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Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents Powerzone: 8th August 2016

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect from tonight’s show: New tunes from Stormtide, Primal Fear, Twilight Force, Whispered, Epica, Powerwolf, Blaze Bayley and Vivaldi Metal Project.

Plus loads of Power, Folk and Heavy Metal! Cor. Join us for a face melting, ear blasting, hair swinging good time!

Battle Beast – Touch In The Night
Stormtide – Wrath Of An Empire
Whispered – Victory Grounds Nothing
Twilight Force – To The Stars
Dark Moor – Nevermore
Powerwolf – Werewolves Of Armenia (Livewire)
Dream Evil – Bang Your Head
Primal Fear – We Walk Without Fear (Epic Track)
Gamma Ray – Space Eater
Blaze Bayley – Dark Energy 256 (Volt Track)
Iron Maiden – Rainmaker
Epica – Universal Death Sqaud
Vivaldi Metal Project – The Age Of Dreams
Finntroll – Häxbrygd
Korpiklaani – Midsummer Night
Winterhymn – Blood Burner
Vesperia – The Swordsman
Revolution Renaissance – Falling To Rise
Silent Force – Goodbye My Ghost
Fozzy – To Kill A Stranger (Overload)
Skindred – Ratrace (Overload)
Disturbed – Inside The Fire (Overload)
Pellek – Sea Of Okhotsk


The Swedish extreme Tech-Metal pioneers Meshuggah have revealed the title of their upcoming eighth album, The Violent Sleep Of Reason.  Inspired by a Goya painting called, The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters, the album will be released on October 7th via Nuclear Blast Records.

You want a preview video?  Take a look at this:

The album was produced by the band and engineered by Tue Madsen of Puk Studios in Kaerby, Denmark.  For the cover, the band once again enlisted Keerych Luminokaya who created the artwork for Koloss and The Ophidian Trek as well as the new images for each of the 7 albums and 3 EP’s featured in the 25 Years of Musical Deviance box set.

The Violent Sleep Of Reason will be available in the following formats:

  • CD Digipak
  • Black Double LP
  • Double LP Pic Disc
  • Gold & Bi-Coloured Vinyl
  • Mail-Order Exclusive Box Set (Limited to 1000 worldwide, includes: Latex face mask, a pair of stickers, a pair of 1.25” button badges, a poster flag and certificate of authenticity – quite a package!)

New Projekt F Video: Unbegun

projekt f

Montreal industrial act Projekt F have posted a new video Unbegun in support of their recently released EP The Butterfly Effect. The EP is their loudest release to date featuring seven pinnacle tracks for your auditory senses discussing the torrid relationship between man and God to continue their thematic discography Skins (2013) and Under The Skin (2014).

Vocalist Jonh M. Miller had this to say:

”We consider The Butterfly Effect to be an extremely raw and honest EP. Early in the process of making it, we knew that we would not be making a music video for it. However, we thought it was important to give something to our fans. So we decided to make a video that would show a side of Projekt F that hasn’t been seen before. Like the EP, a raw and honest one. Many of you have seen our on stage persona before, but with this video that we have made for our single, Unbegun, we are sharing a different side of ourselves.”

As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

New bands added to Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2016

Eindoven Metal Meeting

The eighth Eindhoven Metal Meeting has announced seven more bands have been confirmed for this year’s line-up.  They are: Hail Of Bullets, Archgoat, Memoriam, Illdisposed, Valkyrja, Insanity Reigns Supreme and Burning Hatred.

The latest running of the internationally renowned festival is set to take place Friday 16 and Saturday 17 December 2016 at Effenaar in Eindhoven.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

Aura Noir
Bleeding Gods
Burning Hatred
Cirith Gorgor
General Surgery
Hail Of Bullets (with David Ingram (Ex-Benediction, Bolt Thrower) on vocals)
Harakiri For The Sky
Insanity Reigns Supreme
Mayhem (playing the legendary De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album in its entirety!)
Memoriam (featuring members of Bolt Thrower, Cerebral Fix and Benediction)
Moonspell (playing a special set based on the Wolfheart and Irreligious albums!)
Toxic Waltz

More bands will be announced soon.

Regular combi-tickets are now on sale and cost €80 (excl. service costs) in pre-sale. Single-day tickets will be made available later on.

Information and tickets can be found on www.eindhovenmetalmeeting.com or

Six Feet Under Announce New Graveyard Classics Set and Tour

Six Feet Under Graveyard

On May 27th, Six Feet Under release the fourth installment of their Graveyard Classics series, this time paying tribute to two of Metal’s greatest legends: Iron Maiden and Judas Priest!  Entitled Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest and mixed by Jesse Kirkbride at his own studio in Florida, the album comprises five Judas Priest covers (side A), and six Iron Maiden covers (side B), handpicked by Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel.

Chris Barnes comments:

“Achtung Motherfuckers!!! Today we release Murders in the Rue Morgue, a Killer track (pun intended) from our upcoming album, Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest, for your listening pleasure!!  Hope you enjoy it!!  Hope the haters choke on it, choke on it, choke on it…

Also in other Six Feet Under news – Graveyard Classics The Tour will be invading your European community this summer, be sure to check these dates off on your calendar…

This will be the first and only time we will be playing an entire set list of cover songs – something we haven’t done before – so come experience something groovy and brutal motherfuckers! See you soon, Europe!

Love, Dad.”

As a preview, you can listen to the first track, a cover of Priest’s Invader:

The second single, Never Satisfied, can be heard here:

In regards to this new serving of Death Metal tributes, Chris Barnes asserts:

“Get ready to have your ears violated and your mind blown! Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest just crawled out of the Heavy Metal Cemetery! Having a good time playing music is what it’s always been about since day one, and that’s what the Graveyard Classics albums are to me… a good fucking time! On this trip down memory lane, we cover songs from Judas Priest and Iron Maiden; the two greatest Metal bands of all time. Ray Alder from Fates Warning did a guest background vocal appearance on Invader, our first single. Ray is a great friend, and an awesome vocalist, and I felt our differences in styles blended well together for the middle section and added some harmony to the rawness. I hope you all enjoy the band’s twist on these legendary songs!”

Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest track-listing:
Side A: Judas Priest
1. Night Crawler
2. Starbreaker
3. Genocide
4. Invader
5. Never Satisfied
Side B: Iron Maiden
6. Murders in the Rue Morgue
7. Prowler
8. Flash of the Blade
9. The Evil That Men Do
10. Stranger in a Strange Land
11. Total Eclipse

Six Feet Under tour dates:
June 30 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Baroeg
July 1 – Roitzschjora, Germany – With Full Force Festival
July 2 – Flensburg, Germany – Roxy
July 3 – Rostock, Germany – Alte Zuckerfabrik
July 4 – Hamburg, Germany – Bambi Galore
July 5 – München, Germany – Backstage
July 6 – Innsbruck, Austria – PMK
July 7 – Ludwigsburg, Germany – Rockfabrik
July 8 – Pratteln , Switzerland – Z7
July 9 – Essen, Germany – Turock

Interview with Banshee


Interview by Mabh Savage

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to and reviewing an EP from Scottish rockers, Banshee. Say My Name was right up my street and you can read my review here.

Delightfully intrigued, I decided to find out a bit more about the band that released this EP; who are they, what are they up to and how can we hear more?

Mabh: The Say My Name video premiered via Team Rock. How did you partner up with Team Rock and how has this experience been?

Banshee: We teamed up with Team Rock through LuLu at Incendia Management who has been working closely with us in getting us some good exposure over the past month, Team Rock being one of them, who were kind enough to premier our new video release which all has been exciting for us and even received plays from Joe Elliott (with a little helps from our fans). It’s great to see and hear reviews on the new release from both companies and public.

Mabh: What inspired the more electronic feel of the new EP?

Banshee: We’d say we’ve always had an electronic feel, well since we can remember haha, but this feels and sounds different. It didn’t come from anywhere or anyone in particular, it was just a case of going in to the studio and experimenting with different sounds until we all agreed on which ones felt right for us and our sound. But if Enter Shikari want to lend us some samples, then that’s fine too haha.

Mabh: Is the EP a prelude to a full album, and can we expect to see it in 2016?

Banshee: We can’t promise a full album but we can promise new material not too far in the future. We can say this as we have kept the ball rolling on producing new material since before we even released Say My Name. We have already laid down 5 brand new demos in the past week which we hope to get recorded and released in the coming months.

Mabh: How did you all meet?

Banshee: Gav and Gia have been close friends since the beginning of high school, through bands in their teens until the beginning of Life on Standby in 2011 when they were introduced to Erin, only a few weeks after forming the band. Liam then joined us a year later when we were in need of a bass player. He saw us play and offered to fill the position. Since then we have been a tight unit and feel this line up is final.

Mabh: What’s the Rock scene like in Scotland these days? Did it feel like you had to break out of Scotland to get exposure, or is it a thriving scene?

Banshee: Scotland’s rock scene is good, well, in a lot of places but not everywhere we have visited. Glasgow is the obvious choice for having the top scene in Scotland, especially around venues like King Tut’s where a night never proves to be negative. There’s just something about that place that seems to bring a good vibe to bands. Exposing ourselves outside of Scotland has proven to be difficult. Playing Download festival in 2014 didn’t appear hard at all. Playing a major festival as your first gig on English soil was a massive jump to which the response we got was mind blowing but since then, especially 2015, was a difficult year for the band inside and outside the scenes we were used to, hence the whole rebranding of the band which you can see further on.

Mabh: Which do you prefer, recording or touring?

Banshee: Touring is excellent fun. I mean which band doesn’t like getting a week off work to get drunk with their band mates, seeing different towns and cities throughout the country and doing what you love doing most by playing your music live every night? But, for Banshee, I’d definitely say we prefer recording purely down to how focused we become and seeing what we can produce at the end of the day within that working environment. I can’t recall any major bad experiences we have had inside the studio whilst working on a track. Everyone just seem to screw their head on, tune in and do what they’re supposed to do.

Mabh: What live events are coming up for Banshee in 2016, and which are you looking forward to the most and why?

Banshee: Our first hometown show under the name of Banshee will be in a venue we like very much called Stereo with Boy Jumps Ship – we have played on bills with these guys before and looking forward to doing it again! We are playing Brew at the Bog in Inverness the first weekend in June which is our first festival of the year. We played this festival last year and what a great atmosphere there was! We will also be playing Wildfire Festival on the 25th May which is a new festival for us. There are more dates we have confirmed but we’re not allowed to tell anyone about those yet!

Mabh: Who are your biggest inspirations musically?

Banshee: It’s always a difficult question for the band as we are all different and have different tastes. It’s what probably makes us who we are as a band. Bands that we all do like would definitely be Biffy Clyro: got to support the fellow Scots y’know. Marmozets are also a band we all respect and enjoy their ideas behind their music and how they’ve got where they are so fast. The list could go on but these are just examples of who we like as a band and who have inspired us musically.

Mabh: What prompted the name change to Banshee?

Banshee: Knew this question was coming, haha. Some readers may know and some may not, but we were originally called Life On Standby until January 2016 before our change. I mentioned earlier 2015 was a tough year for us and we had to do something before it was too late. Everything we were doing as a band just was not moving anywhere. So before Christmas we decided rebranding ourselves was the best option. We thought a new sound, new video, new EP, new release and most of all, new name, something short and sweet, was the best but hardest idea we had come up with in almost a while. Since the change at the beginning of 2016, it appears it is working well for us and the spirits are high again.

Mabh: And when you’re not rocking out, how do you guys like to relax?

Banshee: We don’t get much time to relax to be honest as we all work full time. Being in a band kids; it’s not all pretty and being Kool drinking beer and hanging around venues making lots of money. But to answer your question, Gav likes to hang out with his Labradoodle Charlie, when he wants to that is. Gia has a tendency to be in Nando’s a lot on his days off, don’t know why he hasn’t got shares in that place. Erin enjoys a wee drink or 9 now and then around the city and Liam enjoys looking at his John Mayer posters whilst plaiting his beard and playing with his Lego set, he can multi task when he wants to.

Thanks Banshee for taking the time to talk to the Wyrd Ways Rock Show. Watch this space for further updates. In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here’s the video for title track Say My Name.

Bloodthirst – Glorious Sinners


Pagan Records

Review by Rick Ossian

This is Bloodthirst’s 4th LP for the folks at Pagan Records, and  it is a mini-album of 5 brand new tracks. They are proudly self-pigeonholed as “Hateful Antichristian Thrash”, which should really please all the parental units out there!  Their recording/touring personnel are Rambo on guitars and vocals, Gregor on guitar and vocals, Rybosh on bass and Mnt on drums.  They hail from The Goat City of Poznan in Poland.  They got rolling about 1999 or so, and have been recording and touring ever since.  Normally I don’t go in for this sort of thing, but I made an exception here because I liked what I heard.  True, there are some problems with the vocals; I prefer mainly clean vocals, and can endure some screaming and shouting, but I tend to shy away from the vocals of the ‘Cookie Monster‘ variety.  Most of you regular readers will no doubt know this by now.  I do not apologize for this.  Normally, I embrace change.  That’s what I am doing today.  These guys are actually pretty good.  I am glad that I gave them a listen.


First up is The Viper’s Nest.  This is a riff-fest, for the most part.  There is some really nice pounding at the beginning, then SLAM!  The next thing you know, speed metal is kicking your arse.  Just before the one-minute mark, the vocals come in, and the boys switch riffs in mid-slam.  The vocals may be partially indiscernible, but they are powerful.  Just tough as nails.  At the two-minute mark, there is another shift.  Sort of a guitar-slam, breakdown, if you will.  Then they go back to the main riff.  This is guttural at best, but it still commands a bit of respect.

The Reign of the Antichrist is more speedy, in-your-face instrumentation, plenty of wicked riffs, and the mix is much better than you might expect.  At 1:25, there is a full stop, then a shift to evil, big fat chords.  At 1:55 there is a neat lead guitar solo, plenty of speedy shred.  I’m wondering if maybe they just slowed down a bit…nah!  These boys are hell-bent on the finish line, and they can rest when they get there!

The Masterpiece of Lie is a six-minute monster.  There are some excellent opening riffs, and the main riff is a sweet one.  This is bluesy black metal, if you will.  The production values are good enough to where you can hear everything, which is refreshing because usually thrashy stuff doesn’t really do that.  There are lots of slamming guitars here, and you may as well throw your speedometer in the thrash – this one is about triple-time at its SLOWEST.  This is heavy fucking duty stuff, forceful and powerful, especially at the close.  The shift at four minutes in is noteworthy as well.

No God Shall Stand Before Pope is another riff-fest.  The guitar solo at 1:45 is super speedy shred.  Good stuff.

Sacco di Roma (Sacking of Rome) is another track that features more heavy slamming.  This is a no-holds-barred tune, with plenty of riffing, shifting, slamming, playing, and the vocals may be guttural but at least they are partially discernible.  The boys are, again, hell-bent on finishing, it seems.  But no matter.  There is a nice fadeout loaded with feedback at the end, too!

Verdict: 7/10

Ragehammer – The Hammer Doctrine

Pagan Records/Bandcamp

Review by Rick Ossian

On first listen to Ragehammer‘s first full-length outing, I have to admit that I was NOT impressed.  Of course, I’ve never heard their 2012 demo War Hawks.  Nor have I ever heard their split earlier this year, Enlightenment by Bloodletting.  You should also know that this kind of Metal is not particularly my cuppa.  If you like indiscernible vocals, instruments that unfortunately get lost in the mix, etc., then perhaps this is yours.  I do not know.  I am merely the conduit between these fellows and you, the reader/potential listener.  These metallurgic fellows are from Poland, and they are Corpsebutcher on bass, Mortar on drums, Bestial Avenger on guitar and Heretik Hellstorm on vocals.  It is fairly easy to see why they wouldn’t use their own names… but then, THAT is another story, and though my opinion may not matter to some, THAT is why we are here.  Let’s move on, shall we?

The tunes are not what’s to blame here.  The mix is mainly to blame, and the fact the vocals can’t really be deciphered.  Again, this is my opinion.  I’m sure that in their native Poland they are the next best thing to creamery butter and homemade bread.  I, unfortunately, have heard far too many outings just like this.  Speed for the sake of speed does NOT make good Metal, I’m afraid.


Take the opening number, for example.  First Wave Black Metal starts out with feedback, drums and guitar – in that order.  Now, normally, I would say they have the makings of a great tune.  However, this free-for-all, frantic, frenzied mess is just that – messy.  They are no doubt busy, and the shouting vocals sound as if they have genuine purpose.  There are some good moments, as well – the guitar breakdown/shift at three minutes in, and the guitar solo at 3:45 features some serious shredding.  Other than that, there is nothing much to say about this track.

Unleash the Dogs boasts a heavy, riffing intro, which gives way to an uptempo slammer.  The vocals, predictably enough, are rough again, and some are discernible, but most are not.  The drums are very busy, but unfortunately for the most part get lost in the mix.  What a shame!  Close finds some big feedback thrown our way, but that is the highlight of the tune.

Wrog features lots of riffing, and is another toe-tapper.   Definitely a speedy number, with a busy drummer.  The vocals are muddy at best.

Warlord’s Fall, with a drum intro and a very heavy assault, could be a great song.  Just check out the title!  It makes you think, maybe…  Again, there is lots of screaming going on, and the players are extremely busy.  Sometimes it takes more than that to make a song.  The shift at 2:30 gives way to some heavy, sludgy riffs, almost a Bluesy Black Metal/Thrash.  At four minutes in we get another drum and bass attack, and an unholy wicked scream at 4:40.

Knives, at six-and-a-half minutes, is the longest track on board.  There is more screaming, and some serious bass and drums again.  There is a shift and a lead guitar bit at 3:30, and a stab at some clean vocals at 4:30.  There are what I would perceive to be some mixing problems again with this tune.  Towards the close, the bass player shows off again.  That may be the highlight within this one.

I Am the Tyrant is a five-minute ditty which is impressive for the pure speed of presentation alone.  However, when it’s obvious that this is their only real foundation for the track, one may tend to lose interest.  I know I did.  Sorry.  Lots of worthy instrumentation again, and lots of screaming.  Moving on!

Pure Hatred has what could be another promising beginning that quickly falls into speed for the sake of speed.  The bass player is at it again, that may be their trump card, if you like.  More indiscernible vocals, and a bright spot with the guitar at three minutes in.  However, it is not enough to save this one.  There is another super-speedy guitar bit at 3:50.

From Homo Sapiens to Homo Raptor should win cool points for its title alone.  Then we hear it, and it is, unfortunately, more of the same.  Mr Hellstorm tries to save his soul briefly, trying to sing some clean vocals at around the four-minute mark.  He should have saved his breath.  There is a decent jam at the three-minute mark.

The closer, Spotkanie z Diablem (“Meeting With the Devil“) is actually a cover of Poland’s Krzystof Klenczon i Trzy Korony, and is most likely the high point of this set.  There is a heavy instrumental intro and a jamming midsection.  However, the evil laugh(s), one at 2 minutes in, and one at the close, could have been better.  MUCH better.  Just saying.

Verdict: 5/10

The Golden Grass – Coming Back Again


Electric Assault

Review by Rick Ossian

amazon_badgeThis is one of those incidents where the name of the group simply says it all.  We have one objective if we’re going to listen to these fellows – we must all jump into a time machine and make a sonic journey back to the 1960’s and immerse ourselves in the waters/music(s) of the time.  Think Blue Cheer with a bit more of a psych lilt and a bit less pounding your brain into submission, and you’ve got the right idea.  Anyone familiar with the term ‘garage band’ or ‘garage rock’ or the Nuggets compilations will know straight off what I’m on about.  The Golden Grass are purveyors of nothing more or less than hippie garage psych, with a touch of classic hard rock and Yes, even Heavy Metal thrown in for good measure.

Hailing from Brooklyn, this is the first full-length outing from the band, who got rolling around 2013 from the sounds of the 7″ info in their bio.  They are comprised of Professor Plum Brandy (Michael Rafalowitch) on electric guitar and lead vocals, The Golden Goose (Adam Kriney) on drums and lead vocals and The Fireball (Morgan McDaniel) on bass guitar.  They combine Blues, Metal, Hard Rock and Psych to weave a tapestry of good tunes and even better times on this collection of recordings.  The title of the album bears a slight resemblance to an old Jefferson Airplane number, but I digress, as I often do.  Let’s get into the tunes, shall we?


First up is Get It Together, a number with loads of guitar, both lead and bass.  The bass actually sounds like it could be a solo instrument (à la Lemmy, Geddy Lee or Ox), and is turned way up and added to the front of the mix, as it should be.  There are a couple of guitar solos, a brief one at three minutes in and a longer excursion at the five-minute mark.  What would a psych tune be without a couple of guitar bits?  There is that and plenty more to spare in this six-and-a-half minute tour-de-force.

Reflections is full of reminiscing, riff-happy 60’s/70’s rock.  They throw in a lot of stuff on this one, even bells/chimes at one point.  There is a brief guitar bit before we even hit the one-minute mark, and again some serious bass guitar licks as well.  Some nifty rhythm riffing is going on here also.  We also have two more guitar spots, one at three minutes and one at four-and-a-half.  I was again reminded of 60’s area West Coast acts, mainly San Franciscans such as The Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Shadow Traveller is another big whopping number, clocking in at just over 8 minutes, and is driven by the bass guitar and a rowdy harmonica.  A very nice Psych intro gives way to some cool riffing, and at 1:30 we get our first salvo of some serious guitar work.  The lyrics may be basic but they are to the point; “Get out of the shadows/Don’t let the darkness get to you/Take my hand/Understand”.  There are several guitar bits here (2:30 and 4:00 in particular), the latter sounding a bit like a guitar refrain, if you will.  There are also some leads at 4:45 and seven minutes in.  We have some pretty cool shifting too, at 4:15 there is a shift to pure Blues Boogie, and again at six minutes in we get some changes.  It always helps to keep things flowing if you change things up a bit here and there, I say!  The guitars close things out with the obligatory Psych fade, where things get considerably mellower than before.

Hazy Daybreak is no more or less than a strum-happy interlude.  It features good Psych FX and an early morning acoustic mixed with electric feel.  There is a brief bit of finger-snapping (1:15), and before we know it this neat little instrumental ditty is over.  It is noteworthy even though it is only about two-and-a-half minutes long.  Moving right along, then!

Down the Line is an absolute Psych monster, at almost 10 minutes the longest number on board today.  This tune alone is worth the ride, as you will hear once you’ve listened.  A lovely drum roll gives way to a sweet main riff, sort of a heads-down psych boogie (à la Status Quo), and we’re off.  Again, some serious bass licks come to the fore, and the vocals have that refreshing bit of a garage feel to them.  This rough-hewn feel gives the classic rock edge some attitude, and we also get some brief usage of FX pedals as well.  There are many smaller guitar bits, the one at 3:30 and the riffing at 7:30 are particularly noteworthy.  The downshift to a quirky psych breakdown at 4:20 is long and glorious, but mainly for heads only, if you understand my meaning.  It takes up the major of the midsection in this tune.

See it Through is another heavy Psych number, just over six minutes in length.  It has plenty of guitar and feedback and that beautiful Boogie bass we have come to love.  There are other things that pay homage to the days of old also, such as handclaps and cowbell (3:30).  At 3:15 there is another Psych breakdown, and before we know it this garage psych-fest is over, all too soon.  Looking forward very much to their next outing!

Verdict: 9/10

Doro – Love’s Gone to Hell EP

dorolovesgonetohellNuclear Blast

Review by Rick Ossian

amazon_badgeThis is not particularly a set for fair-weather fans of everybody’s favorite Teutonic blonde bombshell.  This is more for completists, though I won’t say only for them.  Though the title track features three times in this batch of recordings, it is the other tracks that really shine.  Don’t get me wrong – the title track is magnificent – a worthy single.  I just like the other tracks better.  We should probably set the personnel straight first.  Ms. Pesch, of course, is the main vocalist.  We also have Johnny Dee (Britny Fox, Waysted) on drums, Luca Princiotta (Blaze, The Clairvoyants) on guitars and keyboards, Nick Douglas (Blaze Bayley) on bass, Bas Mass (After Forever, Karma) on guitars, and Harrison Young on keyboards.  Looks like some heavy-hitting talent, and you can hear it whilst listening if you have a pair of fairly discerning ears.

As I mentioned, the title track is a killer.  It features a beautiful piano, and the keys and the drums seem to do most of the driving when Doro is not.  There is a majestic main rhythm riff throughout as well.  Also as brought to light above, there are three different versions of the title number.  We have a radio version, a single version and an original demo.  Other than the successive versions being longer than one another (the demo is the longest), there aren’t really any big changes here.


What really stands out is Track #3, It Still Hurts.  This is a beautifully rendered ballad with none other than Lemmy singing right along.  The duo stands out because of the bluesy, haunting nature of the tune.  This spine-chiller brought up many wonderful memories of Lemmy, whom I chanced to see a couple of times along the rock and roll road.  His singing on this track is nothing short of superb.  He sounds as if he’s wrenching the vocal delivery from clear down to his soul.  I know, it sounds corny, but just listen and tell me it isn’t so!  A tasty guitar solo (3:15) is the added piece de resistance to this, as well as a tastefully done fadeout at the close.

Tracks 4 and 5 are live numbers, and are both very good live tracks.  Rock Till Death is up first, and it is a powerful, energetic live performance.  A veritable tour-de-force with ritualistic murdering of the double-bass drums, plus a lead guitar bit at the 2:20. mark.  Save My Soul is another riffy number with a guitar solo at 2:10.  If you are a big Doro fan, as I said, then this should be added to your collection to complete it.  If nothing else, at the very least check out the duet with Lemmy!

Verdict: 7/10