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Primordial Radio: Put your money where your mouth is

As some of you will know, when Team Rock Radio collapsed under it’s management’s own ineptitude, Moose, Dewsbury, JRock, Miss Rach, DigiTom and many others such as Pete Bailey, Sophie K and Big Boy Bloater lost their jobs.  We, the audience, also lost the only radio station that paid us any real attention.

Not content to let this stand, Moose, Dewsbury and Pete Bailey set to work on their long-held dream: a radio station by Rock and Metal fans FOR Rock and Metal fans.  They saw it was possible to set up a station using only technology currently available and resources and talents from people already in the Rock and Metal community.

This is where Primordial Radio began it’s evolution.

Primordial Radio serves the UK Rock and Metal community, combining the intimacy and personality of radio with the freedom, control, and choice of digital streaming. Users will control the music surrounding the emotion, opinion, and personality of the station, giving a simultaneous unique and shared experience. Our community is fiercely independent but don’t want to be alone.

It started after years of fruitless effort, at the likes of Manchester-based Rock Radio, RealXS and Team Rock, trying to fit the square peg of Rock and Metal into the round hole of the traditional radio model.  A model where broadcasting infrastructure and centralised advertising agencies presented challenges to costs and revenues, and regulatory bodies restricted the ability to represent the true tone of a Rock and Metal atmosphere.  Aligned with these challenges is the difficulty finding agreement within the Rock and Metal community itself on what ‘rock’ is as everyone’s interpretation is entirely unique.

The core team is built of members of the target audience who have faced the challenges of sustaining a Rock and Metal radio service within the traditional media model and recognise the digital opportunity to unite an under-served audience with the music, personalities, content, and freedom they crave.

Primordial Radio is owned and built by its target audience and community with a clear and experienced executive creating the output reflective of a democratised process.

The premise is to unite this scattered, disenfranchised, and fragmented audience by providing a service for which we have asked for years.

Primordial Radio’s model instantly renders moot these challenges by almost entirely eliminating infrastructure costs with a studio-less environment, delivered via the web, free from regulatory bodies, resulting in a service truly reflective of the Rock and Metal environment to which our community responds. Plus, the audience chooses our own ‘Rock’ so can only argue with ourselves.

To our knowledge, no such service presently exists.

The question is, is this the kind of thing you want?  Or do you want to be fed the same old “classic” focus-group-lead drivel by the likes of Planet Rock and Absolute Radio?  Do you want to be told what to like by faceless, gutless corporate suits who have no understanding or regard for what you want to hear?


By clicking on this link, you’ll be making the first step.  For about £16 per share (which is less than the price of a single night at the pub with a takeaway afterwards), you can help fund OUR radio station by buying a piece of it.  You will, legitimately, be able to tell Dewsbury to stop dicking about on Facebook and get some work done because you WILL be paying his wages!

Remember: for less than £16, you can have a piece of this.  It’s up to you.  Some of us are already involved.  Will you join up?  Click here.

Agnostic Front Announce UK tour for November!

New York Hardcore legends Agnostic Front have confirmed that they will be returning to our UK shores in November 2017 for a run of four dates.

The tour will kick off on 9th November at Mama Roux’s in Birmingham, before taking the five piece to Glasgow and Leeds, culminating at The Underworld in Camden. Supports to be announced in due course.

Frontman Roger Miret commented:

“We are excited to hit the UK soon! Always great energetic shows there, and the UK has always been there for us from day one! We look forward to the dates and hopefully making some new friends, and seeing our old friends. See you soon in the pit!”

The band will be touring in support of their most recent album, The American Dream Died, which was released back in 2015 via Nuclear Blast.  The record was produced by Madball singer Freddy Cricien and engineered, mixed and mastered by Paul Miner (H2O, Terror). It features guest appearances from Cricien, Toby Morse (H2O) and Lou Koller (Sick Of It All) with Agnostic Front/Madball guitarist Matt Henderson laying his guitar magic on the song A Wise Man, which you can see here:

The dates read as follows:
9th Nov – Birmingham, Mama Roux’s
10th Nov – Glasgow, Audio
11th Nov – Leeds, Eiger Studios
12th Nov – London, Underworld

Blaze Bayley – Endure And Survive (Infinite Entanglement Part II)

Blaze Bayley Records

Review: Carl Pickles (The Guv’nor)

This is something of a strange one to review, since I’ve got a lot of time for Blaze Bayley.  I’ve met and interviewed him a couple of times and he’s an excellent bloke.  He always, and I do mean ALWAYS puts on an excellent show.  The real strange thing for me is that I know Blaze’s guitarist, Chris Appleton.  Another excellent bloke.  You’ll have heard several of my chats with Chris if you listen to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show.

What’s stranger (for me, at least) is that I know his little brother, Luke (Iced Earth bass player) and I met all of those through Chris’s mum, Lynne!

So here’s my somewhat biased review:

Welcome to the second of a three album concept, following the adventures of one William Black.  This chap made his debut on last year’s Infinite Entanglement album, and will make his third appearance next year, going by the release schedule for the last album and this one.

To do the introductions, Blaze’s current band is made up of members of British Heavy Metal act, Absolva, in the forms of Chris Appleton (guitar & backing vocals), Martin McNee (drums), and bassist, Karl Schramm.  This album also features backing vocals from Mel and Jo of up-and-coming British Symphonic Metal band, Aonia, making it something of a showcase of Northern England’s underground talent pool.

As you’d expect if you know about both Blaze and Absolva, the album gets off to a strong start.  There are some unusual backing vocal effects going on, and this permeates the rest of the album.  Certainly no complaints from here.  It’s always good to be a little surprised.  Something that can definitely be said is that Endure and Survive has a sound that’s very much it’s own.  The vast majority of the songs wouldn’t feel out of place on one of the stronger Maiden albums (and praise doesn’t really get much better than that, really, does it?).

There are times when spinning this one that it strikes yet again how good Blaze’s voice really is.  Not sure the operatic inflection fully works, but if it allows him to harness the full power of his instrument, fair enough.  He’s developed an awesome set of pipes as he’s got older, and is a very different singer to the one who left the Tamworth Terrors, Wolfsbane, to join Iron Maiden all those years ago.  Another thing that slaps you in the ears is that Chris Appleton’s rhythm guitar playing, right the way through is both exemplary and imaginative.  Think Geezer Butler on the early Sabbath albums, and you’ll get the idea.  He doesn’t do “the usual”.  This guy should be a much bigger star than he is.

As I mentioned earlier on, you’re really not going to mistake this album for anyone else.  It’s Proper Heavy Metal.  Now, I will freely admit I’d probably enjoy the narration that appears at various junctures more if I’d listened to the previous album more recently (that’s one I’m going to have to put right in short order).  Still, it doesn’t get in the way of a very decent collection of songs.

It’s not all Traditional Metal, though.  There are moments of light and shade.  That’s something Blaze has learned from a certain Mr Harris.  Eating Lies, for example, sets off with a little bit of acoustic, leading into some emotive guitar playing from Chris.  Of course, Blaze puts his all into it, as you’d expect.  After a bit more Proper Heavy Metal, Remember is a real curveball.  Spanish guitar from Chris and an accordion and violins.  It’s the sort of thing you might hear accompanying a Latin thing on Strictly… if that sort of thing floats your boat.  Anyway, this song is almost a palate cleanser and is, oddly enough, one of the standouts.

Right the way through, the Absolva boys, Chris, Karl and Martin show their quality.  The drumming right through this album shows a quality and deftness some might find surprising (having seen Absolva a few times, I wasn’t).  On the strength of this album alone, Blaze and the boys should be well up the bill on the SOPHIE Stage at Bloodstock, at the very least.

So to sum it all up… yes, it’s a concept album.  It’s part two of three.  But don’t let that put you off.  Is it up there with the likes of Operation: Mindcrime?  It’s less histrionic, more measured and if anything a little more coherent, but only time will tell.  It’s certainly worth top marks.

Verdict: 10/10

Triaxis announce new vocalist

Welsh Heavy Metal band (and Wyrd Ways Rock Show favourites) Triaxis have finally announced who will be taking over Krissie Kirby‘s place as the band’s lead vocalist.

The news was announced via their Facebook page at 10am this morning:

We are proud to announce the incredible Angel Wolf-Black as the new vocalist for Triaxis!  Have a listen to Angel‘s take on our song Stand Your Ground and please join us in welcoming her into the band.

We are looking forward to start performing together next month, kicking off with a support slot at Firehouse, Southampton (Official) on Saturday 25th Feb and a headliner at Power Metal Quest Fest in Birmingham. (Get tickets from THIS LINK)

Those with a keen interest in European metal will know Angel from her own solo work, or with bands such as Seduce The Heaven, Bare Infinity featuring in Vivaldi Metal Project or working with female metal vocalist community Eve’s Apple.  Having recently moved from Greece to study music in Southampton, UK, this is a perfect time for Angel to bring her unique tones to mix with a typically British classic metal sound, forging something exciting for Triaxis fans old and new to enjoy. Angel comments:

Over the last couple of months I have loved learning and rehearsing the Triaxis material and I am so excited to perform it live! I hope that the fans will share in my excitement and enthusiasm for the future. We have already begun to write for our next release so they shouldn’t have long to wait!

Angel joins Glyn Williams and Matt Chambers (guitars), Becky Baldwin (Bass) and Gareth Arlett (drums), to work together rehearsing for upcoming shows and writing the band’s fourth album. Becky comments on the recent changes and the future of the band:

We are very happy to welcome Angel on board, it was pure good fortune that such a perfect fit for the band had just moved to England when we had started advertising for a singer.  We would also like to thank the Triaxis vocalist of 10 years, Krissie Kirby, for all her work with the band.  When she first spoke about leaving the band we were of course feeling low and uneasy.  But now we are honoured to have Krissie’s blessing in continuing the band in it’s new chapter with Angel at the helm.  There is still an exciting future ahead for Triaxis!

Bollocks to it

You know what?  After the death of Team Rock and now the passing into the Force of Carrie Fisher, as well as the first anniversary of the death of Lemmy, I really don’t feel that Christmassy or festive anymore.

Then there’s Rick Parfitt, too.  OK, I was never a big fan of Status Quo, but I do recognize just how influential the man was.

Upshot?  The show I’d planned to record and release tonight, after getting home from spending Christmas up at the in-laws (which was very pleasant, thank you very much.  Even had snow on Boxing Day), has now been cancelled.

Next up will be the traditional Yuletide/New Year Behemoth.

Team Rock closes

Massively sad news for anyone across the world who loves Rock and Metal, especially for the 73 people who did all the work.

Team Rock came together just over three years ago when the company bought Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog from Future Publishing.  The final link in the chain was the radio station, the core team coming from Manchester’s Real XS (formerly known as Rock Radio).  The whole operation was to be funded by subscriptions to Team Rock Plus and sponsorship of items and shows across the radio station, website and the magazines, eschewing radio adverts.

Unfortunately, the operation was damaged by the radio station leaving DAB, although it did save them £1 million per year.  That wasn’t enough, though, as the losses mounted up despite drastic cost-cutting measures, with the company calling in the receivers and going into administration with debts of around £8 million.

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show would like to extend it’s condolences to the 73 former staff in London and Glasgow and all those who had the passion and commitment to try to make a go of Team Rock.  Hopefully the magazines, at the very least can be saved.

Read more on the Daily Record website.

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Signs with EMP Label Group

Former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has signed a label and distribution deal with Dave Ellefson‘s EMP Label Group, who will not only release As We Die, the upcoming second album from the guitarist’s eponymous project Doyle, but distribute all releases for the guitarist’s label Monsterman Records.

Ellefson’s label have already signed up a pretty impressive roster, including A Killer’s Confession, Motograter, Heaven Below (featuring Patrick Kennison of Lita Ford and Union Underground), Broken Teeth, Doll Skin, Helstar, Cage9, Green Death, Arise in Chaos, former Faith No More vocalist Chuck Mosley, and many more.

EMP’s Thom Hazaert:

“I worked really closely with Bruce (Miyaki – Doyle’s Manager) and Monsterman on (Doyle’s 2013 release) Abominator, and I was actually the marketing director out of the gate on that release. Over the years, I’ve stayed involved, and we’re all good friends, and with David (Ellefson), who also had a great relationship with Doyle, eventually as EMP came to fruition the conversation inevitably came up about seeing if there was a fit there. With everything else going on in all of our Worlds, it took a bit of a detour to finally get here, but I can’t express how excited we are to finally be able to put this all together. The legacy of someone like Doyle, who is SUCH a legendary talent, is always such an amazing gift when it comes to putting out records, especially for a label like EMP, where we are all HUGE, genuine music fans. And there’s really not many out there who can hold a candle to Doyle, in terms of talent OR legacy.”

EMP President David Ellefson agrees:

“I’ve always loved Doyle and we’ve had a great relationship that goes back a long time. We’d started some talk last year when Doyle and Alissa (White-Gluz) came out to do some stuff with Metal Allegiance, and it just became an ongoing conversation over the past year. Now that it’s official, we’re extremely excited to be able to not only push out this new Doyle record, which is amazing, but all the killer Monsterman titles via EMP.”

Says Doyle:

 “When Dave came to me with an offer for our new CD As We Die it was a no brainer. He has been a good friend of mine for 20 + years, and has never done me wrong, and in this business that’s unheard of. We didn’t want to release it ourselves on Monsterman, we wanted a bigger push and EMP has a lot of exciting things happening in 2017 that will do that for us.”

Doyle is the current project of Von Frankenstein, with Cancerslug vocalist Alex “Wolfman” Story, bassist Brandon Strate and drummer Brandon Pertzborn.

In addition to the upcoming second release from Doyle, EMP/Monsterman will release several limited edition vinyl configurations, as well as a CD reissue of Doyle’s aforementioned Abominator, the upcoming LP from LA Industrial Metal mainstays Dead Girls Corp., and several additional 2017 releases TBA.

Doyle has also announced a (somewhat punishing, looking at when and where the dates are) European Tour in February, including several dates in the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, and more.







Bloggy bloggy bloggy November

All the SEO advice says I should have a blog I can update regularly to keep you all informed about stuff… So here’s my blog.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So here’s the first edition of my new blog.  SEO suggests I have one, so here it is!


We all know just how much of a shitshow 2016 has been, but just to put the tin hat on it, at the end of next month, Krissie Kirby, one of the best band frontpersons I’ve ever seen is leaving Triaxis and stopping performing.

There was the occasional bright spot, though.  Anvil brought out a new album and toured it to places most bands of that stature never do.  Metallica also brought out a new album, their best combined effort in the last two decades.  Marvel Studios produced a screen version of one of my favourite characters, Doctor Strange, that I loved.  They also, through Netflix released a debut series for Luke Cage (which was excellent) and a second series of Daredevil.

Such a shame that DC/Warners can’t seem to get rid of Zach Snyder and save their own films from a man who’s screwed up every film he’s ever directed (with the exception of 300).  Is he blackmailing them or something?

I also managed to get a job I actually enjoy and seem to be pretty good at, lecturing at a college in West Yorkshire.  So there have been some bright spots, I suppose.

Right then.  Stuff to do.

Saxon announce Battering Ram tour

NWOBHM icons Saxon have announced 10 dates for the UK leg of their upcoming Battering Ram World Tour, kicking off in Newcastle on 28th October.  They will be joined by special guests Fastway and Girlschool for these much-awaited shows.

“Gonna be a great tour with Fastway and Girlschool”, said frontman Biff Byford. “I think this line up is unique, you don’t wanna miss it.  Looking forward to battering some halls… Welcome to the metal church!”

Fastway, the brainchild of ex-Motörhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke, just couldn’t resist getting together to hit the road with Saxon.  The band have played one-off dates and festivals over the past few years since the release of Eat Dog Eat (SPV) in 2011.  The current lineup features Fast Eddie Clarke with Toby Jepson on vocals, Steve Strange on drums and Mama’s BoysJohn McManus on bass.

Following the release of Battering Ram, Saxon hit the road in Europe with Motörhead for their 40th Anniversary tour, accompanied by Girlschool. Sadly, the tragic passing of Lemmy in December put an early end to the tour, and the entire UK leg planned to begin on January 16th was cancelled – with the exception of a Saxon headlining show in Brighton.

Dates as follows:
28th Newcastle O2 Academy
29th Glasgow O2 ABC
30th Belfast Limelight

1st Dublin Academy (Fastway only)
2nd Manchester O2 Ritz
3rd Bristol O2 Academy

5th London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
6th Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

8th Sheffield O2 Academy
9th Nottingham Rock City

* Fastway are the only support in Dublin.

Also on 28th October, Saxon release The Vinyl Hoard, a deluxe eight album vinyl boxset featuring four live recordings.  The albums come in specially designed gatefold sleeves in a slipcase box.

They are:
The Dogs Of War Tour, 1995, recorded on tour in Germany and featuring: Dogs Of War, Denim And Leather, Wheels Of Steel;

The Lionheart Tour, 2004, recorded on tour in France, England and Germany featuring: Lionheart, Court Of The Crimson King, Are We Travellers In Time;

A Night Out With The Boys, 2005: The 25th Anniversary of the NWOBHM, recorded on tour in Germany and Sweden and featuring: And The Bands Played On, Suzie Hold On, Stand Up And Be Counted;

Rocksound Festival, 2006 [2 LP], recorded in Switzerland featuring: Backs To The Wall, Princess Of The Night and Crusader.



RockSector Records the people behind Wyrd Ways Rock Show favourite, the SOS Festival have literally just announced four more additions to the festival line-up for 2017.

News has reached WWRS HQ that Lynne and Mark at RockSector Records have announced four more bands for the bill of British Underground Rock and Metal showcase, the SOS Festival 2017.  The first band on the list are the newly reformed British Power Metal band, and longtime friends of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, the mighty PowerQuest.  They have been given the prestigious headlining slot and will be given the task of closing the show for 2017.

PowerQuest formed in 2001, the brainchild of former DragonForce and more recently Eden’s Curse keyboardist Steve Williams.  Over the years the band has also featured another friend of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, Andrea Martongelli of Italian Heavy Metal band, Arthemis.

PowerQuest achieved an enviable reputation in the Power Metal genre, rubbing shoulders with many of the genre’s top names, whilst surviving a series of line-up changes and releasing a succession of great albums until 2013 they split after a final show on the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock (after which The Wyrd Ways Rock Show conducted this emotional interview).  After three years, including a stint in Eden’s Curse, Steve Williams resurrected PowerQuest in 2016 with a new line-up including Ashley Edison from the highly regarded Dendera and a fresh energy and enthusiasm.

Also playing on Sunday we have Fire Red Empress from the Midlands who Classic Rock magazine have described as “a hard-charging, riff-fuelled, radio-baiting monster”, plus Metallers Kill Or Cure hailing from Manchester and Brighton return, having been a revelation for so many people in our 2015 event. On Saturday we additionally announce a return for local heroes Sister Rose who also helped to light up our festival in 2015.