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It’s So Easy

No.  It isn’t, really, is it?

As you’ve probably noticed, The Wyrd Ways Rock Show podcasts are dwindling a little.  I’m not bringing out as many per year as I used to.  Back in the early days, it was one a week, every week without fail.  Now it’s down to one a fortnight if the moon is full, you’re facing the right way and the wind’s blowing in the right direction.

Reading the contraindications, it’s more than likely the drugs I’m currently taking for depression and anxiety.

Just so you know.  It’s not that I’m losing interest in Metal.  I’m most definitely not.  Take a listen to the show that, as I type this, I’m uploading to the servers for release sometime in the next few hours.  Not only are there around 80 tracks in there, every track is taken from an album that was released in the last twelve months or so (release schedules get a little strange around the end of one year and beginning of the next, so I may get an album through to listen to that isn’t due to be released until early on in the next year – take Corrosion Of Conformity‘s new one as an example).  The list was compiled with very little research.

One very pleasant surprise has been the sheer number of cracking debut albums and EPs that were released during 2017.  Off the top of my head, I can cite Cybernetic Witch Cult, Dorja, Masqued and Lady Beast as some examples.  Unless you listened to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show during 2017, it’s doubtful you’ll have heard of any of them.

Glad to say that a couple of bands who WOULD have been on that list have managed to get the word out a little more thanks to Primordial Radio.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, you REALLY need to.  It’s the sort of Hard Rock and Metal station we in the UK have been crying out for for donkey’s years.  We thought we’d got it with Team Rock, but their management screwed the pooch in fine style.  You can listen to the free stream on primordialradio.com, TuneIn and so on, but to get to hear Moose, Pete and Dewsbury making the station what it is, you’ll be paying £6 a month.

I know some of you are frowning a little about having to pay for radio, but all over the world, subscription radio services are becoming more and more common.  With this one, you get a free trial.  Watch this space, and I’ll get you a 3 month free trial instead of the normal 30 day one.

Damn.  Went off on a bit of a tangent there, but the bands I was talking about are friends of the show, Skarlett Riot (I’ve known Chloe for a few years through social media and being at various festivals and gigs) and Warbringer.

Anyway… 2018.  This month we’ve got the new Machine Head album, which is sounding broader than anything they’ve previously done.  They’re getting more interesting by the year.  I’ve got a lot of time for Robb Flynn and his boys.  I’m looking forward to that one.  We’ve also got a new one from one of my all-time favourite bands, the mighty Judas Priest coming soon.  Having heard the single they’ve just released in the last week or so, it’s looking like Priest are staking a VERY early claim for Album Of The Year.  Oh yeah… there’s also the full debut by Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons due out over the next few weeks.  That’s another one on the shopping list, then…

I’m off to bed, leaving this thing uploading to Dropbox for the Subscribers to access tomorrow, when I publish it.  The rest of you can get the Broadcast version later on in the day.

Keep an eye on your inboxes.

Be impure!

Be vigilant!