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H.e.a.t debut new video ahead of album release


If you read this recent news item, you’ll know that Sweden’s H.e.a.t have now completed their new album, Into The Great Unknown.  If you haven’t read it yet, open up a new tab and go read it.  I’ll wait.  Don’t worry.

Everybody up to speed now?


Anyway, if you watched the video at the top of the page, you’ll have listened to the first track to be released from Into The Great Unknown.  If you pre-order the album, which is due out on the 22nd of September on earMusic, on Amazon or iTunes by clicking the links, you’ll get that track as an instant gratification thing if you go digital.

Not bad, eh?

Anyway, here’s a tracklisting to further whet your appetite:

CD Tracklisting

1. Bastard Of Society
2. Redefined
3. Shit City
4. Time On Our Side
5. Best Of The Broken
6. Eye Of The Storm
7. Blind Leads The Blind
8. We Rule
9. Do You Want It?
10. Into The Great Unknown

Trivium release new track

Trivium have returned with a new track, The Sin And The Sentence, the first new music from the group since their last album, Silence In The Snow.

The Sin And The Sentence is joined by an official music video streaming now on Trivium’s YouTube channel and is available now in all digital stores.

Trivium will release a new album this Autumn, with more details to be announced in the coming weeks. For up to the minute news and information, visit www.trivium.org.

In the meantime, the Orlando, Florida-based band will spend this August trekking across mainland Europe, including festival appearances at Germany’s Wacken Open Air, Austria’s Jolly Roger Festival, Poland’s Woodstock Festival and more, along with headline dates featuring support from Obituary and Bury Tomorrow.

For complete tour information and tickets, please visit www.trivium.org/tourdates.


Dysnomia Post Video for Proselyte

São Paulo-based Death Metal/Thrash band Dysnomia have posted a new music video for Proselyte, the title track from the Brazilian band’s current album

The album, which was released on 15th January last year, is available on digital formats.

Click on this link to buy it from Amazon.

The video, which was directed and produced by Francis Fidélix and Luciano Moraes, can be watched here:

Orphaned Land announce new album

Eastern Metal pioneers, Orphaned Land have just announced that they will release a new studio album on January 26th, 2018 via Century Media Records.

Most parts of the album, which will be entitled Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs, have already been recorded and Jens Bogren will once again take over mixing and mastering duties of what is to be destined to become the band’s best and biggest production so far.

The new album will feature a guest appearance from guitar virtuoso  and Prog Rock god Steve Hackett, with more guest announcements to come.

Singer and frontman Kobi Farhi comments:

“Hails from the recording studio! We are so thrilled and impatient for you all to hear Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs. I wish to inform our old school fans: Growls are back as well as killer melodies that will break your hearts! On a personal note: It’s such a great feeling after a career of 25 years to know that we are still at our bests by all means. Prepare for something strong! Count the days with us till Jan 26th 2018!”

The release of Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs will be followed by an extensive European Tour in early 2018, and will be preceded by a US tour this September.

Paradise Lost tease new album

On 1st September, Halifax (the real, original one in West Yorkshire, not the pretend one in Canada – Ed) legends and general miserable bastards Paradise Lost release a new studio album entitled Medusa.

The lads have promised a return to their doom metal roots for this, their 15th full-length release, which has (obviously – Ed) been named after the Greek mythological Gorgon whose gaze was literally petrifying.

The band will premiere the first track from this freshly forged monster on 7th July.  Play the video below and you’ll hear a snippet from the upcoming single, The Longest Winter.

In addition, the band have announced the Medusa track list, which is as follows:

  • Fearless Sky (8:30)
  • Gods Of Ancient (5:50)
  • From The Gallows (3:42)
  • The Longest Winter (4:31)
  • Medusa (6:20)
  • No Passage For The Dead (4:16)
  • Blood & Chaos (3:51)
  • Until The Grave (5:41)
  • Bonus track: Frozen Illusion (5:45)
  • Bonus track: Shrines (3:59)
  • Bonus track: Symbolic Virtue (4:38)

On 1st September, for one night only, the band will perform their new album in its entirety at the LKA Longhorn in Stuttgart.  More details about this exclusive album release show will be revealed soon, but since the tickets are strictly limited, make sure you get yours now via the Nuclear Blast shop

Nikki Sixx hints at touring retirement

Nikki Sixx has “kind-of, sort-of” retired from touring.

The former bassist for Mötley Crüe and leader of Sixx:A.M. wrote a note to fans on Facebook last Monday (26th June), saying that he’s been on the road for forty years and, unless something drastic happens, has no plans to do it again.

That doesn’t mean he is retiring from music all together.  In just two short paragraphs, he has listed a number of projects:

  • Writing music
  • Recording with other artists
  • Taking vocal, bass and guitar lessons
  • Working on photography
  • Readying two new Sixx:AM releases
  • Getting two books ready for release
  • Continuing his Sixx Sense radio show
  • Working on The Dirt for Netflix
  • Working on a theatrical version of The Heroin Diaries

As Sixx so succinctly put it, “YUP, I AM RETIRED. HAHA

Nikki’s full statement:

For those of you asking,Ive been playing in bands and touring the world for 40 years…I have no immediate tour plans unless I get a wild hair up my ass or something or somebody really inspirational comes along…Since Ive been home Ive just been writing music non stop,recording with other artists,taking vocal,bass and guitar lessons and focusing on photography….Money has never been and isn’t a driving force for me…Let the chips fall where they fall…So I guess I’m unofficially retired or maybe just expired at this time…Nice to give 100% of my time to my wife and kids….

Got a couple SixxAm albums coming out soon and 1 book this year…Sixx Sense radio is the biggest syndicated radio show in the world and that going on 8 years….I got 2 books in the works and I am in talk’s to develop a TV show ( not reality) as well as The Dirt for Netflix and The Heroin Diaries Play….YUP,I AM RETIRED..HAHA

Rare Kurt Cobain pieces to show at Seattle Art Fair

Art collectors have unearthed two never-before-seen paintings by Kurt Cobain to display at the Seattle Art Fair this summer.

Bosses at the United Talent Agency (UTA) will show pieces crafted by the late Nirvana musician at the upcoming event as part of a UTA Artist Space exhibit.

Cobain‘s two paintings have been out of sight for over 20 years – the works were locked away in storage after the rocker tragically died at 27 in 1994.  Grunge icon Kurt’s paintings, which have never been displayed in public before, will also be shown alongside a selection of his notebooks at the creative gathering.  One of the canvasses to be put on view was used as the cover art for Nirvana‘s 1992 compilation album Incesticide.

The rocker’s artworks will be on display among works by other noteworthy artists such as Mike Kelley, Joe Bradley, Nate Lowman, Elizabeth Peyton and Raymond Pettibon at the Seattle Art Fair, which takes place from 3rd to 6th August.

However, fans outside of Washington state may have the opportunity to see Cobain‘s work in-person at other venues, with The New York Times reporting his exhibition in Seattle may lead to more showings thanks to a developing partnership between UTA executives and the rocker’s widow Courtney Love.

Joshua Roth, the head of UTA Fine Arts, says there has been talk about creating a “touring exhibition” of Kurt‘s art, which includes dozens of sculptures, illustrations and paintings the musician made before he died.

Walpyrgus release video for Dead Girls

US hard rock/heavy metal warriors Walpyrgus have released the video for Dead Girls, the second single off the band’s forthcoming  album Walpyrgus Nights.

The video is based on the original art created by Scott Waldrop (Twisted Tower Dire) for the comic book that accompanies the vinyl edition of the album. The glossy-papered, 56-page comic book depicts the lyrics of the album and is intended as a bonus for the vinyl release.  Due to a print surplus, the comic book can also be purchased  together with the CD, but only while ordering directly from Cruz Del Sur Music webstore.

Featuring an all-star cast of Heavy Metal veterans, North Carolina’s Walpyrgus will release their full-length debut album June 9 on Cruz Del Sur Music. The album will be released on compact disc, vinyl  and digital formats.  

Walpyrgus Nights represents the full realization of the potential of this dangerous meeting of Metal minds. Hook after hook, cascading guitar harmonies, anthemic soaring vocals, and epic unexpected twists and turns abound on this eight-song opus. It is a genuinely inspired, wild, fun ride through the annals of classic Hard Rock and early Metal with a distinct personality. The album, which features the artwork of Gustavo Sazes (Morbid Angel, Arch Enemy, Firewind), was recorded in a variety of locations over the course of two intense years under the guidance of Tom Phillips, mixed by longtime collaborator Kevin “131” Gutierrez (Raven, Deceased, Believer) and mastered by Bill Wolf (Raven, While Heaven Wept).

So when the when the stars are right and you’re alone, take a journey, lock the world tight and prepare yourself for the tales of demons, spectres and witches rising on Walpyrgus Nights!

Italian Psychonauts Nibiru to re-release debut album

Italian psychonauts Nibiru to re-release debut album Caosgon

Argonauta Records are thrilled to announce they will be releasing an extended edition of the 2013 debut album by Italian psychonauts Nibiru.

Caosgon is considered to be a milestone in the Ritual Sludge scene, having been praised by awesome reviews and by massive positive feedback all across the board.

Now, the album will benefit from something of a facelift, including completely new artwork, new master and a bonus track from the original recording sessions, which was previously unreleased.

Caosgon – 2017 Edition will be released as CD/DD on July 7th, 2017.

1) Invokation I: the Acid skull
2) Smashanam, the Crematorium Ground of Kali
3) Aster Argos
4) Invokation IV: Heru , Khentan , Maati
5) Umbra Venefica
6) Invokation III : L.S.D

Blaze Bayley – Endure And Survive (Infinite Entanglement Part II)

Blaze Bayley Records

Review: Carl Pickles (The Guv’nor)

This is something of a strange one to review, since I’ve got a lot of time for Blaze Bayley.  I’ve met and interviewed him a couple of times and he’s an excellent bloke.  He always, and I do mean ALWAYS puts on an excellent show.  The real strange thing for me is that I know Blaze’s guitarist, Chris Appleton.  Another excellent bloke.  You’ll have heard several of my chats with Chris if you listen to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show.

What’s stranger (for me, at least) is that I know his little brother, Luke (Iced Earth bass player) and I met all of those through Chris’s mum, Lynne!

So here’s my somewhat biased review:

Welcome to the second of a three album concept, following the adventures of one William Black.  This chap made his debut on last year’s Infinite Entanglement album, and will make his third appearance next year, going by the release schedule for the last album and this one.

To do the introductions, Blaze’s current band is made up of members of British Heavy Metal act, Absolva, in the forms of Chris Appleton (guitar & backing vocals), Martin McNee (drums), and bassist, Karl Schramm.  This album also features backing vocals from Mel and Jo of up-and-coming British Symphonic Metal band, Aonia, making it something of a showcase of Northern England’s underground talent pool.

As you’d expect if you know about both Blaze and Absolva, the album gets off to a strong start.  There are some unusual backing vocal effects going on, and this permeates the rest of the album.  Certainly no complaints from here.  It’s always good to be a little surprised.  Something that can definitely be said is that Endure and Survive has a sound that’s very much it’s own.  The vast majority of the songs wouldn’t feel out of place on one of the stronger Maiden albums (and praise doesn’t really get much better than that, really, does it?).

There are times when spinning this one that it strikes yet again how good Blaze’s voice really is.  Not sure the operatic inflection fully works, but if it allows him to harness the full power of his instrument, fair enough.  He’s developed an awesome set of pipes as he’s got older, and is a very different singer to the one who left the Tamworth Terrors, Wolfsbane, to join Iron Maiden all those years ago.  Another thing that slaps you in the ears is that Chris Appleton’s rhythm guitar playing, right the way through is both exemplary and imaginative.  Think Geezer Butler on the early Sabbath albums, and you’ll get the idea.  He doesn’t do “the usual”.  This guy should be a much bigger star than he is.

As I mentioned earlier on, you’re really not going to mistake this album for anyone else.  It’s Proper Heavy Metal.  Now, I will freely admit I’d probably enjoy the narration that appears at various junctures more if I’d listened to the previous album more recently (that’s one I’m going to have to put right in short order).  Still, it doesn’t get in the way of a very decent collection of songs.

It’s not all Traditional Metal, though.  There are moments of light and shade.  That’s something Blaze has learned from a certain Mr Harris.  Eating Lies, for example, sets off with a little bit of acoustic, leading into some emotive guitar playing from Chris.  Of course, Blaze puts his all into it, as you’d expect.  After a bit more Proper Heavy Metal, Remember is a real curveball.  Spanish guitar from Chris and an accordion and violins.  It’s the sort of thing you might hear accompanying a Latin thing on Strictly… if that sort of thing floats your boat.  Anyway, this song is almost a palate cleanser and is, oddly enough, one of the standouts.

Right the way through, the Absolva boys, Chris, Karl and Martin show their quality.  The drumming right through this album shows a quality and deftness some might find surprising (having seen Absolva a few times, I wasn’t).  On the strength of this album alone, Blaze and the boys should be well up the bill on the SOPHIE Stage at Bloodstock, at the very least.

So to sum it all up… yes, it’s a concept album.  It’s part two of three.  But don’t let that put you off.  Is it up there with the likes of Operation: Mindcrime?  It’s less histrionic, more measured and if anything a little more coherent, but only time will tell.  It’s certainly worth top marks.

Verdict: 10/10