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The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #161

It’s POWERZONE time once again! This week we play new tracks from Trollfest, Kreator, Majesty and Aeternam, plenty of power and folk metal, a classic EPIC track as well as a bunch of covers and we discuss random nonsense as usual.
Join us for 2 hours of quality metal and send your requests over to us on!

First aired Monday 13th March 2017


Gwar – Immortal Corrupter
Majesty – YOLO HM
Dream Evil – Fight You ‘Till The End
Trollfest – Hen Of Hades
Korpiklaani – Vodka
Nightwish – Edema Ruh
Within Temptation – Ice Queen
Theocracy – Wishing Well (Metal Kombat)
Skiltron – The Brave’s Revenge (Metal Kombat)
Black Sabbath – Sabbra Cadabra (Epic Track)
Heaven & Hell – Atom & Evil
Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake (Volt Track)
Kreator – Fallen Brother
Orphaned Land – The Simple Man
Aeternam – Damascus Gate
Silent Knight – The Call Of The Crow
Cadacross – Amongst The Stars
Tengger Cavalry – Cavalry In Thousands
Chthonic – Broken Jade
Sabaton – All Guns Blazing [Judas Priest Cover] (Overload!)
Amon Amarth – Aerials [System Of A Down Cover] (Overload!)
Jaldaboath – The Safety Dance [Men Without Hats Cover] (Overload!)
Sonata Arctica – Take One Breath

Primordial Podcast 9 – What’s The Plan, Man?

In this latest episode, Moose explains The Plan. You can almost hear the Capital Letters. From staffing to revenue, via costs and marketing, he covers the lot. Be prepared for a massive dose of FACTS (not the alternative kind). His first guest this week is our funding advisor from, who has a name you probably won’t believe. He knows his stuff though, and helps to illustrate why the upcoming Primordial Radio road trip – The Long Road To Brewin’ – is so important. On that subject, this week Moose also speaks to our brewmaster Sean Ayling from Pig & Porter brewery, who will be developing our very own Primordial Sup ale.

Primordial Podcast 8 – It’s All Geek To Me

This week the Primordial Radio podcast sees Moose talking tech. Given that he’s out of his technological depth with a Speak & Spell, this should be amusing. Engineer Mark talks us through some of the technological aspects of broadcasting a radio station without a studio, before Moose speaks to Mark Bentley and Paul Johnson, who are developing our website and app respectively. There’s also the latest (accurate) merch figures and news of a big announcement next week.

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! #160

Do you like METAL? Then you’re on the right website! If you like REALLY BRUTAL METAL, then this is the show for you. We take a selection of the best in Black, Death, Folk & Power metal and everything in between and serve it direct you YOU in lovely 2 hour chunks!

This week, we play new Battle Beast, Sonata Arctica, Blaze Bayley, Majesty and Trollfest, we have our next round of METAL KOMBAT between Trick Or Treat of Italy and Incursed of Spain, and GoM & the roadie discuss the new Wintersun crowdfunding amongst other things. Join us for some metal madness, and get in contact with us on with your requests and comments!

First aired on 6/3/17, playlist below.

Serious Black – High And Low
Sonata Arctica – Run To You [Bryan Adams Cover] (Coverzone)
Edguy – Navigator
Blaze Bayley – Escape Velocity
Toledo Steel – City Lights
Battle Beast – Straight To The Heart
Majesty – Die Like Kings
Trick Or Treat – United (Metal Kombat)
Incursed – Tidal Waves (Metal Kombat)
3 Inches Of Blood – Deadly Sinners
Judas Priest – Leather Rebel
Wintersun – Starchild (Epic Track)
Children Of Bodom – My Bodom
Civil War – Road To Victory
Powerwolf – Behind The Leathermask
Trollfest – Professor Otto
Finntroll – Den Frusna Munnen
Crimfall – Storm Before The Calm
Winterage – Wirewings
Marduk – Rope Of Regret
Beholder – Alas, The Lord Is Upon Me
In Flames – Coerced Coexistance (Overload!)
Arch Enemy – We Will Rise (Overload!)
Dark Tranquillity – Blind At Heart (Overload!)
Zonata – Gate Of Fear

The Wyrd Ways Presents: Powerzone! Show #159 27/2/17

Powerzone! Show #159 February 27th 2017

Welcome to this weeks Powerzone! show, wherein The Gentleman has a cold *play’s world’s smallest violin* but between him and The Roadie they discuss the important topics of the day: Tiddlywinks and bands that have changed their sound.  Oh yes, new singles from Battle Beast, Trollfest, Steel Panther, Axxis, Bloodbound, Ex Deo and Striker are played, as well as your usual BRUTAL Folk, Power and Thrash Metal.  And we’re over halfway through Metal Kombat so don’t forget to cast your votes on our Facebook page ( or Twitter @powerzonemetal.

Playlist below, enjoy the show! \m/ -GoM

Evergrey – A Touch Of Blessing
Battle Beast – Bringer Of Pain
Sonata Arctica – Wolf And Raven
Axxis – Dream Chaser
Bloodbound – Silver Wings
Striker – Pass Me By
Steelwing – The Illusion
Almah – Beyond Tomorrow (Metal Kombat)
Mayan – Bloodline Forfeit (Metal Kombat)
Lindemann – Yukon
Rammstein – Heirate Mich
Sabaton – The Price Of A Mile (Epic Track)
Kiuas – Thorns Of A Black Rose
Dust Bolt – Toxic Attack (Volt Track)
Evile – First Blood
Steel Panther – Poontang Boomarang
Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
Ex Deo – Ad Victorium [The Battle Of Zama]
Armoured Angel – Enigmatize
Hammerfall – Legacy of Kings
Helloween – If I Could Fly
Trollfest – Spelunking Sisters (Overload!)
Skálmöld – Drink (Overload!)
Stribog – Follow The Silver Path (Overload!)
Black Label Society – Stillborn

Primordial Podcast 7 – Shit Gets Real

Moose is back on podcast duties this week with the latest update on how we’re doing, what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. There’s exciting news on the official set-up of the company, and a chat with Matt Young to find out how we did with our first merch pre-order (SPOILER: quite well). We also get to meet the latest addition to the team; John Hamelink, our new business consultant. We need someone who knows what they’re doing to advise us… Oh, and a Yorkshire Yeti makes another appearance as well.