on stage or is interviewed).  Defending the likes of them or sweeping their comments and actions under the carpet is just not acceptable.  Americans will bang on and on about “freedom of speech” and them having the right to say whatever they want, whenever they want without being restricted.

Since that’s true, they’ll have to accept that we also have freedom of speech and we will exercise the right in order to call them what they are: racists bigots who are to be denounced at every possible opportunity.

If you don’t agree, you’re part of the problem.

Sadly, Anselmo and Nugent are not the only ones.  A few days ago, I stumbled across a video internet news report that was following up on a YouTube video posted by an American black girl who was bemoaning the comments she was getting from both black and white that she shouldn’t be listening to Metal because it was “white people music”.

Which, of course, is total fucking bollocks.  Let’s not go into detail about Metal’s roots in Blues, which started in the Mississippi Delta by black slaves, eh?  Let’s also not dwell on the incontrovertible fact that Metal was profoundly affected by Jimi Hendrix and Phil Lynott, who were both black.

It got worse when the journos interviewed one Militia Vox (who is a solo artist as well as being the singer in tribute act, Judas Priestess and is pictured below).  She told stories of being told by record company executives that she was “too black to sell” as a Metal singer.

Apparently, this woman, Militia Vox, is “too black” for Metal.

Militia Vox, vocalist and singer in Judas Priestess is apparently “too black for Metal”

Too.  Black.

What in the name of Lemmy Kilmister has the colour of someone’s skin got to do with anything?  I’ll tell you what, shall I?  Absolutely NOTHING.

That, as you can probably tell, left me astounded.  But then it got worse AGAIN, when the item went on to interview Canadian journalist, Laina Dawes, who wrote a book called What Are You Doing Here?, about her experiences as a black woman who loves Metal.

They were sickening, including things like monkey chants when she walked past groups of fellow attendees at festivals and gigs.

None of this is “fine”.  None of this should be brushed aside as “a joke” or having “a twisted sense of humour”.  The comedian, Frankie Boyle has a twisted sense of humour, but he’s not racist.  The things he says are obviously comedy because he’s delivering his material as part of a comedy show.  Phil Anselmo doesn’t have a “twisted sense of humour“.  Look at his face and body language in the clip.  He wasn’t joking.  He also wasn’t joking when he said he hated Machine Head‘s “nigger” phase.  He’s a racist prick, and we need more people like Robb Flynn to call him on it and show the Metal community (or at least certain pockets of it) that racism is not acceptable and needs to be rooted out.

If it turns out that this sort of rubbish is acceptable, as Mr Flynn himself said, “Count me out”.

By the way, from now on, there will be no more Pantera, Down or Superjoint Ritual played on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, for the very same reason I don’t play any NSBM or Ted Nugent.

Why we despise Fifty Shades Of Grey

I’m very glad to say that I’m definitely not the only one who despises Fifty Shades Of Grey.  I’ve never read it, and I’m never going to.  It’s badly written, badly researched (as in, it hasn’t been at all) fanfic.  Even worse, it’s Twilight fanfic.

It was bad enough that the books were published and the hype machine got behind it.  The fact that someone who (blindly obviously) knows nothing about BDSM completely misrepresented an alternative type of sexuality is worse.  Worse yet… well, let’s hear from someone who knows, The Wyrd Ways Rock Show and Burning Angel’s very own Romance:

It’s sending the message to women that it is OK to change the sexual appetite of a man. It’s made Christian look like a villain simply because he likes unconventional sex play. It’s telling women that it’s OK to lie about what they do and don’t like all to gain the affection of a man.  BDSM is beautiful but BOTH partners should be willing and enjoying the experience.

Just like Twilight sends the message to young girls that it’s romantic when a man stalks you or takes the starter out of your car so you can’t leave without him.

The subliminal and underlying messages in the these movies is part of a disgusting trend from male society to indoctrinate our young women into this male dominated world.

There’s no way on this Earth you could possibly call Romance a prude (and the “prudishness” argument is one that is trotted out most often against those who dare to face the 50 Shades juggernaut).  She’s not the only one, either.  Nadia Styles, Mercedes Carrera and Nina Elle put together this video for Funny Or Die.

If you want to watch some kinky sex, there’s plenty of websites you can go to for just that., for example.  Even a cursory look at those sites shows that for the BDSM community, it’s all about consent.  If there’s no consent, everything stops —but that’s not the end goal of the community’s sexual activities. Because it’s a community that people choose, one with strong norms and mores, it can embrace a set of sexual values, like exploration, play, and experimentation.

But for most everyone else—the average 50 Shades reader and filmgoer included—this isn’t the case.

The Ana lets Christian do whatever he likes to her purely because she wants to shag a billionaire.  She’s not interested in BDSM.  She just wants to shag a billionaire and is willing to do whatever she has to to get that.  That’s not OK.  That’s not a good message to be passing on.  The message Ana is putting forward is that so long as she gets what she wants (namely Christian Grey), it’s OK to cheat, lie and manipulate the object of that obsession into doing what she wants.  Pure selfishness.  It also says (to echo Romance’s point), that Christian Grey, and by extension the entire BDSM community, because they don’t subscribe to social norms when it comes to sexual activity, are evil, depraved perverts who need “rescuing” from their filthy, disgusting ways.  That means it’s “for his own good” for Ana to manipulate and lie to him, so long as she gets what she wants.  His needs and wants are irrelevant.  She doesn’t really care about the man, she just wants the billionaire Christian Grey for herself.

Not a good message.  At all.

Are Festivals Suffering Because Of Record Companies?

Former Guns N’ Roses manager, Alan Niven, believes record companies are to blame for the cancellation of Sonisphere.  He’s got a point.  If you haven’t read the article yet, click HERE, then come back, since I’ve got a little more to add.

You’ve read it?

He makes some good points, doesn’t he?

I also believe the media in general and ultimately the audience need to take their share of the blame, too.

Let me explain.

Upto the early 90’s, if you wanted to listen to any sort of Rock and/or Metal and you lived in the UK, you listened to The Friday and Saturday Rock Shows on Radio 1 and set your video recorder for The Power Hour/Noisy Mothers/Raw Power.  Not only would you be hearing your favourite bands, you’d also be hearing new ones that you’d never heard before from all over the Rock and Metal spectrum.  The same went for those of us who bought the magazines.  In the likes of Metal Hammer, Kerrang! and Raw, you’d be reading about Iron Maiden on one page, followed by an article about (for example) Tigertailz on the next.  That lead to an audience more educated and with wider tastes.  We were also more likely to go find new music based on what we were hearing and reading about.

Then the bean counters took over, obsessed with audience figures and profiles rather than being passionate about the music.  Things changed, and not for the better.  ITV’s late night music strand vanished (probably deemed too expensive).  New management at the BBC “refocussed” the station on the “yoof” market, targeting audience size over their public service remit.

The magazines became more focussed, and not necessarily in a good way.  Around the world, so did the radio stations, both broadcast and the newly minted internet stations.  New stuff wasn’t actively sought, so the perception was that no-one was interested.  That became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The media outlets weren’t exposing new stuff, so the audience weren’t hearing it, so they weren’t being enthused to go look for more.

That leads us to today.

There are no new headliners because the record companies aren’t investing in new bands.  The record companies aren’t investing in new bands because the customers aren’t buying material from new bands.  The record buyers aren’t buying material from new bands because they aren’t getting to hear the new bands on the radio, see them on the TV or read about them in the magazines.

The websites, social media and forums aren’t exactly helping, either.  The Metal Taliban hold sway.  You see it on various Facebook pages… “Have you ever heard of *such-and-such-a-band*?”, followed by post after post from semi-literate idiots hurling insults about the band in question and their fans.

Doesn’t exactly make you want to suggest a new band other people might like, does it?  Puts you off, doesn’t it?  The bands themselves suffer too, because since no-one’s heard of them, no-one turns up to see them when they play.  That means no word of mouth, so the record companies and journalists don’t get to hear about them… and so the cycle goes on.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though.  There are people trying to break the new bands.  Team Rock have Sophie K’s show, Metal Hammer and (to a lesser extent) Classic Rock.  The Wyrd Ways Rock Show has Elfie’s Shock Of The New.  Dr Jim has his Hammer Of Retribution.  There’s Planet Mosh, The Wall Rock Radio,,… it’s all out there.

Really, it’s down to us at the grass roots to save it.  We can make the next Iron Maiden.  We can bring through the next Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot… All we have to do is find them and go to their shows, buy their MP3’s or CDs from Bandcamp, CDBaby, Pledgemusic, Kickstarter or wherever it is you buy your new music and talk about them.

Spread the word.

We can save Rock ‘N’ Roll


Are Led Zeppelin Overrated?

Led Zeppelin are probably the biggest sacred cows in Heavy Music.

The received wisdom is that they are the greatest band ever to walk the Earth.  Robert Plant is the greatest singer and frontman ever, Jimmy Page is among the greatest guitar players ever and John Bonham revolutionized drumming.

Personally, I only agree with ONE of those statements.

Listening back to some Zep, as is pretty much unavoidable if you listen to Team Rock Radio, like I do, a few things struck me, and they feel somewhat blasphemous:

  1. Robert Plant is not a very good singer – in terms of sheer vocal ability, of his contemporaries, Ian Gillan sings rings around him.  Same goes for Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes… even Ozzy (who freely admits he’s not the greatest singer in the world) is at least on a par with Plant.
  2. Plant isn’t the greatest frontman ever.  He’s not even ONE of the greatest ever.  I’d rate Ozzy over him any day.  Same goes for Gillan, Coverdale, Halford…  Freddie Mercury, in terms of sheer charisma and ability to command an audience, absolutely wipes the floor with him.  Having heard a few live albums and seen them in concert videos… put it this way, I’ve definitely seen better, in terms of his contemporaries.  Jimi Hendrix, as another example.
  3. Jimmy Page isn’t the greatest guitar player ever.  Who’s better?  Who’s more innovative?  Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi and Ritchie Blackmore to name three who were around at the same time.  Page trades in recycled riffs and gimmicks.  Hendrix invented a new style of guitar playing, as did Iommi (who is also the writer of some of the greatest riffs in music, not just Metal).  Blackmore is a true genius guitarist.  Yes, he also was prone to riff-recycling, but he twisted and changed them to make them his own.  Want to know how good he really was?  Check out Jon Lord’s Concerto For Group and Orchestra.  A pissed off Blackmore did that off the cuff.  He’s also responsible for the riffs to Smoke On The WaterBlack Night and many more, as well as the solo to Mistreated.  He could well be credited with discovering Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale and Joe Lynne Turner.
  4. With the odd exception, after Led Zeppelin II, they’re just… dull.  OK, there are high spots like Kashmir, The Immigrant Song, Stairway To Heaven, Black Dog and Rock ‘N’ Roll… but that’s it.

To my mind, the real talent in Zep were John Paul Jones and John Bonham.  JPJ is an incredible orchestrator.  Bonham did indeed invent a new sound for the drums.  Compare the sound of the drums on a Zep album against any contemporary stuff.  Bonham sounds full and to have some real feel, pretty much anyone else sound like they’re banging on Tupperware.

Neither Page nor Plant have done anything noteworthy since Zep.  They’ve not even done anything memorable.  In fact, Page’s solo stuff has been poor at best.  The nearest he’s got to anything decent was when he teamed up with David Coverdale, and The Cov himself admits that wasn’t exactly his finest hour.  No wonder he keeps pushing for a reunion.  Zep is the only thing he’s ever done that was in any way successful.

Don’t even get me started on Plant’s musical “endeavours”.

So… back to the original question: Are Led Zeppelin overrated?


Yes, they are.

Cancer and the No Make-Up Selfie

There’s a phenomena sweeping Facebook at the moment – the ‘No Make-Up Selfie’. Taken, it transpires, for cancer. On Wednesday morning when I woke up to a Facebook feed full of barefaced ladies telling me they were ‘selfie-ing for cancer’ I sort of lost my shit a little bit and had a mega rant . Like many, I’ve lost loved ones to cancer, had a few who survived it and have two very dear to me who are living with cancer right now. Seeing a bunch of seemingly vapid pictures with no fundraising links or self-check guides made me snap.

24 hours later and the only thing I’m retracting was my statement that taking a selfie raised no more awareness of cancer than ‘OMFG CANCER’. Not long after the rant posted by myself (and many other people) I started to see more selfies with a message about how to send a text donation to Cancer Research UK, and today a news story broke that the last 24 hours saw Cancer Research raise £1 million.

Clearly the trend did do something BUT like all flash in the pan ‘slactivist‘ trends it’s going to tail off and lead to not a lot else. So  I just want to highlight other ways to raise awareness of Cancer, and also of other charities. Cancer Research seem to hog almost all of the cancer donations out there. There’s no doubt they’re doing good work, along with mesothelioma lawyers, among others, – but there are other charities to spare a thought too and The Wyrd Ways Rock Show is always going to shout very loudly about our friends at The Headbangers Balls who work every year to put on a series of awesome gigs to fundraise for the Teenage Cancer Trust. You can go and give them money here, and if you can get to a Ball this year you should. Awesome line-ups and all for a good cause. Win-Win.

If you would like to raise awareness of/help beat cancer please try the following things:

1) Be aware of the signs of cancer. Tell your friends

2) Regularly check your boobs/ balls/ moles. Tell your friends

3) Participate in fundraising activities for the cancer charity/ research organisation/ hospice of your choice. Tell your friends

4) Attend fundraising events. Tell your friends

5) Volunteer for your local hospice/hospital/ research organisation/ cancer charity. Tell your friends 

If you’d like to support people going through cancer and their families with some of your hard-earned cash then  please look up The Moonwalk,  Testicular Cancer , Little Princess Trust, Macmillan, Prostate Cancer UK and lastly the hospice that cared for my ex Father in Law when he was dying of Lung Cancer- Sobell House. These are some of the charities I try to support in the small ways I can. Feel free to add others in the comments.

Cancer is a fucker of a disease. It doesn’t care who you are, how old you are, what your financial status is or whether you’re a nice person. Cancer doesn’t give a shit. I say Balls to Cancer. And if you’re going to selfie for cancer- make sure you give some cash and tell your friends how to do it too. Or I’ll set my Evil Twin on you.

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Bad Boy Bieber

Normally such trivial matters would NOT be on my mind, but Bieber on the cover of the Rolling Stone?

What the hell?

My wife and I just sort of looked at each other and agreed that, what with the questionable financial climate, economy of the times, etc., we should cancel my subscription to this ‘magazine’.

Unfortunately, I’ve also recently had to cancel some other magazine subscriptions. The ones I’m referring to, of course, are Classic Rock, AOR, Blues, and PROG. I used to have subscriptions to all of these fine publications. Perhaps when I return to the full-time work force I shall do just that. That is all for today, thanks. More is surely to come later!

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