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Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXXX


Four years ago this week, Ronnie James Dio passed away following a battle with cancer.  This week, The Wyrd Ways Rock Show commemorates him by playing some of his music.  In this packed show, there’s also a new Hammer Of Retribution Half Hour from Dr Jim IronLord and Elfie’s back.  Want to know what she’s dug up?  Take a look at the playlist then listen to what she’s found.

As always, if you subscribe or buy this week’s show, you get more.  You’ll be hearing a rather excited Cat interviewing a band who were the subject of her first ever gig experience back in the mists of time, SOiL.  You’ll also be getting the show at a much higher quality level than the broadcast.

The broadcast version of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show appears on Planet Mosh and as part of The Cast Iron Ring and Nambucca Valley Radio, The Red Eye Network and Radio Metal On – The Heavy.  See their listings for details.

If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.

Heaven & Hell – Bible Black
Down – Sufferer’s Years
Sonic Syndicate – Black Hole Halo
Spotlight 1: Dio – Holy Diver
HOR 1: Waylander – Balor Of The Evil Eye
HOR 2: Old Corpse Road – The Song Of Amergin
HOR 3: For Ruin – Unwinding
HOR 4: Primordial – The Coffin Ships
Spotlight 2: Dio – Last In Line
Night Ranger – X Generation
Tesla – Time Bomb
Unisonic – For The Kingdom
Covered: Metallica – Ronnie Rising Medley
Beyond Violet – Frozen Words
Xandria – Temple Of Hate
Epica – Chemical Insomnia
Sabaton – Soldier Of 3 Armies
Spotlight 3: Black Sabbath – Heaven & Hell
The Pretty Reckless – Messed Up World
Rival Sons – Open My Eyes
Crowsaw – Voodoo Temptation
Elfie’s SOTN 1: Boudika – Mother Of Dragons
Elfie’s SOTN 2: Inherit The Stars – Ground Zero
Elfie’s SOTN 3: Harlot – My Redemption
Spotlight 4: Rainbow – Stargazer
Asomvel – Stone Cold Stare
Avenged Sevenfold – This Means War
Last Track: Rainbow – Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
Bonus Material:

  • Soil – Psychopath
  • Soil Interview
  • Soil – Halo (Live)
  • LBAEI 1: Soil – Amalgamation
  • LBAEI 2: Soil – The Hate Song
  • LBAEI 3: Non-Point – That Day
  • LBAEI 4: Stone SourMade Of Scars
  • LBAEI 5: Slayer – Raining Blood
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