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The next show is coming… be ready!

OK sentients, since I’ve done the recording for the current show, and intend to get it published tomorrow, I’m now taking requests for the #freespinwhatever portion of the next edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show.   Might even be tempted to make it a bit Christmassy.

Oh yeah… I’ll also be starting to build the infamous, traditional Yuletide Behemoth, which covers the albums released during this year. The longest one I ever made topped 7 hours.

Suggest a track by clicking on THIS LINK or via the contact form, Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll trade you a shoutout – the only proviso is it’s got to be a song from an album that was released in 2017

Havok hit the road

Havok return to the stage with a pair of US tours and a European run.

First off, the Havok join Metalcore band Darkest Hour on the Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora tour in July, before heading to Europe in August for festival dates and club shows with acts like Converge, Gorguts, Revocation and others.

Following these runs, Havok are to be part of the seventh annual Metal Alliance tour across North America, which is led this year by Thrash legends Overkill and Crowbar. Speaking about the band’s upcoming shows, Havok lead vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez states:

“After two months off, we’re excited to get back on the road to play some new songs! Expect to hear some fresh material from Conformicide this summer. Start stretching out those necks…”

Here is an exact overview of the upcoming Havok live-dates, which start next week and include a spot on the bill at this year’s Bloodstock Festival at Catton Hall in Derbyshire (New additions in Europe marked *):

Havok (with Darkest Hour & Jesus Piece):
12.07.2017 Syracuse, NY – The Lost Horizon (no Darkest Hour)
13.07.2017 Amityville, NY – Amityville Music Hall (no Darkest Hour)
14.07.2017 Washington, DC – Rock N Roll Hotel
15.07.2017 Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
16.07.2017 Virginia Beach VA – Shakas
18.07.2017 Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
19.07.2017 Orlando, FL – Backbooth
20.07.2017 Margate, FL – O’Malley’s
21.07.2017 Tampa, FL – Crowbar
22.07.2017 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade (Hell)
23.07.2017 Fayetteville, NC – The Drunk Horse Pub
25.07.2017 Saint Louis, MO – Fubar (no Darkest Hour)
26.07.2017 Omaha, NE – Lookout Lounge (no Darkest Hour)

Havok – Live in Europe:
10.08.2017 Jaromer (Czech Republic) – Brutal Assault Open Air
11.08.2017 Ieper (Belgium) – Ieper Festival
12.08.2017 Catton Hall (UK) – Bloodstock Open Air *
13.08.2017 Vagos (Portugal) – Vagos Metal Fest
14.08.2017 Wiesbaden (Germany) – Schlachthof + Gorguts, Revocation, Fallujah & Venom Prison
15.08.2017 Leipzig (Germany) – Naumanns + Gorguts, Revocation, Fallujah & Venom Prison
16.08.2017 Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Baroeg + Gorguts, Revocation, Fallujah & Venom Prison
17.08.2017 Oberhausen (Germany) – Kulttempel + Gorguts, Revocation, Fallujah & Venom Prison
19.08.2017 Dinkelsbühl (Germany) – Summer Breeze Open Air
20.08.2017 Wroclaw (Poland) – Zaklete Rewiry + Converge, Gorguts & Revocation
21.08.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) – Majestic Music Club + Converge, Gorguts & Revocation
22.08.2017 Vienna (Austria) Arena + Converge, Gorguts & Revocation
23.08.2017 Munich (Germany) – Backstage + Converge, Gorguts & Revocation
24.08.2017 Aarau (Switzerland) – Kiff + Converge, Gorguts & Revocation
25.08.2017 Paris (France) – Trabendo + Converge, Gorguts & Revocation
26.08.2017 Wörrstadt (Germany) – Neuborn Open Air
29.08.2017 Tallinn (Estonia) – Tapper *
30.08.2017 St. Petersburg (Russia) – A2 + Amon Amarth *
31.08.2017 Moscow (Russia) – Moskva *
02.09.2017 Markneukirchen (Germany) – Reeveland Fest

Havok on the Metal Alliance North American Tour with Overkill, Crowbar, Black Fast & Invidia:
07.09.2017 Cave-In-Rock, IL – Full Terror Assault Open Air (Havok and many others!)

08.09.2017 Joliet, IL – The Forge
10.09.2017 Pontiac, MI – Crofoot Ballroom
11.09.2017 Pittsburgh, PA – Diesel Concert Lounge
12.09.2017 Rochester, NY – The German House Theater
13.09.2017 New York, NY – Irving Plaza
14.09.2017 Richmond, VA – The Canal Club
16.09.2017 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
17.09.2017 St. Petersburg, FL – State Theatre
18.09.2017 Jefferson, LA – Southport Hall
19.09.2017 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
20.09.2017 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey
22.09.2017 Mesa, AZ – Club Red
23.09.2017 Pomona, CA – The Glass House
24.09.2017 Las Vegas, NV – Brooklyn Bowl
25.09.2017 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
26.09.2017 Denver, CO – The Summit Music Hall
28.09.2017 Waterloo, IA – Spicoli’s
29.09.2017 Dayton, OH – Oddbody’s
30.09.2017 Easton, PA – One Centre Square

Listen Again: Wyrd Ways Rock Show 25th May 2017

Been a while, hasn’t it?  To be brutally honest, I’ve just not been in the mood recently.  Better no show than a shoddy one, I think.  I’d rather not put out a show at all rather than a poorly made one with no feeling to it.


Since the last show, we’ve lost Chris Cornell to depression.  So that’s who this show is dedicated to: the memory of the voice of Soundgarden and Audioslave and anyone currently fighting depression.

Chris Cornell – You Know My Name
Jupiter Falls – Sickened
Vandroya – You’ll Know My Name
Covered: Body Count – Raining Blood/Postmortem 2017
Winterfylleth – The Threnody Of Triumph
Wintersun – Sons Of Winter and Stars
Ghost – Year Zero
Spotlight: Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose
My #3: Amon Amarth – Raise Your Horns
My #2: Dakesis – Destined For The Flame
My #1: Bull-Riff Stampede – Enraging The Beast
Wednesday 13 – What The Night Brings
Spotlight: Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
Gothic Demons Catacombs
Woodhawk – Quest For Clarity
Record Of The Week: Body Count – The Ski Mask Way
Record Of The Week: Body Count – Walk With Me (feat. Randy Blythe)
Record Of The Week: Body Count – Here I Go Again
Spotlight: Audioslave – Cochise
Cybernetic Witch Cult – Tyrannosaurus Hex
Spinetingler: Audioslave – Like A Stone

Attica Rage – Warheads Ltd

Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Review by Rick Ossian

amazon_badgeThis set is Attica Rage‘s fourth full-length LP, and they really have a piece of good stuff in their hands here.  I can tell you right now that, if these blokes have anything to say about it, the future of Heavy Rock is in very good hands.  Glasgow‘s Attica Rage are Jonny Parr on vocals and guitar, Richie Rage on drums (Jonny’s brother), Stevie Bell on guitar and Matthew Ward on bass.  Most of the tracks on here are excellent representations of the band’s powerful talents.  They only slow down for a bit here and there, and on the giant monster of a Bluesy powerful rock closer, Haunted.  It’s so big it has its own prelude.  But more of that in a bit.  First, let’s check out the other tunes!


Beyond the 45 is one hell of an opener with a powerful guitar-laced intro.  The opening riff is straight out of Hell Avenue and Riff Street, and is straight up heavy as fuck.  At the 2:38 mark there is a bass breakdown that is positively bad-ass, and the vocals kicking in make it even better.  There is a brief lead snipped at about three minutes in, and more lead(s) at 3:50.  This track is a declaration of intent, and one hell of an opener:” Hey! It’s time to stand up/Time to shout/Gotta move on/Gotta keep up!”

Falling Down, by contrast, is almost a heavy punk stomp, if you will.  There is a cool, heavy opening riff again, both guitar and bass stomping down on the pedals.  This track is chock full of riffing and lead bits, check out the brief lead at :55 and the longer one at two minutes in, and you will hear what I’m speaking of.  The vocals can soar if he (Jonny) wants, and ride low in the gutter in the same stretch.  More riffing/lead playing toward the close (3:20) rounds things out nicely for us.  Another excellent tune!

The title track is up next, and it is an absolute barn-burner.  I love the riffing on this number, it is heads town and heavy, no-nonsense stuff.  Lots of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock slamming.  At three minutes in we get a nice heavy lead.  It is simple and shredding and simply powerful!  Dig the main riff, too, it is an excellent stomper.  I love how at the end of the track you think it’s over, but the band are just psyching you out.  They sound like they could be starting another tune instead of fading away, as most tracks do at the end.  Just thought I’d mention it, it’s refreshing, that’s all!

El Chupacabra comes into our gaze to follow, and it is another great riff, almost reminiscent of say a Sabbath or Motörhead grind.  Nice chugging heaviness seems to rule the roost on this and a couple of the other tunes.  Now THIS is more like it, and definitely what I am talking about when I refer to Heavy Rock.  It’s like Hard Rock, but it’s Heavy Metal at the same time.  Excellent stuff! Though El Chupacabra could “suck the life from your soul“, he rocks out rather nicely, and throws in a nice long shred about three minutes in for good measure.

All Summer Long features lots more riffing, and I felt like standing up when I heard this one!  There are some brief guitar stabs at 1:05 and 2:30, and this is first and foremost a guitar feast, if you will!  “Back to reality/ Back to the other me”, bellows Jonny.  He brings us into the fold occasionally, and this is one of those times.  This, again, has a beautiful chugging to it.  The leads are also very good.

Lost in Memory stretches out a bit more (it has room too at almost 6 minutes).  There is an ominous fingerpicking intro that gives way to nice kicking in of things at 1:20.  This is a bit mellower than the other tunes but still pretty damned good.  This track is in what I like to refer to as storyteller mode, in which – you guessed it – the singer is trying to tell us a story.  The lead guitar piece at 2:35 is a wonderful piece of Southern-fried bluesy shred, and is followed by a stomping build-up at 3:20.  The final guitar bit (4:25) is another good shred.  The ominous fingerpicking returns at the close.  All in all another excellent track.

Into the Ether begins life with bells and a sort of questioning look on my face as I absorbed the freaky weird intro.  It is a very cool instrumental track, and is a bit shorter than most of the other tunes on board.  The building and pounding of the drums at two minutes in is lovely, but we are mainly being driven by the bass in this track, it would seem.  At 2:15 there is a nice guitar bit.  …Ether is an exciting track, particularly considering it’s an instrumental…

New World Decay is up next, and starts out with drums first, then guitar and bass, and threatens with a brief lead at twenty seconds in.  When the vocals join at thirty-five seconds in, accompanied with the heavy-duty riffing going on, it’s all right there and starts right away and it’s just very exciting stuff.  Am I babbling?  Sometimes I get a bit incoherent when listening to such things!  At 2:25 we get a nice lengthy ripping shred, and at three minutes in things shift to an even HEAVIER mood and tempo.  There is lots of riffing and lead guitar work going on, and it goes pretty much right up to the close.  There are trills and thrills and riffs right there in your face till the very end.

Haunted, the closer, is a real beast of a track.  It is nigh on eight minutes, and as mentioned before, it is such a leviathan that it has its own Prelude tacked on to it.  The prelude is spooky, and mainly consists of a bit of feedback and some brief guitar harmonics.  However, once we get to the big kahuna, it is NOT just a regular wave.  It is a powerful rambling bluesy number with big vocals and just as big guitar riffs.  It begins, of course, with another of those ominous fingerpicking bits, then kicks in at about forty-five seconds in.  There is guitar power here, stately, majestic stuff.  About two minutes in things shift to a heavy, ballad-style blues, and we get a nice guitar solo at the 2:40 point.  The ominous fingerpicking returns at three minutes in, and the refrain reminds us (3:45) that things will kick in again.  This track is all over the place, but still basically just a blues number.  “I can’t live in your world/I can’t live on your terms“, Jonny pines.  You can almost hear is heart breaking.  Honestly, you can.  The stately powerful blues of the final shreddings starts at about 5:15 and goes to the close.  What monster lead work!  This is the best album I’ve heard in at least the last month or two.

Verdict: 9/10

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXXV

Pretty much back to normal this week.  No tragedies in the music world to contend with.

What have we got for you this week, then? New material from one of Joey Jordison’s latest projects, Sinsaenum, Hellyeah, Monster Truck and Lacuna Coil. This week’s Shock Of The New features an interview with a fast-rising band from Wigan by the name of Bigfoot and the Record Of The Week from a certain Swedish band…

No musicians or Rock Stars were harmed (or died) during the making of this show… although Meat Loaf, Ian Paice and Rick Parfitt had some near-misses.

Sinsaenum – Army Of Chaos
Hellyeah – Leap Of Faith
Kobra And The Lotus – Cynical Wasteland
Covered: Grand Magus – Stormbringer (Deep Purple Mk III cover)
Monster Truck –  For The People
A Rebel Few – Rebel Few
Spotlight: Dakesis – Wings Of Steel
Lacuna Coil – Delirium
Rage – The Devil Strikes Again
Shock Of The New: Bigfoot – Bitch Killer
Shock Of The New Bigfoot Bloodstock Interview
Shock Of The New Bigfoot – The Other Side Of Paradise
Spotlight Dakesis – To Conquer Or Die
Stitched Up Heart – Finally Free
Purson  – The Window Cleaner
Stonewall Noise Orchestra – Don’t Blame The Demons
Record Of The Week: Grand Magus – Varangian
Record Of The Week: Grand Magus – Frost and Fire
Record Of The Week: Grand Magus – Forged In Iron – Crowned In Steel
Spotlight Dakesis – By The Fading Light
The Five Hundred –  Winters
Death Angel – Hell To Pay
Machine Head – Is There Anybody Out There?

Alter Bridge, Volbeat, Gojira and Like A Storm hit the road across Europe

Alter Bridge finally announce their long-anticipated return to Europe.  Their biggest headline shows yet, the 24-date tour hits 15 countries, kicking off on November 4, 2016.

Produced by Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette, Alter Bridge’s fifth studio album is planned for release in October 2016, via Napalm Records, so the fans can look forward to hearing new songs on the tour, alongside their favourites.

Special guests for the trek include Volbeat, who released their sixth album, Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie, earlier this month (reviewed here).  French Metal monsters, Gojira, will be giving fans a taste of their crushing new album, Magma, and up-and-comers, Like A Storm, jet in from New Zealand to get the party started.

Metal Hammer has praised the band’s introduction of the didgeridoo into heavy music declaring, “Like A Storm are rewriting Metal’s rulebook like never before.”

“We are so excited to be coming back to the U.K. and Europe with our brothers in Alter Bridge! They have always been one of our favourite bands to tour with!” exclaims singer/guitarist Chris Brooks.

“This is beyond incredible,” states guitarist/vocalist Matt Brooks. “Touring the UK and Europe with Alter Bridge is a dream come true for us as a band. Can’t wait to hit the UK where we get to play with Volbeat and Gojira too!”

Dates stack up as follows:

With: Special Guest TBC and Like A Storm
Fri 4th Nov – BILBAO, Spain – Santana 27
Sat 5th Nov – BARCELONA, Spain – Razzmatazz
Tue 8th Nov – PARIS, France – Zenith
Wed 9th Nov – BRUSSELS, Belgium – AB
Thu 10th Nov – AMSTERDAM, Holland – HMH
Sun 13th Nov – BERLIN, Germany – Columbiahalle
Mon 14th Nov – VIENNA, Austria – Gasometer
Wed 16th Nov – KATOWICE, Poland – Spodek
Sun 20th Nov – OSLO, Norway – Sentrum Scene
Mon 21st Nov – COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Vega Main Hall

With: Volbeat, Gojira, Like A Storm
Wed 23rd Nov – MANCHESTER, England – Arena
Thu 24th Nov – LONDON, England – O2 Arena
Sat 26th Nov – NOTTINGHAM, England – Motorpoint Arena
Sun 27th Nov – BIRMINGHAM, England – Genting Arena
Mon 28th Nov – CARDIFF, Wales – Motorpoint Arena
Thu 1st Dec – GLASGOW, Scotland – Hydro
Fri 2nd Dec – LEEDS, England – First Direct Arena

With: Gojira, Like A Storm
Sun 4th Dec – FRANKFURT, Germany – Jahrhunderthalle
Mon 5th Dec – COLOGNE, Germany – Palladium
Tue 6th Dec – HAMBURG, Germany – Mehrl Theater
Fri 9th Dec – BOLOGNA, Italy – Unipol Arena
Sat 10th Dec – MUNICH, Germany – Zenith
Sun 11th Dec – BASEL, Switzerland – Jakobshalle

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXXII

My voice appears to be back. Sorry about that! Anyway. This week, there’s new stuff from Death Angel, Al Jourgenson’s new project, Surgical Meth Machine, Kvelertak and a certain Ms Pesch. Better still, she’s on the show twice, since she’s also involved in this week’s Record Of The Week. If you want to know what it is, you’ll just have to listen!

If you decide to support the making of the show by becoming a Member, you get the full show at a higher bitrate and therefore better quality. For details about how to become a Member as well as the latest in Rock and Metal news and reviews, click on the relevant link in the navigation bar.

Grand Magus – Varangian
Death Angel – The Moth
A Sound Of Thunder – A Sound Of Thunder
Covered: Ace FrehleyCold Gin
Ashestoangels – Not In My Name
The 69 Eyes – Lady Darkness
Spotlight: The Raven Age – Eyes Among The Blind
Grimner – Vargarnas Tid
Wytch Hazel – Fight
Beholder – Army Of One
Shock Of The New: Messiah’s Kiss – Mission To Kill
Shock Of The New: Messiah’s Kiss Interview at Bloodstock 2015
Shock Of The New: Messiah’s Kiss – It’s No Good
Spotlight: As Lions – The Fall
Surgical Meth Machine – I’m Sensitive
The Unguided – Phobos Grip
Walls Of Jericho – Fight The Good Fight
Record Of The Week: Amon Amarth – On A Sea Of Blood
Record Of The Week: Amon Amarth – Vengeance Is My Name
Record Of The Week: Amon Amarth – A Dream That Cannot Be (feat Doro Pesch)
Spotlight: The Wild Lies – Asteroid Central
Doro – Love’s Gone To Hell
Kvelertak – 1985
Hollywood Vampires – My Dead Drunk Friends

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXXI

Unfortunately my voice hasn’t improved, in fact it’s got worse. Therefore, I’ve recruited a guest presenter for this week. Please be gentle with her. Her name is Echo, and she’s a highly sophisticated AI. I just wish she’d stop called me “Master”!

Anyway, she’ll be presiding over new material from bands including Metal Church, American Head Charge and Killswitch Engage. Dr Jim also drops by for a Spotlight on a fantastic band by the name of Wolves Of Avalon.

If you decide to support the making of the show by becoming a Member, you get the full show at a higher bitrate and therefore better quality. For details about how to become a Member as well as the latest in Rock and Metal news and reviews, click on the links in the navigation bar above.

If you are in a band and want your music on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, email either myself or Suzi with the relevant details.

Overkill – Down To The Bone
Metal Church – Reset
Amon Amarth – First Kill
Covered: Cold Snap – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
Tremonti – Dust
The Defiled – Self Under Siege
Spotlight: Wolves Of Avalon – The War Song Of Beli Mawr
Cambion – Mechanics Of Extinction
Diamond Head – Bones
Krysthla – Minority Of One
Shock Of The New: FireForce – Fly Arrow Fly (Crecy 1346)
Shock Of The New: FireForce Interview SOS Festival 2015
Shock Of The New: FireForce – Born To Play Metal
Spotlight: Wolves Of Avalon – Bonded By Blood And Sword
Santa Cruz – Velvet Rope
Skarlett Riot – Voices
Spotlight: Wolves Of Avalon – Cold As Mouldering Clay
Record Of The Week: Killswitch Engage – Hate By Design
Record Of The Week: Killswitch Engage – Strength Of The Mind
Record Of The Week: Killswitch Engage – The Great Deceit
Spotlight: Wolves Of Avalon – Across Corpses Grey
American Head Charge – Let All The World Believe
Jaldaboath – Dex The Whispering Dwarf (Roland’s Reprise)

Death Angel Release New Video

As part of the warm-up for the release of San Francisco Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel‘s new album The Evil Divide on 27th May via Nuclear Blast, the band have released a video for the track Hatred United / United Hate

The video was directed and edited by Tommy Jones for Videohammer Studios during the band’s recording sessions for The Evil Divide and features renowned tattoo artist Bob Tyrrell and includes a special guest guitar solo from Andreas Kisser (Sepultura).

Ragehammer – The Hammer Doctrine

Pagan Records/Bandcamp

Review by Rick Ossian

On first listen to Ragehammer‘s first full-length outing, I have to admit that I was NOT impressed.  Of course, I’ve never heard their 2012 demo War Hawks.  Nor have I ever heard their split earlier this year, Enlightenment by Bloodletting.  You should also know that this kind of Metal is not particularly my cuppa.  If you like indiscernible vocals, instruments that unfortunately get lost in the mix, etc., then perhaps this is yours.  I do not know.  I am merely the conduit between these fellows and you, the reader/potential listener.  These metallurgic fellows are from Poland, and they are Corpsebutcher on bass, Mortar on drums, Bestial Avenger on guitar and Heretik Hellstorm on vocals.  It is fairly easy to see why they wouldn’t use their own names… but then, THAT is another story, and though my opinion may not matter to some, THAT is why we are here.  Let’s move on, shall we?

The tunes are not what’s to blame here.  The mix is mainly to blame, and the fact the vocals can’t really be deciphered.  Again, this is my opinion.  I’m sure that in their native Poland they are the next best thing to creamery butter and homemade bread.  I, unfortunately, have heard far too many outings just like this.  Speed for the sake of speed does NOT make good Metal, I’m afraid.


Take the opening number, for example.  First Wave Black Metal starts out with feedback, drums and guitar – in that order.  Now, normally, I would say they have the makings of a great tune.  However, this free-for-all, frantic, frenzied mess is just that – messy.  They are no doubt busy, and the shouting vocals sound as if they have genuine purpose.  There are some good moments, as well – the guitar breakdown/shift at three minutes in, and the guitar solo at 3:45 features some serious shredding.  Other than that, there is nothing much to say about this track.

Unleash the Dogs boasts a heavy, riffing intro, which gives way to an uptempo slammer.  The vocals, predictably enough, are rough again, and some are discernible, but most are not.  The drums are very busy, but unfortunately for the most part get lost in the mix.  What a shame!  Close finds some big feedback thrown our way, but that is the highlight of the tune.

Wrog features lots of riffing, and is another toe-tapper.   Definitely a speedy number, with a busy drummer.  The vocals are muddy at best.

Warlord’s Fall, with a drum intro and a very heavy assault, could be a great song.  Just check out the title!  It makes you think, maybe…  Again, there is lots of screaming going on, and the players are extremely busy.  Sometimes it takes more than that to make a song.  The shift at 2:30 gives way to some heavy, sludgy riffs, almost a Bluesy Black Metal/Thrash.  At four minutes in we get another drum and bass attack, and an unholy wicked scream at 4:40.

Knives, at six-and-a-half minutes, is the longest track on board.  There is more screaming, and some serious bass and drums again.  There is a shift and a lead guitar bit at 3:30, and a stab at some clean vocals at 4:30.  There are what I would perceive to be some mixing problems again with this tune.  Towards the close, the bass player shows off again.  That may be the highlight within this one.

I Am the Tyrant is a five-minute ditty which is impressive for the pure speed of presentation alone.  However, when it’s obvious that this is their only real foundation for the track, one may tend to lose interest.  I know I did.  Sorry.  Lots of worthy instrumentation again, and lots of screaming.  Moving on!

Pure Hatred has what could be another promising beginning that quickly falls into speed for the sake of speed.  The bass player is at it again, that may be their trump card, if you like.  More indiscernible vocals, and a bright spot with the guitar at three minutes in.  However, it is not enough to save this one.  There is another super-speedy guitar bit at 3:50.

From Homo Sapiens to Homo Raptor should win cool points for its title alone.  Then we hear it, and it is, unfortunately, more of the same.  Mr Hellstorm tries to save his soul briefly, trying to sing some clean vocals at around the four-minute mark.  He should have saved his breath.  There is a decent jam at the three-minute mark.

The closer, Spotkanie z Diablem (“Meeting With the Devil“) is actually a cover of Poland’s Krzystof Klenczon i Trzy Korony, and is most likely the high point of this set.  There is a heavy instrumental intro and a jamming midsection.  However, the evil laugh(s), one at 2 minutes in, and one at the close, could have been better.  MUCH better.  Just saying.

Verdict: 5/10