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The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #166

Ah yes, the prodigal idiots return to the air after a nice week off, and to make up for all those long hours you have been crying into your pillow awaiting our return, we’ve crammed in a whole load of new singles! Including new stuff from Tankard, Lich King, Dimmu Borgir, Varg, Grimner, Alestorm & Trollfest. We’ve also got a load of our usual folk and power metal from across the globe, and the last of the Metal Kombat quarter finals between the awesome Vanir & Eternal of Sweden (don’r forget to cast your vote on www.facebook/com/powerzonemetal

Anyway, we hope you enjoy it all as much as we enjoyed our return to the studio, let us know what you liked or didn’t, whatever. Playlist below! \m/ -GoM

Originally broadcast on Calon FM on Monday 24th April 2017

Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful
Tankard – Arena Of The True Lies
Lich King – Lich King V: Stalemate
Dimmu Borgir – Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (Live)
Varg – Götterdämmerung
Grimner – Freja Vakar
Svartsot – Om Jeg Lever Kveg
Vanir – Wrath Of Sutr (Metal Kombat)
Eternal Of Sweden – Scream Higher (Metal Kombat)
Alestorm – Alestorm
Lords Of The Drunken Pirate Crew – Give Us Beer!
Moonsorrow – Köyliönjärven Jäällä (Pakanavedet II) [Epic Track]
Equilibrium – Snüffel
Finntroll – Solsagen (Volt Track)
Trollfest – Sputnik
Valhalore – The Winterstone
Wilderun – How Stands The Glass Around?
Ross The Boss – Death & Glory
Black Label Society – Suicide Messiah
Schwarzer Engel – Ritt Det Toten (Overload!)
Asche Zu Asche – Rammstein (Overload!)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Auf Der Liebe (Overload!)
Powerwolf – Panic In The Pentagram

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #165

We’re back for another show! 2 hours filled with BRUTAL metal and plenty more besides. This week, we play new singles from Brothers Of Metal, Emerald, Ancestral Dawn, Tommy Vitaly & Battle Beast, we have another round of Metal Kombat, this week its Norway vs Russia (Don’t forget to vote!) and we have our usual chit chat. Have a listen and enjoy! – GoM

Originally broadcast on Calon FM 10/4/2017

Children Of Bodom – Needled 24/7
Brothers Of Metal – Prophecy Of Ragnarök
Lonewolf – Another Star Means Another Death
Emerald – Evolution In Reverse
Stratovarius – Under Flaming Skies
Ancestral Dawn – Souldance
Hammerforce – Fugitive
Dimmu Borgir – The Sacrilegious Scorn (Metal Kombat)
Svartby – Done With The Wind (Metal Kombat)
Metallica – Am I Savage (Epic Track)
Megadeth – The Threat Is Real
Korpiklaani – Bring Us Pints Of Beer (Volt Track)
Finntroll – Trollhammaren
Waverly Lies North – Dokhaam
Leaves’ Eyes – Swords In Rock [2016 Version]
Tommy Vitaly – Dual
Wolf Hoffmann – Symphony No. 40
Battle Beast – Straight To The Heart
Lordi – Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein
Stormtide – Sage Of Stars
Kalmah – Blind Leader
Tankard – Freibier (Overload!)
Lost Society – Lethal Pleasure (Overload!)
Exodus – The Toxic Waltz (Overload!)
Sabaton – Carolus Rex

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #164

What a show this was! Epic tracks, live cultural relationship building, and new tracks from the likes of: Amon Amarth, Dream Evil, Sinner, Ex Deo, Folcore, Dimmu Borgir & Тропа, as well as a whole load of folk and power metal and the next Metal Kombat match up! Give it a listen!

Originally broadcast on Calon FM 3/4/17


Edguy – Sabre & Torch
Dream Evil – Dream Evil
Wings Of Destiny – Kings Of Terror
Sinner – Battle Hill
Primal Fear – King For A Day
Amon Amarth – Death In Fire
Ex Deo – The Spoils Of War
Almah – King (Metal Kombat!)
Trick Or Treat – Evil Needs Candy Too (Metal Kombat!)
Тропа – Дорога В Небеса
Folcore – Desperation
Wintersun – Sons Of Winter And Stars (Epic Track)
Whispered – Victory Grounds Nothing
Incursed – Beer Bloodbath (Volt track)
Blackguard – This Round’s On Me
Dimmu Borgir – Gateways [Live]
Carach Angren – General Nightmare
Duskmourn – Awakening (Overload!)
Ensiferum – Guardians Of Fate (Overload!)
Equilibrium – Rise Again (Overload!)
Crematory – Falsche Tränen

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #162

It’s Powerzone time! Another exciting show for you here, new tunes from Striker, Dusius & Valhalore, plus the next round of Metal Kombat is drawn live on the show! We play a round of WATT Year, and there’s an hour of FOLK OFF for your pleasure. It’s a real cracker! Playlist below \m/

First aired on 20th March 2017

Grave Digger – Grave Desecrator
Final Chapter – Legions Of The Sun
Blackwelder – Spaceman
Paradise Lost – Forever After
Moonspell – Extinct
Striker – Born To Lose
Enforcer – Death Rides This Night
Edguy – Babylon (Epic Track) [WATT Year?]
Sonata Arctica – Kingdom For A Heart [WATT YEAR?]
Metallica – No Leaf Clover [WATT Year?]
Ensiferum – One Man Army (Volt Track) [Folk Off!]
Svartsot – Urtekonen [Folk Off!]
Alestorm – Swashbuckled [Folk Off!]
Lagerstein – Drink The Rum [Folk Off!]
Eluveitie – Lament [Folk Off!]
Dusius – The Rage Of Gods [Folk Off!]
Valhalore – Augury Of Death [Folk Off!]
Equilibrium – Prey [Folk Off!]
Vetten Äpärät – Winter Darkness [Folk Off!]
Vorgrum – Legacy Of The Ancients [Folk Off!]
Grimner – Enharjarkvade (Overload!) [Folk Off!]
Skálmöld – Helheimur (Overload!) [Folk Off!]
Finntroll – Galgasång (Overload!) [Folk Off!]
Hell – The Quest

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #163

Yes, that’s right, Powerzone is back for another show! Featuring new tracks from Хёнир, Helion Prime & Grave Digger, plus an epic, vote-splitting Metal Kombat quarter final match between Axxis of Germany & Skiltron of Argentina. Plus, y’know, a load of BRUTAL METAL! What else were you going to do with the next two hours anyway?
Get your votes and your requests in by clicking here: POWERZONE

    First broadcast on 27/3/17

Children Of Bodom – Living Dead Beat
Grave Digger – Lawbreaker
Primal Fear – Suicide And Mania
Eternal Of Sweden – Start Of A New Era
Nocturnal Rites – Not The Only
Axxis – The Demons Are Calling (Metal Kombat!)
Skiltron – Between My Grave And Yours (Metal Kombat!)
Хёнир – Войско Троллей
Arkona – Гой, Купала!!!
Primalfrost – Distant Cries Of War (Epic Track)
Ensiferum – Wanderer
Metsatöll – Merehunt
Týr – Into The Sky
Kreator – Riot Of Violence (Volt Track)
Dust Bolt – Empty Faces
Grand Magus – Freja’s Choice
Manowar – All Men Play On 10
Unleash The Archers – Crypt (Overload!)
Helion Prime – Into The Black Hole (Overload!)
Sinergy – Return To The Fourth World (Overload!)
Iron Maiden – Rainmaker (Overload!)
Saxon – The Devil’s Footprint (Overload!)
Angelwitch – Atlantis (Overload!)
Rammstein – Waidmanns Heil

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Powerzone! Show #161

It’s POWERZONE time once again! This week we play new tracks from Trollfest, Kreator, Majesty and Aeternam, plenty of power and folk metal, a classic EPIC track as well as a bunch of covers and we discuss random nonsense as usual.
Join us for 2 hours of quality metal and send your requests over to us on!

First aired Monday 13th March 2017


Gwar – Immortal Corrupter
Majesty – YOLO HM
Dream Evil – Fight You ‘Till The End
Trollfest – Hen Of Hades
Korpiklaani – Vodka
Nightwish – Edema Ruh
Within Temptation – Ice Queen
Theocracy – Wishing Well (Metal Kombat)
Skiltron – The Brave’s Revenge (Metal Kombat)
Black Sabbath – Sabbra Cadabra (Epic Track)
Heaven & Hell – Atom & Evil
Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake (Volt Track)
Kreator – Fallen Brother
Orphaned Land – The Simple Man
Aeternam – Damascus Gate
Silent Knight – The Call Of The Crow
Cadacross – Amongst The Stars
Tengger Cavalry – Cavalry In Thousands
Chthonic – Broken Jade
Sabaton – All Guns Blazing [Judas Priest Cover] (Overload!)
Amon Amarth – Aerials [System Of A Down Cover] (Overload!)
Jaldaboath – The Safety Dance [Men Without Hats Cover] (Overload!)
Sonata Arctica – Take One Breath

Primordial Podcast 9 – What’s The Plan, Man?

In this latest episode, Moose explains The Plan. You can almost hear the Capital Letters. From staffing to revenue, via costs and marketing, he covers the lot. Be prepared for a massive dose of FACTS (not the alternative kind). His first guest this week is our funding advisor from, who has a name you probably won’t believe. He knows his stuff though, and helps to illustrate why the upcoming Primordial Radio road trip – The Long Road To Brewin’ – is so important. On that subject, this week Moose also speaks to our brewmaster Sean Ayling from Pig & Porter brewery, who will be developing our very own Primordial Sup ale.

Primordial Podcast 8 – It’s All Geek To Me

This week the Primordial Radio podcast sees Moose talking tech. Given that he’s out of his technological depth with a Speak & Spell, this should be amusing. Engineer Mark talks us through some of the technological aspects of broadcasting a radio station without a studio, before Moose speaks to Mark Bentley and Paul Johnson, who are developing our website and app respectively. There’s also the latest (accurate) merch figures and news of a big announcement next week.