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Holy Animation, DC! Shut up and take my money!

Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar.  If you were born in the 70s or before, you’ll remember those names from Saturday mornings.  Sadly, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton and the majority of the rest of the original Batman cast are no longer with us, but take a look at this (and don’t forget to wait for the stinger after the title card):

As you can see, the Bat-puns and the classic music are back.  The DVD will be released for digital download on 11th October, the day after a limited run in selected cinemas in the States.

Disney Channel star cast as MJ?

TheWrap speculates that Mary Jane Watson may have been cast

According to a rumour reported by TheWrap, Zendaya Coleman (Rocky Blue in Disney Channel sitcom, Shake It Up) will be playing Mary Jane Watson in next summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Back in March it was announced that Zendaya has been cast in a “key role” as a character named “Michelle“.  I’ve been reading the Spider-Man comics solidly since the Clone Saga, back in the 1990’s, right the way through One More Day, Brand New Day, Big Time and Superior Spider-Man, and thanks to various annuals and so on during my childhood, I’ve got a pretty solid knowledge of the vast majority of Spidey‘s supporting cast over the years.  I don’t remember a character by the name of Michelle ever cropping up in a major role.

Adding in the information that, in at least one recent draft of the script, Zendaya’s character supposedly drops several clues that point to her being MJ, the plot thickens.  I must point out that this is all purely speculation.  In their article, TheWrap never even hints as to what those clues were.

Apparently Sony have declined to comment.  Representatives for neither Marvel Studios or Zendaya herself have responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Here come the knuckle-dragging racists

Now we wait for the usual knuckle-dragging racists to start accusing Marvel of being “SJWs“.  Why?  Purely because the actress Marvel Studios have chosen to play the part (even though it’s not confirmed) isn’t white.  She’s also not a redhead (well, not naturally, anyway).  They will probably also mention that since the recent Fantastic Four movie, starring Michael B Jordan as the traditionally white Johnny Storm, bombed, that’s a reason never to modify fifty year old characters to reflect the modern audience.

None of this bothers the creator of the character, the almighty Stan Lee.  When approached by the Toronto Sun, he stated:

“If she is as good an actress as I hear she is, I think she’ll be absolutely wonderful.  The colour of their skin doesn’t matter, their religion doesn’t matter, all that matters is that this is the right person for the role.  In the Daredevil movie, the Kingpin – who had been white in the comics – he was a black man playing the role, and he played it beautifully”.

To quote The Man, himself: “Nuff said!”

The cast also includes Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Michael Keaton (hopefully as Norman Osbourne), Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds), Laura Harrier (Liz Allen), Tony Revolori (Flash Thompson), Tyne Daly, Bokeem Woodbine (The Shocker), Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) and Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark).  Fingers crossed they’ll bring JK Simmons back as J Jonah Jameson, with Garcelle Beauvais as Robbie Robertson.

Some idle speculation for the geekier ones amongst us…

One interesting name I’ve spotted on the cast list is Tiffany Espensen, who is down to play a character named “Cindy“.  Now correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m not, so don’t bother!), but isn’t Silk‘s real name Cindy Moon?  For those of you who don’t know, after the spider bit Peter, it then ran away and bit Cindy Moon, who was also on the school trip, before it died.  Cindy was hidden from Morlun by an old man with spider-powers of his own by the name of Ezekiel Sims.  This is all explained in and around the Spider-Verse storyline.

Then again, with Tyne Daly on the cast… Jane Joanna Jameson, anyone?  Personally, I think she could pull it off.  She’s certainly got the acting skills for it.  As an added bonus, it would seriously annoy the knuckle-draggers.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, produced by Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige, will be released on July 7, 2017.