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Wyrd Ways Rock Show 5th July 2017

You have to admit this is better.

Hasn’t been a month this time!

Anyway… this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show is a packed show yet again. Then again, isn’t it always? Rammed to the gunwhales with brand new music, including stuff from Alestorm, Iced Earth, Venom Inc, Helstar and Rex Brown.

Yes, THAT Rex Brown!

Not only that, but there’s also THREE tracks from the brand new album by the Italian Metal maestros, Arthemis.

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCXC

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 290

On this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show, which can be downloaded here, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the debut album by Judas PriestRocka Rolla by playing a few tracks from it.  It’s certainly different to what came after!

As for the rest of the show, if you like it slow, we’ve got new stuff from Craang and Snailking.  If you want something to wave your plastic sword aloft to, we’ve got stuff from Edguy, Viathyn and Megasonic.  We’ve also got some new Cannibal Corpse for those who like their music brutal.

There’s a Record Of The Week, too, and a Covered… Dr Jim’s here with another Hammer Of Retribution and Elfie’s got another Shock Of The New for us.  What more do you need?

As always, if you subscribe or buy this week’s show, you get more.  You’ll be getting the show at a much higher quality level than the broadcast, as usual.

The broadcast version of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show appears on The Wall every Monday at 11pm BST and Planet Mosh every Wednesday at 8pm BST.

Mr Big – Gotta Love The Ride
Edguy – Space Police
Skarlett Riot – House Of Cards
Spotlight 1: Judas Priest – Rocka Rolla
Craang – Slo Forward Jam
Snailking – Premonitions
Cannibal Corpse – Bloodstained Cement
Spotlight 2: Judas Priest – One For The Road
Hammer Of Retribution 1: Cadence Noir – Rock This Town
Hammer Of Retribution 2: Shylmagoghnar – A New Dawn
Hammer Of Retribution 3: Ifing – The Stream
Covered: Judas Priest – Diamonds And Rust
Viathyn – Countess Of Discordia
Megasonic – Demon’s Lust
Riot V – Kill To Survive
Spotlight 3: Judas Priest – Cheater
Record Of The Week 1: Lord Volture – Taklamakan
Record Of The Week 2: Lord Volture – Will To Power
Record Of The Week 3: Lord Volture – Line ‘Em Up
Led Zeppelin Documentary, Part 6
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 1: Black Skies Burn – Hunt. Maim. Kill
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 2: Perception – Sleepwalker
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 3: Sepravation – Slave To The Grave
Spotlight 4: Judas Priest – Never Satisfied
Chainfist – 1000 Ways To Bleed
Mordred – The Baroness
Deadlock – The Final Storm
Last Track: Jimi Jamison – Street Survivor

Video Release Round-Up

Choices by Cat A

Featuring Skarlett Riot, Piano, Where Giants Once Stood and Eluveitie.

It appears my inbox is flooded with some brilliant new releases over the past week, so I’m picking out the best and leaving them here for your leisurely perusal.

If you’re one of the lucky lucky people going to see Edguy next week, you also get to see a young, up and coming band by the name of Skarlett Riot. Here you can get a taste of what’s to come with the lyric video to the single that is released on September 8th – House of Cards. 

Metalcore fans can get their ears and eyes around Where Giants Once Stood’s video for Living in Security – it’s got aggression and melody and quite frankly I’m wondering why on earth I haven’t listened to these guys from Canada until now.

If you’re after something a little more mellow, Piano have come back after a lengthy hiatus with the release of a lyric video for ‘Disappearing Ink’ in the run up to the release of their anticipated first full length album later this month on Zeostone Records. Salvage Architecture has drawn influences from far and wide, and taken six years to write. This single is haunting proggy goodness.

Not enough folk you say? Well Eluveitie have had sensational success with their album Originsreaching #38 in the world charts. As a thank you and celebration they’ve put out a lyric video for Silver Sister.

That is it for today’s random dose of videos! Hope there’s something on there for everyone!

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXXVII

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXXVII

In this week’s Full Edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, there’s new stuff from Absolva, Sebastian Bach, the awesome Triptykon and the mighty Slayer!

The Triptykon track, by the way, is incredible.

Not only that, there’s three bands you’ve probably never heard before in a very Oxford-centric Shock Of The New and a cover perpetrated by Tobias Sammett’s Edguy.

If you are a subscriber, you’ll also get to hear The Terror Twins grilling Shannon of Battlecross whilst on tour with Killswitch Engage at a much higher quality level than the broadcast version you’ll hear on Planet Mosh or elsewhere.

If you decide you want to subscribe, look for the Subscribe link in the left hand column. If you just want the full version of this episode, go to the Download Shop.

Here’s the playlist:

Sebastian Bach – Dominator
Temperance – The Fourth Season
Astra – Faithless
Spotlight 1: Battlecross – Man Of Stone
Garagedays – Razorblade
Calling All Cars – Werewolves
Andromeda – Rock Shock
Spotlight 2: Battlecross – Rupture
Covered: Edguy – Rock Me Amadeus
Mother Road – Drive Me Crazy
Outloud – One More Time
Kreator – The Few, The Proud, The Broken
Devil You Know – Seven Years Alone
Satan’s Satyrs – Instruments Of Hellfire
Haerken – The Eve Of Bealltainn
Patria – Blood Storm Prophecy
Slayer – Implode
Tryptikon – Boleskine House
Spotlight 3: Battlecross – Better Off Dead
SOTN 1: Evavoid – Whorehouse
SOTN 2: Overlord – Authors
SOTN 3: Desert Storm – Shadow Of An Eagle
Until Dawn – This Fallen Fortress
Evenoire – Tears Of Medusa
Sirens – Notches
Spotlight 4: Battlecross – Force Fed Lies
Absolva – Victimiser
Asomvel – Hangman’s Rope
Last Track: Manowar – Fight Until We Die

Bonus Material:

  • Battlecross – Never Coming Back
  • Battlecross Interview
  • Battlecross – Wage A War
  • LBAEI 1: Pantera – Strength Beyond Strength
  • LBAEI 2: At The Gates – Under A Serpent Sun
  • LBAEI 3: Type O Negative – Love You To Death
  • LBAEI 4: Judas Priest – Cathedral Spires
  • LBAEI 5: Decapitated – The Fury
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Edguy – Space Police – Defenders of the Crown

Nuclear Blast Records

Released 21 April 2014

Review by: Cat A

They call themselves European Metal, over here they’re known as the German Power Metal crew that have obtained quite a cult following in the UK. Famously not taking themselves too seriously with track titles such as Lavatory Love MachineEdguy are still able to strike an emotional note with the likes of the heartfelt Save me. In my house they’re on the playlist frequently, normally accompanied by my resident Viking running around in his boxers and socks, throwing the horns and yelling along in comic fashion.

Yes, that is what passes for normal around here (Lancashire… nuff said! – Ed).

The opener Sabre and Torch is a whirlwind headbanging anthem, riddled with catchy breaks and a singalong vibe that has you joining in before you quite realise what’s going on as you’re battered round the ears with a thrashy riff and solo, then you blink and it’s on to the first of the two tracks that make up the album title, Space Police that has a lot more keyboards and a more epic feel to it. Of course it’s followed by Defenders of the Crown to complete the title, and it’s simple chorus conjures images of a tight trousered Tobias stomping his foot and pumping his fist on stage as you’re dragged in by melodic hooks.

On the glam rock side of things, Love Tyger has a sound of Kiss to it and is so sickeningly catchy, bouncy and feel good that I dare you to not at least start tapping your foot. Cue the next song and there’s a more thrash influence in The Realms of Baba Yaga with a screaming guitar riff and soaring vocals. Rock Me Amadeus (yes, that one!) has a Faith No More kind of feel, it’s a well arranged cover and quite frankly I’m having trouble typing this because I’m dancing in my seat. I can’t help it.

Do Me Like a Caveman is the classic Edguy singalong sound, and a showcase for Sammett’s vocal talents when he’s not running around like a lunatic, and I’m still not sure if it’s a serious song or tongue in cheek, but you know, that’s part of the games that Edguy like to play with their fans.

Shadow Eaters goes back to the more up tempo stuff again, but once more listen to the lyrics before air-guitaring your way through the solo and into Alone in Myself which does happen to be one of the more serious offerings with an easy addition of a bit of groove to the mix. In the 80s this would have been the lighters in the air tune, and all too soon we’ve hit the finale of The Eternal Wayfarer. The only way I can describe the power behind the ending is to throw in a comparision to the almighty Dio on the vocal side.

Space Police… Defenders of the Crown is honestly a new height for Edguy; the tracks flow together well with not a single one feeling out of place. The artwork might be something from a cheesy 80s sci-fi film but don’t judge songs on their cover! This is a piece of proper power metal with all the hair whipping, fist clenching and foot stomping that comes with it. Go listen, and just be sure to remember that this is Edguy; don’t take them too seriously but don’t underestimate them!

Rating: *****/5

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